Hawking: A Brief History

Pratik Anand, 1st year, COE and Shrey Padhi, 1st Year, PIE pay a tribute to one among the greatest minds of our generation, and the greatest scientist of the modern era.

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Career Focus: Tech Placement Outlook 2017

Name: Sourav Kumar

Branch: Mechanical

Company Name: Hero Motocorp

Location: Not Disclosed

Profile: Product Engineer

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Career Focus: Non-Tech Placement Outlook 2017

Name: Simrat Singh Talwar

Branch: PIE

Company: Deloitte

Profile: Business Technology Analyst

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Career Focus: Tech Placement Outlook-2016

Name: Ishaan Mudgal

Branch: Computer Engineering

Company Name: Samsung R&D

Location: Bangalore

Profile: Software Developer

DT : How have the placements/internships for your branch been this year? Please share the highlights of the placements/internship season so far.

The placements for my branch have been great. Nearly 65% of the batch is placed. There are a lot of software companies lined up in the coming days and we hope Computer Engineering is the first branch to cross the 80% mark, hopefully at the end of mass recruiter week.

There have been a lot of highlights this placement season. Most notably, 12 students were offered an opportunity to work with Works Application, Shanghai Office with a package of 40 LPA.

Also, many dream companies like Amazon, Samsung, Qualcomm have done mass hiring from DTU, which is a reflection of the great talent pool we have in our college.

DT : Have you witnessed a certain trend in the 4th (3rd) year students this year? Are there a larger percentage of students pursuing graduate studies or placements (non technical internships, technical ones or research internships)?

In my experience, there is an increase in the number of students aiming for non technical jobs/internships from last year.

There are a lot of students who want to move away from the technical sector and pursue a career in fields like business analysis, supply chain management etc.

As far as post-graduation is concerned, not many people from my branch are aiming for further studies.

DT : What did you give more weightage to – The Profile Offered or the Company Reputation?

In my experience, the profile offered carries as much weightage as the reputation of the company. A dream profile in an average company and an unsuitable profile in a dream company are both not suitable for a stable career in any sector.

I believe a balance between the profile offered and the company reputation is a must while applying for any company in any sector.

DT : Why did you select your particular profile and what parameters did you consider before making your choice?

To be honest I did not give much thought about the profile for which I was applying up until my final HR interview. I was so focused on securing a job with a well-paying package that I did not pay any heed to the profile I was applying for.
In my final HR interview, I was given a choice between two profiles. My interviewer wanted to know if I would be comfortable in both the profiles and that is when I realized how much job profile actually matters. If I would have said yes to both the profiles I may have been stuck in an unfavorable profile which may have affected my career growth.

I told my interviewer that I only wanted to apply for the software profile and luckily I was selected for that profile.

DT : What was the cutoff for your profile?

Cutoff was 70% for my branch and 75% for others.

DT : Was CV Shortlisting an eligibility criterion for the Test? What kind of Selection Test was it?

There was no CV shortlisting in Samsung, Bangalore.

The process for recruitment was as follows

  1. Samsung Software Competency Test – It is necessary to clear this test in order to be eligible for interviews.
  1. 2 Technical Interviews
  1. HR Interview

DT : How did you prepare for the selection test?

I went through the interview experiences for Samsung which are available on GeeksforGeeks. It gave me a rough idea about the kind of procedure followed by Samsung for recruitment and the difficulty level of the questions asked in the online test and technical interviews.

Apart from that I practiced coding questions daily for 2 hours for 3 months from GeeksforGeeks to strengthen my programming skills.

DT : Could you offer some tips to ace the interview round?

You should try and steer the interview towards your strengths as much as you can. For me, the first basic question in interviews “Tell me about yourself?” is the key to ace any interview.
That question provides one of the best opportunities for any candidate to demonstrate his strengths and why he is suitable for a job at the company.

So always have a suitable answer ready for that question.

DT : If you could go back in time and alter a decision(s) that you made regarding your placement, what would that be?

I would not like to reverse any decision.

I would rather learn from my mistakes than to alter a decision completely.

DT : How fierce was the competition this season? Any tips on how to get an edge?

The competition this year was very intense. There were many candidates who were better prepared than me this year. I’m lucky to have secured a job in the first week itself.

Try to stay positive as much as you can. Rejections can be very hard to get over in life but the key is to stay positive. It is not about how hard you can hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

DT : Any advice you would like to give to the students?

Don’t take the placement season lightly or you’ll end up regretting it later.

Prepare well for placements and always believe yourself. No one will believe in you if you won’t.


Most Anticipated Gadgets – Coming Soon!

– Nisha Yadav, 3rd Year, MC

Want to try out trending clothes and accessories virtually, before buying them?


Wait no more! Samsung has launched the industry’s first Mirror and Transparent OLED panels at the Retail Asia Expo 2015 in Hong Kong on 9th June 2015. When compared to the other mirror LCDs, it has self-luminance (doesn’t require back-lighting), is clearer, sharper, has vibrant colours, higher contrast and faster response time. To include gestures and voice control, it contains Intel developed Real Sense 3D-rotatable viewing systems.

starting ..

If reading about this huge step taken by Samsung towards the advancement in technology interests you, read further to know about more such news.

  1. The Dash

Earphones like never before!1 dash

Features: Wireless earbuds for listening to songs plus an embedded 4GB/1000-song music player, microphone and a fitness tracker (bio sensing).

Release: Shipping from July 2015

Estimated Price: $299

  1. Project Ara

Afraid of getting the one-slip-away mosaic-wallpaper on your smart phone’s screen? Or ever wished if you could somehow make the camera in your existing phone better, without having to buy a whole new set?2 project-ara

Features: Allows Modular upgradation – users will be able to replace the phone parts they want.

Release: August 2015

Product company: Google, Motorola

Estimated Price: The basic piece or ‘Gray phone’ will cost $50.

  1. Smart Rear-view Mirrors

Features: LCD Screen enhances the visibility in even different weather conditions, allows toggling of view (as per the driver’s preference).3 nissan's rear view

Product Company: Cadillac, Nissan

Release:  August 2015

4.Zwipe MasterCard4 zwipe

Say no to the worries of periodically changing your ATM-Pin and then memorising it, to prevent unauthorised excess.

Features: World’s first contactless card with a fingerprint sensor, stores securely, the users’ biometric data, allows safe payments with a quick fingerprint scan.

Product Company: MasterCard

  1. iPhone 7

Well who is not excited about the latest iPhone?

5 iphone

Features: Side-mounted wrap-around display, Sapphire glass for the display and Liquidmetal for the chassis, Force Touch screen technology, with metal alloy dubbed Liquidmetal.

Release: September 2015

Product Company: Apple

Estimated Price: between $649 to $849

  1. Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

    An attendee wears an Oculus VR Inc. Rift Development Kit 2 headset to play a video game during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. E3, a trade show for computer and video games, draws professionals to experience the future of interactive entertainment as well as to see new technologies and never-before-seen products. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images
    An attendee wears an Oculus VR Inc. Rift Development Kit 2 headset to play a video game during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. E3, a trade show for computer and video games, draws professionals to experience the future of interactive entertainment as well as to see new technologies and never-before-seen products. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Want to control gaming movements with a tilt of your head? Be it gaming, tourism or the entertainment world, Virtual reality is creating a market of its own.

Features: head-mounted virtual-reality display which will give the user a full 360-degree view of the virtual world they inhabit, allows interaction with objects in the game by simple hand and body movements, lightweight in terms of power and physical size.

Release: Early 2016

Owned by: Facebook

Estimated Price: $1000(approx.)

Massive Tininess

-Satyarth Praveen, 3rd Year, COE

So you haven’t seen the movie, Fantastic Voyage? I haven’t either. You’d probably like it if you are a fan of cinema from the 60’s or 70’s. In the movie, some people shrink to the size of human blood cells to travel inside the body of dying people and save them. A heroic attempt one must say. Science doesn’t allow people to shrink. At least not yet. So, to carry out the life saving mission, we have nano-bots!

This article will tell you all about the latest on goings in this field!

Nano-tech is no longer a figment of imagination of movie directors and writers of the science fiction genre; it’s also the vision for all current scientific researchers.

There are a lot of things going on in this area and when it comes to research and innovations, the field has so much scope. A recent news inspired me to look deeper into this area and I’ve got some really interesting stuff to share. I’ll save the piece of news for the last. This fascinating invention deserves the build-up of suspense.

Till then, let me tell you about a few ideas and projects that scientists, physicists and chemists are developing together:-customDNA

  1. The Parabon NanoLab researchers have developed a new drug for combating a lethal brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme. Why is the drug so unique?

It was PRINTED, right, printed using a 3-D printer – molecule by molecule – using a DNA self assembly technique. And that’s not it, the DNA was CUSTOM DESIGNED using a drag-and-drop computer program. Amazing huh?

  1. Bradleeyey Nelson heading the Institute of Robotics and Intellegent Systems at ETH Zurich with his team, managed to design a Nanobot which can be injected inside the eye of a visually impaired person. It can then be controlled by a person to inject the exact amount of drug at only the required location inside the person’s eye. And this is supposed to cure the eye. Genius isn’t it?
  1. A team of Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have figured out how to genetically engineer viruses to convert pressure force into electrical energy.


These materials are called piezoelectric materials. Current piezoelectric materials are difficult to manufacture and typically contain toxic metals like lead and nickel. The virus engineered by the researchers, self-assembles into a film. When pressure is applied, helical proteins on the viruses’ shells twist and turn, thus generating charge. Tapping a postage stamp size swatch roughly produces 400 milli Volts of electricity or enough to power an LCD screen. I’m pretty sure you could fit at least 30 stamps under your feet!

Paint these viruses on a dance floor and you got a power source for your club! Cool right?

  1. There’s even more. How does Self-Healing Material Sound? Nanofabrication has the potential to make a material just like that. These materials are expected to bleed and heal themselves whenever they are broken or cracked. Some polymers for example already have the ability to knit back together when torn or damaged. Researchers are more intently looking into designing something that could be sprayed on or put on the existing items like a protective coating that would save the item from getting damaged permanently by healing itself even if it gets scratched. Something like magic eh?


Ok now the news that made me research all about nanotechnology:-

Latha Venkataraman, associate professor of Applied Physics at Columbia Engineering, with her researchers has designed a technique to create a Single Molecule Diode.

single molecle

This diode performs 50 times better than any of the previous designs and is the first singular-molecule design that might have real-world technological applications for nano-scale devices. It has a high (>250) rectification and a high “on” current(~0.1 micro Amps), as per the details     provided by Venkataraman herself. A single molecule capable enough to do that!

I don’t know if this research amazes you or not but I am pretty sure it does make it easier for you to visualize all the Nano-Tech knowledge I just bombarded you with!

Google I/O – As It Happened

Aditya Tripathi, 3rd Year, CE


Google I/O 2014 – a grand spectacle in the world of Technology – a gathering of over 6000 developers from all over the world and Google’s biggest conference of the year, took place in San Francisco last week. Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Android and Chrome started the proceedings with an overtly ambitious project named ‘Android One’. Aimed at increasing the Android database to over 2 billion active users and bringing smartphones to the developing countries, Android One provides consumers with Stock Android phones at a meagre cost of 100$. It will start from India with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice manufacturing these low cost phones.


  • Android L – This was the most Android-centric keynote ever. The Senior VP announced the most awaited Android L – the next version of Android after KitKat. Google unveiled this fall’s update, emphasizing on Material design – a new-age skeuomorphism which uses layers, lightning shadows and fluid animations to bring Android and Chrome closer to reality. This incorporates Ripple effects, enhanced notifications, floating windows and more to enrich the user experience. Google has added tweaks to improve battery life with Project Volta. The ART runtime is now default while developers get over 5000 APIs. Also Android officially moves to 64 Bit support after Apple. Google calls it the most revolutionary update for Android with major overhauls in graphics and performance.


  • Android Wear – Finally, Google lifted curtains from over its highly speculated Wearable project, Android Wear. LG, Samsung and Motorola are launching the Smart Gears together with Google. It offers Google Now, app mirroring, contextual awareness with voice inputs, attending calls, setting reminders, counting steps and much more. Android Wear will be launched with round and square shaped dials offering more smart watch fashion prospects for the techno freak consumers.


  • Android Auto – Google and Apple both are building services for an array of devices. Similar to Apple’s CarPlay, Google officially launched Android Auto, its operating system for Cars. It connects your smartphone to the car’s touchscreen through screen mirroring which enables the user to attend calls, control music, start navigations and much more without using the smart phone. It gives relevant information through Google Now. Google also formed an Open Automotive Alliance with 28 auto makers like Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo to compete with Apple’s CarPlay.


  • Android TV – We are officially in the era of platforms. With Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Smart Watches and Smart Cars, we are slowly descending into geekitude. Android TV, launching with Sony & Sharp, provides users access to live or streamed content, Google Search, Google Now and Google Play Games. It turns your living room experience into a Smart Android powered one.


  • Other Services – Google Play Services get updates for profiles, progress saves and quests. Chromebooks now run Android apps, Chromecast gets Google+ galleries and Screen mirroring. Apple’s HealthKit rival Google Fit was presented and Google Cloud storage now gives unlimited storage for $10/month. Much to everyone’s surprise, Google’s next generation virtual reality device Google Cardboard was also unveiled.