The Quiet Uproar


She glides through, unnoticed, smoothly moving through the crowd. A “Hi” here and a “Hello” there suffices. Curt nods and abrupt handshakes disrupt her passage. She’ll eventually find a place in the farthest corners of the classroom. Comfortably chatting with her close aides yet uncomfortably quiet otherwise. You may despise her, pity her or as many do, ignore her.

Welcome to the quiet, boring world of the introvert.

Yet, this world is anything but quiet. It’s, surprisingly, far from boring. It’s a world nearly half of all human beings belong to. Because introversion isn’t a perversion. It isn’t a disorder. It’s simply who you are.

Our lives are shaped as profoundly by our personality as by our gender. And the single-most important aspect is how introverted/extroverted we are. This influences nearly every major choice we make – career, relationships, friendships etc. And yet, we allow ourselves to be carved by the false notions of the world. We lose sense of who we are in our pursuit of success.

The world really likes to think that it values individuality, but what it eventually does is value and admire only one type of individual – someone who’s bold, courageous, expressive – in short, extroverted. But a world of only extroverts is like a world consisting of only men. It’s like a rainbow made up of only one colour. Empty, meaningless, dull. Nature created men and women, carnivores and herbivores, black and white, introverts and extroverts.

Sure, introverts aren’t gregarious. Doesn’t mean they’re uninteresting. Without introverts, you wouldn’t have heard of gravity or relativity. Harry Potter wouldn’t have existed. Even in your head. You’d remain uninformed and unconnected, because Google and Facebook wouldn’t be there. And most probably, you’d still be under British rule – because Gandhiji was also, unfortunately, an introvert.

quietuproar3 (5)

It might be difficult to take stock of your talents. But once you do, you can be unstoppable. Introvert or extrovert doesn’t matter. What matters is being true to yourself.

So people, value who you are. Embrace who you are. Cherish life. Paint this world with your colours. Not your friends’, your neighbour’s or even your sister’s. And help create a beautiful masterpiece.



Rebooting: Passion vs. Greedy Algorithm

NishaYadav, 3rd Year, MC

And there I was.  Back at the fork in the road, with the same, familiar deadening choice. How long will this cycle go on? I asked myself. I must choose a path. I told myself.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveller, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth

Wrote Robert Frost in his poem “The Road Not Taken” and summed up the dilemma that we all face in life every now and then: Whether to follow our innocent heart OR the witty brain?

The less travelled path is the path of passion, intuition, acceptance and valuing what I really care about. Down the road is vulnerability and risk, but it seems worth the trouble.

The other road is my old path of control and undesired force– the one based on the Greedy Algorithm.  It is logical, reasonable and sensible. I have been down this path, over and over and over again and at least I’ve always survived before. By now its results are extremely predictable, which in turn makes it safer. But, sooner or later, I am right back to where I started, except now I am weakened. Life is becoming a task in itself. More time has gone by, and sometimes I feel it’s not my life at all. Haven’t I had enough of this path?

I better distract my mind off these thoughts, I am going insane again. Or had I been? I tried resisting myself yet again! The hardest battle you’ll ever fight is the one against yourself. You win when you lose. It’s all a part of the game we call life. After a little fight between my shoulder angel and devil, this is what I came up with…

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”, said Marc Anthony.

According to dictionary,

Work /wəːk/

Verb:  be engaged in physical or mental activity requiring effort in order to achieve a result.

But wait, how can this be true? Does this mean I won’t have to put any effort while doing the job I love? Will things fall into place if I just sit back and relax?

“Do what you love and success will follow” is another famous saying.

According to dictionary,

Success /səkˈsɛs/

Noun: A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth or social status.

Does this mean once I find my passion then, everything will turn into a fairytale?

But, if this path leads to an effortless fairly land then, why is it so less travelled by? Why do people unnecessarily push themselves past their feelings and work their ass off to improve their skills over time to achieve desired goals? Is a stable job and preset financial bar, a prerequisite to have a fulfilled happy life? If yes, then who sets these benchmarks?


“I think careers are a 20th century invention and I don’t want one.” – Into the Wild (Movie)

Here’s the truth: Problems are inevitable – whether you love your job or you hate it. If you love your job, then you won’t give up at the time of difficulties. You will leave no stone unturned to tackle the issue and in the process, may lose the track of time. Now this might be considered as “going insane”, by someone who works for the digits. For this group, once the water crosses the bridge and problems appear insurmountable, they quit.

So, if you follow your passion and do what you love, then, you will find joy in making the extra efforts even while doing things outside of your comfort zone. Why? Because, Kesha was right, love is a drug. Love is indeed going crazy and doing insane things, which a rational mind would consider a waste of effort, energy and time.

And in the end, this is what makes all the difference! I have chosen my path, have you?

Inspirational Speeches One Must Listen To Before Dying

                             -Shashwat Kishore, III Year, PCT

There are several times in my life when I feel morose and fed up with the conundrums of everyday life. Everything just seems random and useless. The sense of purpose in life seems lost. It is then that I listen to one of the speeches below and all the negativities in life magically disappear and I become enthused with confidence and rigour again.

Some of the best speeches that one must listen to are:

  • Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address: The legendary speech delivered by the great Steve Jobs in which he shared the secret behind his success will surely inspire you to “stay hungry, stay foolish”.
  • The last lecture, delivered by Randy Pausch, a terminally ill professor at Carnegie Mellon University: No words are required to describe this internet and media phenomenon.
  • Harsha Bhogle’s speech at IIM Ahmedabad, 2005: Harsha Bhogle delivered an amazing speech in IIM Ahmedabad on the mantra to achieve success. His speech contained witty anecdotes and was based on his learnings from sport.

download (2)

  • JK Rowling’s speech at Harvard Commencement, 2008: Another amazing speech which gives us an insight about various aspects of success, excellence and relationships and also tells us about the importance of imagination in our lives.


  • ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King Junior, in which he calls for an end to racism in America. This speech will definitely reinforce the ideals of equality and universal brotherhood in you.
  • # Other speeches from movies include the speech given by the President to the aircraft pilots in the movie Independence Day, speech given by Gwen Stacy in the amazing Spiderman 2 and the speech delivered by the President in the movie Armageddon.

These are some of my favourite speeches that you could listen to. I might have missed a few but hopefully you will enjoy listening to these.

Placement Season is Coming

-Namrata Yadav, EE, Class of 2015

I’m a proud DTU graduate today. There were moments when I absolutely hated everything about it and could not wait to get out. Then there were moments when I sat in the campus with my friends all around me, laughing and joking together and it made me feel at home. Thousands of such moments made me realize I wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world.

But let’s talk about placements. This is not some guidebook on how to get that dream job. Rather, a narrative of how the placement season seems to a fourth year student.

You last saw your batch together during your first day in college, on the day of the orientation. You’ll next see them all together during the Deloitte pre-placement talk at the auditorium. And even if you’re the most well informed person in college, you’ll be shocked to realise there are hundreds of people you have never seen before. All of them dressed up in formals, carrying those smart executive folders, ready to conquer the world. Slowly, the number of students in the auditorium gets smaller, the formals become ragged and permanently creased and the executive folders drag your shoulders down even further. You feel connected to your batch in a way you never did before. When someone who had been struggling for a long time finally gets placed, you realise you can actually feel pure joy for another person without being jealous. When your friends are through to the final round and the results are being announced, your hands shake with them.

If their name is announced, the feeling cannot be described in words.

If their name is not announced, the feeling cannot be described in words.

If you’re lucky, the TnP pool would be filled with muck and algae when your friends get placed and bone dry and clean when it’s your turn. Or maybe you’ll get thrown into it either way. Then there’s that victory march from the TnP via OAT and into the MechC. The feeling of being hugged by people who have been with you every step of the way after your name is announced is overwhelming. And the party and the “beverages” that follow are the best you have ever tasted. In no time, you’ll get a beverage belly.

You would think it ends right there. But once you’re placed, you love to go around in casuals to the TnP to cheer others in a move generally known as “In your face, losers.” No, I am kidding. But I am not. The others graciously accept your best wishes with expressions that generally say “I want my hug and congrats from last night back. I wish you would leave the rest of us to slowly die a poisonous death. Oh, and you looked so much better in formals, happiness doesn’t suit you.” True story.

So in the end, placement season is like nothing like you’ve ever seen before. And once you’re done, when you post a life event on your timeline that says you’re a DCE graduate, you’ll be a much better individual than you were 12 months ago.

70 Year Old Kids and Life

When you get caught up in life, you miss the one thing you work so hard to achieve – Living happily.

-Garima Mishra, 3rd Year, EEE

On the evening of 6th June, I decided I was feeling cooped up in my house. Why?

  1. My family was animatedly discussing that I studied too much. That was a problem they said. That I, a college student doing her B.Tech. – was studying too much. My exaggerated sigh went unheard.
  2. I was myopic they said. I needed to go outside and look at nature and at far distances. This point, I agreed with. I realised I hadn’t gone outdoors for almost a week now. And I suddenly missed looking at the trees and the sky and the setting Sun.


I missed the outdoors and much to my family’s delight, I kept my novel aside, told them I was going out to get some fresh air. Families can be interesting and since I’m not fond of writing movie reviews, I’ll just mention that this post was inspired by Piku. As I was putting on my sports shoes, my mom told me she’ll accompany me too. Nanu having the TV to himself, could finally watch Aajtak sensationalizing every news headline and before the volume rose so much that we had to cover our ears with our hands; the door to the house closed. Pitying our poor neighbours, we descended the stairs.

We walked in silence initially as my mom would let me brood. I stared at the North Star shining above my head and remembered how my nanu always traced constellations for me in the sky every night. Five minutes later, my mom nudged me slightly and tentatively asked me “Kal bank chalogi?” I lived in the hostel all through the academic year. I felt homesick at times but now I was with my family and yet, in that moment I felt I really wasn’t. I was home but every other second I was either fretting about my intern or the society work or God forbid – the semester results.

In my family, everyone had jobs and they still made so much time for me as a child. I remember how I pestered them to play with me all day even after they returned home from work feeling tired. But most importantly I remembered how nanu would nearly doze off while playing a game of cards with me and still he never gave up. He’d call it a break and after two hours he’d wake up and resume the game with me. I sometimes wonder why I work so hard. To make a better future for myself?

Yes. But the better future that I will one day have includes this image of me feeling happy and sharing my career with my very odd family.

Ever since I’d come home this summer, I hadn’t bothered to ask where my and nana’s favourite pack of cards was. My mom had been asking me to drop her to the bank for quite a few days now but in between all my work and college related stuff and of course my depression, I hadn’t found the time. I guess I am beginning to understand what they mean when they say I study too much. They miss hanging out with me.

I returned the nudge and asked mom if we could go watch a movie afterwards. She giggled and said yes. And then she asked whether we could take our 70 year old kid with us too and I said yes on one condition.

We needed to buy a pack of playing cards soon.

Being a Good Intern

This intern season, Chirag Arora gives a few pointers to help you become an ideal intern.

We all have certain expectations from our internship experience .Both from the learning and strategic viewpoint. And all it takes to realize these expectations is an awareness of surroundings and certain initiatives on the personal front. The first meeting with the internship supervisor or the person in charge, is crucial. It’s this time that, even the supervisors who are too busy with their work or simply not too conversant, will take time to listen to you. You can and should use this meeting to briefly state both your expectations and skills, in a way, lay your cards on the table. If you do so, there is a good chance, that you will directly be placed in a suitable department, and with the right set of people. Even if this doesn’t happen and the first few days or even weeks turn out to be disappointing, and you find yourself doing tasks not worthy or simply not the best use of your caliber, always stay positive. Remember that some corporate structures survive on intensive and not extensive work, and as a newbie in the office, it might be simply be a test of your professionalism. Always maintain an upbeat attitude, and no matter how menial the task, do it on time and well before the deadline. This leaves a good impression and increases your chances when you demand better quality work.  It may also be the case that you haven’t been able to express your strengths and areas of interest, either in words or in action or your office has failed to make note of them. The middle of the internship is the best time to review your progress and plan how to take your internship experience from where it is to where you want it to be at the end of the summer. Don’t forget to let go of your initial expectations, and set your targets as per your current position. Try to build on even a non-optimal start, rather than attempting to undo it. Assign yourself simple tasks to make this transition. Some of which could be:-

  • Socialize: – As an intern it’s imperative to make use of corporate lunches and meetings/events to get to know better, both the company and colleagues. Get a sense of what tasks everyone is doing. And what profile and what set of people you would enjoy working with, both for your internship and career. Build meaningful professional relationships. Find out the people slightly senior to you that might serve asmentors. Make note of what you converse about when given opportunity and try to enhance it. Avoid ranting about a person or task at all costs. As an intern it’s the last thing expected of you and could be self-destructive. Also steer away from office politics and aligning with a particular group.
  • Ask Better: – Interns are always expected to ask constructive questions. Initiative to get involved in company projects is taken as a sign of energy, the best sight for your supervisor. However, it’s crucial to frame you questions in an intelligible form. Always do some background research on the aspect you would like to get informed/involved. Very rarely would office seniors take time to explain or impart information. A question “Could I contribute to ABC Project/Task in the XYZ……” is much more effective than questions starting with “Is there anything going on in….” The former shows your intent and willingness and even if the answer is no, it puts you in good books for future endeavors. This applies to everyday at work and every task. Also never be afraid to ask questions. Even if you feel your question may showcase you as naïve, but as a corporate rule of thumb, it’s always better to ask rather than do a task incorrectly.
  • Show commitment: – If you are punctual for work and do not rush out the door at the end of the day, you show your commitment to doing a good job rather than just punching a time card. It’s the employees committed to the quality of their work and internship experience that stand out and are easily noticed by management. This augers well for your prospects of landing a job/securing a letter of recommendation, which you may politely ask at the summer end.
  • Network and maintain it: –Do not hesitate to approach your mentor/supervisor for anything related to your internship experience. The last week of internship is an ideal time to send athank you note to the supervisor and anyone else who played a key role in making the internship a success. Keeping in touch with these contacts once you return to college is also a great idea to help maintain important contacts and to keep abreast of future openings.

Lastly remember that quite unlike school/college guidance, during an internship you are your own advocate. Making a full use of the experience is a matter of making simple changes in attitude and approach.

Recalling Maggi: Our 2-min Little Liar

Here’s saying goodbye to ‘Meri Maggi’

-Nisha Yadav, 3rd Year, MC

Waiting for the clock to strike twelve, a bunch of girls lurking around the hostel gate waiting for their mid-night snack to arrive. After studying furiously for their upcoming exam for hours when pangs of hunger hit, who doesn’t want a good tasty mouth – watering break. Maggi – our midnight “breakfast” cum all-nighter – not just served as a stress buster but also as a mean of energizing the students one last time prior to exam, saying “Abhi toh puri raat bachhi hai……(aur syllabus bhi!)”

When studying turns into merely staring at the same two lines for the past half-an-hour or so, students or rather boys- the luckier half of the college- share a look of understanding. It’s time for a break, it’s time to visit MAGGI BABA!

2. maggi

Whatever your age-group is, we all have fond memories of living on Maggi and loving the instant noodle, until now! The recent news of excessive Lead and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in Maggi noodles has caused a crisis in thousands of lives. Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, New Delhi and Assam have banned its sales and several other cities await test results to confirm or deny the sale of the popular snack.

4. maggi

Though we all know the violation of safety standards in various sectors isn’t new in India, the real leaden feeling is that of betrayal! Recollecting the Coca Cola instance, a company which only marketed itself as “Life Tastes Good” not as “Life Tastes Healthy”, Maggi on the other hand claimed “Taste bhi health bhi. Its false 2-min claim made us laugh and  because of the main ingredient being maida and the tastemaker containing high salt and calorie content, we knew it was too good to be true, but causing serious health hazards was only  a nightmare.

The weak implementation of law and regulations in India resulting in too many culprits than the handcuffs is the issue which has been raised yet again and again. Despite being aware of such violations, the government allows domestic and foreign food manufacturing companies to have a free reign? To ensure product approval and the quality label, proper testing and regular inspections of the major brands should be done. As of now the FSSAI officials and the state governments are simply pointing fingers at each other for this blunder. The brand ambassadors Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta who endorsed the product are also liable for action for the misleading advertisement.

3. maggi

With Live larvae found in Nestle’s milk powder the following may also face the heat :-

  • Smith and Jones Chicken Masala Noodles , Reliance Select Instant Noodles and Wai Wai Xpress Noodles
  • Complan Pista Badam
  • Heinz’s baked beans
  • Kellogg’s Oats and Honey
  • Kurkure and Lays
  • Pastas, sauces, soft drinks

On the other hand, talking about the filthy street food, which is not even tested for matching the standards and is probably unhygienic and harmful for our health, it is neither banned nor discouraged by us. The Most Probable Number (MPN) of coliform bacteria has been found as high as 2,400, whereas the permissible limit is only 50.

Only time will tell whether this issue is going to be a serious curtain raiser OR just another breaking news headline. Will we have to suffer with the hostel mess food? Or will Maggi Baba turn into Yippee Baba? Though there is hope that the summer vacations might heal things, who knows what’s more to come!

Good Bye Meri Maggi!

Stats Courtesy – Times of India, Indian express and Business-Standard