Most Anticipated Gadgets – Coming Soon!

– Nisha Yadav, 3rd Year, MC

Want to try out trending clothes and accessories virtually, before buying them?


Wait no more! Samsung has launched the industry’s first Mirror and Transparent OLED panels at the Retail Asia Expo 2015 in Hong Kong on 9th June 2015. When compared to the other mirror LCDs, it has self-luminance (doesn’t require back-lighting), is clearer, sharper, has vibrant colours, higher contrast and faster response time. To include gestures and voice control, it contains Intel developed Real Sense 3D-rotatable viewing systems.

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If reading about this huge step taken by Samsung towards the advancement in technology interests you, read further to know about more such news.

  1. The Dash

Earphones like never before!1 dash

Features: Wireless earbuds for listening to songs plus an embedded 4GB/1000-song music player, microphone and a fitness tracker (bio sensing).

Release: Shipping from July 2015

Estimated Price: $299

  1. Project Ara

Afraid of getting the one-slip-away mosaic-wallpaper on your smart phone’s screen? Or ever wished if you could somehow make the camera in your existing phone better, without having to buy a whole new set?2 project-ara

Features: Allows Modular upgradation – users will be able to replace the phone parts they want.

Release: August 2015

Product company: Google, Motorola

Estimated Price: The basic piece or ‘Gray phone’ will cost $50.

  1. Smart Rear-view Mirrors

Features: LCD Screen enhances the visibility in even different weather conditions, allows toggling of view (as per the driver’s preference).3 nissan's rear view

Product Company: Cadillac, Nissan

Release:  August 2015

4.Zwipe MasterCard4 zwipe

Say no to the worries of periodically changing your ATM-Pin and then memorising it, to prevent unauthorised excess.

Features: World’s first contactless card with a fingerprint sensor, stores securely, the users’ biometric data, allows safe payments with a quick fingerprint scan.

Product Company: MasterCard

  1. iPhone 7

Well who is not excited about the latest iPhone?

5 iphone

Features: Side-mounted wrap-around display, Sapphire glass for the display and Liquidmetal for the chassis, Force Touch screen technology, with metal alloy dubbed Liquidmetal.

Release: September 2015

Product Company: Apple

Estimated Price: between $649 to $849

  1. Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

    An attendee wears an Oculus VR Inc. Rift Development Kit 2 headset to play a video game during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. E3, a trade show for computer and video games, draws professionals to experience the future of interactive entertainment as well as to see new technologies and never-before-seen products. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images
    An attendee wears an Oculus VR Inc. Rift Development Kit 2 headset to play a video game during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. E3, a trade show for computer and video games, draws professionals to experience the future of interactive entertainment as well as to see new technologies and never-before-seen products. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Want to control gaming movements with a tilt of your head? Be it gaming, tourism or the entertainment world, Virtual reality is creating a market of its own.

Features: head-mounted virtual-reality display which will give the user a full 360-degree view of the virtual world they inhabit, allows interaction with objects in the game by simple hand and body movements, lightweight in terms of power and physical size.

Release: Early 2016

Owned by: Facebook

Estimated Price: $1000(approx.)


Advice to Fuchchas!

Prateek Singhal, 2nd year, EEE. your-brain-on-college-hi

So, while the fuchchas have finally begun feeling like a part of this college, after having gotten through their first sem, the final year seniors have begun anticipating what they’ll do after this last semester – when the “real” life begins. The fuchchas gave their first end semester exams (don’t worry, it’s a horrible experience for everyone), and the seniors are getting ready to give their last end sems (which is more of a formality anyway).

So to all the fuchchas: I ask you to recall the experiences of your first semester. Was it just as amazing as you expected? Did you learn a new skill or discover a natural talent in yourself that you never knew you had? Did you join any of themyriad societies and teams that the university has to offer? But most importantly, did you remember to have fun?

As a fuchcha, you tend to fall into one of the following categories – the aficionados, and the procrastinators.

Now, the aficionados, or the enthusiasts, are the fuchchas who are pretty much everywhere – you can see them attending every orientation, turning up for every exam and interview, and basically being so active with the extra-curricular that you wonder when they take time out to study.

However, most of the aficionados feel the brunt of academics in their second year, and then they have to make the difficult choice – which societies to leave, and which ones to keep. And it is only the rare few that can still manage to retain the same momentum in the second year that they did in the first.

Then come the procrastinators. They are the ones who have registered for the interviews, but are a bit occupied (read:-“lazy”-) to turn up for them. They think that the first year should be kept for lounging around, and they can always join societies in their second year.

The procrastinators, however, are truly in for a surprise. They thought that the experienced they earned in their first year would help them cruise through most of the recruitment tests and interviews with ease, and it might have, too, had the curriculum itself not been so exhausting as to leave a student drained. Also, taking on the added responsibility of joining a society is out of question for many seniors, especially if their first year’s academic performance was not upto the mark. And it is the initial period after joining a society that you have to put in maximum effort, for after a year or so into the society, it’s usually smooth sailing for you as you can designate the work to YOUR juniors!

My point is, don’t be an aficionado and definitely not a procrastinator either; strike a balance between the two! Don’t waste your first year by thinking you’ll start in the second year because believe us, the second will hardly be any easier than the first. Also, try as you might, you’ll have to let go of one or more things you like to do anyway. For as the ultra-legendary Joker said, “That’s the point. You’ll have to choose.”

So that’s about it, my dear fuchchas. Some words of wisdom from a not-so-wise senior! Just choose your own philosophy and stick to it. Don’t get influenced by the next guy. Remember the words of Oscar Wilde – “put all your genius into your life and put only your talent into your works!”

Denizens of the Metro Ladies Coach

Namrata Yadav, 3rd year, EE


The Seat Hunter

It’s an art, how you can squeeze a seat out of nothing, either by being super sweet, “Please adjust karlo!” or being super imposing with just a hand gesture and then claiming the full seat inch by inch and forcing the original occupant to stand up instead. Chanakya Neeti, anyone?

The Phone Talkers

By the end of the journey, you can deduce their boyfriend’s eating habits- “ Babu, khana kha liya? Kya khaya? Kab khaya?” how two-faced their friends really are, “She stabbed me in the back and I thought we were best friends!” or how stupid their co-workers are, “ She tries to get the men do the work for her and then flaunts it everywhere.” Their whole life is an open book.

The Fashion Critic

Your dressing style is scanned, processed, analyzed and judged the moment you walk in front of them. And, if you like to associate adjectives like “simple” and “sober” with yourself, you should consider leaving the country rather than sitting opposite them.

The Gate Blockers

Apparently the concept of clearing the gate area at a new station is totally extraterrestrial for most Indians who will stand right in front of the gate till someone knocks them down, after which they will unleash a colourful vocabulary and tasteful expressions to the unsuspecting world.

Pearls of Wisdom

It’s everyone’s worst fear, to sit beside an inquisitive and talkative Auntiji, who wants nothing more from life than to set a stray teenage girl back on the righteous path. Amen. With words of wisdom on subjects you would have heard of only in Hindi serials, metro ride for them is life’s next big adventure.

The Studious Type

Think you’ll catch up on some last minute revision or finish your practical file? Or read a novel to pass the time? Then you have to cope up with “passive readers” and that girl in high heels and perfect make-up who can’t imagine how people can have such uninteresting hobbies.

Babies and Kids

Girls fawn over them. Until they bawl their lungs out or spin around the bars, try to grab your hair or phone, stare at you as if you stole their candy or in general, display childish behaviour of any kind. Otherwise, they are cute, little angels.

And their Embarrassed Mothers

Well, what can they do if their child rolls over the floor of the train, screaming bloody murder because they didn’t let him/her race down the metro? They get sympathetic smiles from their co-passengers, or cold smiles and sneers if their child isn’t even cute.

Talking to a Mobile Phone

Prerna Batra, 3rd year, BT.

Well, I am not talking about my conversation with someone else via my Smartphone, but about my conversation with my very own mobile phone. I was gazing at something, which can make my heart beat ten times faster once it gets missing for a few seconds or falls by more than one meter. I had pampered it like my baby, having bought phone covers for it of all colours. (Do I myself wear wardrobes of that variety, I wondered. Who cares? I am in DTU not DU). Sometimes being the last one to enter the house and forgetting to lock my door during the night, I have surely been ignorant about my house’s security but have never compromised on my phone’s security. The moment the lock code is revealed to anarticle-2325652-19D1A11F000005DC-60_468x286yone, be it my best friend, within seconds, the lock code is changed. Well, I don’t run after guys, but I can run a few kilometers after the one who snatched my phone. I have never cared whether the birthday guy/ girl has washed his hands beforecutting the cake or whether bacteria enter into my mouth along with the cake particles when he/she puts the cake into my mouth. But if you have to touch my phone, make sure your hands are washed. Yes, soap is a compulsion. I may make my mother wait a few minutes after she calls me. But once my phone makes a noise, within seconds I am onto it. I can survive a day without foodand water. But without my phone: never!

With these thoughts, I turned to my phone and started talking to it thinking it must be loving me back for all the care and love I bestow upon it. To my utter surprise, it was quite rude to me. I asked the reason for such a behavior. “Not one but many” it said. His friends: my computer, my wrist watch, my calendar, PSP, radio have all been sent far away from it. It worked day and night constantly charging and discharging itself. All my mischief, my “not studying”, my wrong doings had fetched bitter words from my mom and dad for the delicate darling. It even challenged that there is lesser competition for getting into IITs and IIMs and more in the world of mobile phones. No one is perfect, but one imperfection in the mobile phone labels it as “dabba”. I gossip all around, keeping nothing inside. But the phone has to save it all without sharing it with anyone. The phone has no holiday or rest day until it is brutally injured or is dead. Giving an ear to all this, I felt bad for it, kissed it and said “Life is hard dear”.
The whatsapp buzzed: it was the DTU Times group discussing about the blog edition.
I returned to my inconsiderate mode.


Life Without Whatsapp

images (1) You are having a conversation with someone. Make that trying to.  Why? Because that person isn’t looking at you, or listening to you.  They keep looking at their phone, smiling, typing, and then looking  back at you; so you start again but before you can utter a single  word, the phone is buzzing away again. You want to throttle that  person. To death.


You don’t have whatsapp. Your friends complain that they have to buy a message card only for you as you still live in the dark ages. If you ever miss an important group update, it’s your fault, we posted it on whatsapp. You might have the best screen resolution, RAM, video/audio, they are all useless if you can’t install whatsapp. Just imagine what would happen if the “last seen at” feature was replaced by “last seen with”. RIP world.

So, if you are deserted on a remote island and not having a net card isn’t your top worry, congratulations! You might be one of the last few sane people on earth.