-Namya Bajaj, 3rd Year, ENE

We generally prefer a place which serves us with delectable food, offers a nice ambience and is reasonably priced but people are content shelling out a few thousand rupees to celebrate some special occasions at an upmarket restaurant.

So, if it is your father’s birthday and just to make him feel a little more special and loved, you decide to take him and of course your mom and your siblings to a five star restaurant or maybe a seven star for that matter. * Wink*.

Sit back in amused relatability as I begin to share the kind of reactions we have when we’re presented the menu.

Not to forget, a check-in is a must. As soon as you make yourself comfortable amidst the live music in the background and elaborate live counters for food like grill and kebabs, a waiter very nicely dressed up comes up to you and offers you the menu which in itself is a puzzle to solve if it is a multi-cuisine restaurant. No doubt, the menu would acquaint you with some of the most acclaimed local and international specialities found in Delhi and across the world.

The first look at the menu and the column on the right, in particular, makes you just flip the pages for the first minute.  There is always one member in the family whose heart might skip a beat if you stay at the Soup, Salads and the Appetizers page for more than two minutes. Although there was some space in the belly for a paneer tikka but 1400 rupees filled it up. Trying the main course directly is what is preferred because we’re not that hungry, right?

Just after you order the paneer (with a fancy name) or dal, the reaction on the breads is worth noting. A 200 Rs naan, roti or ‘the’ parantha makes me wonder, do they sprinkle gold flakes on the tava? *skeptic grin*.

Let’s order a dessert? Shall we? The meal is incomplete without a dessert but would this saying be applicable to a five star cuisine too? Why not eat a Cadbury five star, eh? I would hesitate paying 475 Rs for a gulab jamun when I can have a 1 kg chocolate ice cream for Rs 150 at a nearby mother dairy.

Anyhow, they would easily manage to orchestrate a fantastic meal for you. The best part. Fancy (read: expensive) though!

Money can’t buy everything but can surely let you have best signature dining experiences.




-Srishti Dahiya (Civil Engineering, II year)

In came a flush of questionable, unsettled opinions from the two sexes just as John Gray’s bestseller “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” created a bustle. Here’s another attempt at answering the ever pending question, “Are they really?”

The story starts with, men residing in Mars and women in Venus. Monotony is broken, as it all started the day Martians discovered the existence of Venusians. A feeling unknown to them was awakened.



They thus invented space travel and both flew to the Earth. The dawn of it is all beautiful and perfect until one day, they wake up with a strange amnesia. Selective amnesia! Both forget they are from different planets. Ever since, they have been in a conflict!

Someone said “God created Adam before Eve because he didn’t want advice on how to make Adam”. *After a laugh, pondering* Well, maybe with her advice, men would be designed exactly to what women want to see in them, there would never be a conflict and this question would never be raised!

It has been proven, that men and women think differently. As Lise Eliot called it the ‘blue brain and the pink brain’, men and women are dissimilar in spheres other than biological sciences. Is it so? Or is it because we are made to believe in a certain perception and brought up with it such that we don’t think the otherwise?


For instance, Rebecca Bloomwood, the protagonist in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic said, “When I shop, the world gets better. The world is better. And then it’s not anymore. And I need to do it again”. Rumour says it, men do it better. Straight, to exactly what they want and out. But women go around the entire market place and yet come out with bags full of everything they didn’t intend to buy. Well then, what’s next? We need to make another trip to get what we actually wanted! This just increases our shopping pleasure, not to say that men don’t enjoy it. Whoever said only women craze about a new addition to the closet? Indeed they do it differently.

We are two genders, not two planets. We do the same things but divergently. Feel the same, express distinctively. Want the same, demand differently. We’re similar just not identical. It’s really upon how we look at it individually and not what the mass notion is. This is what I think. And you?

COLLEGE FEST: A Fever with Adrenaline rush

Nisha Yadav talks about the craziness that any college fest brings with it.

– Nisha Yadav, 2nd  Year, MCE

It’s that time of year again when you start pondering over why the “Cute Puppy Picture” you uploaded yesterday on Facebook isn’t grabbing much likes. Well, take a deep breath because you are not the only one facing this sad torture.  Here begins the Era of Survival of the Fittest, bringing in cut-throat-competition, where everyone critically analyzes the parallel universes possible after liking a post of the newsfeed and performs malicious acts such as spamming for publicity.

1.4The energy, the noise, the competition, the cheerfulness, the Dramapanti, the fight, the shouting, the beauty, the grace, the absurdity, the adrenaline, the ultimate fever, ranging from cultural extravaganza to technical wizardry- there aren’t enough words to completely describe the College Fest.

It’s a time when the student population gets sky rocketed and you bump into people you never saw before. Some of them might even claim to be your classmate. From this strange crowd any random person you choose, will fit in one of the following categories:-

  1. THE Organizers


These are the people who can never just sit back and relax. In few cases the irresistible temptation of free food and attendance is the culprit. While most of them probably got to hear in their freshman year that organizing an event will hone their “saaft skeels”.


They stay back after 5 pm, overload themselves on the weekends, push their limit by managing time like crazy. They are like the pre-professionals who experience what it’s like to be working in a democratic hierarchy and meeting deadlines.  They are not scared by the last moment major changes as they believe in the ideology- “Toofano mei nauka paar karaane kaa mazza hi kuch aur hai!”


Beep beep. Whatsapp. Trrrrrr. Call. Ping ping. Mail. For Voldemort it was his horcrux, for them it is the smartphone. Another excuse to convince yourself of the necessity to graduate from a sad dabba phone to a brand new smartphone.

NOTE: – Don’t ring the emergency helpline if you see them staring at their laptop or a piece of paper continuously for hours in the same pose.


  1. The Non-Organisers


They are the one who exploit every opportunity. Getting free attendance and free food is not a Herculean task for them.  “Eror 404: Exam not found” reads their Whatsapp Status. They are mostly spotted doing some kind of “Backchodi”. “Abhi toh Party shuru hui hai” tops their playlist.


Don’t be dragged by the illusion that this crowd is “bholi bhaali” as some of them are very good critics dragging your audience away while few of them might be from across the border(the enemy society territory) trying to ruin your event.

  1. The Nerds

These One dimensional people are strongly committed in their relationship with textbooks. Whenever you ask them “Why are you studying now?  It’s a long semester we’ll get plenty of time.” They reply in a Sheldon Cooperish tone, “Study has been claimed to improve grades.”


Their whole life revolves around the binary number system theory. They assign the digit 0 to Organizing fests and digit 1 to the academics. There’s no point in adding 0s unless there is a one at the beginning and during their whole college life they are working on fixing the 1 in its proper place.

last free adviceFree Advice: – Which ever category you’re in, remember – It’s your fest, make sure you enjoy it!

College Hacks!

By: Raghav Sharma, 3rd Year, EE

The gravity of the oft-used (and almost clichéd) quote,’ Time flies when you’re having fun’ hit me as I entered the junior year. Time had indeed flown. The realization that more than half of my college time was over, dawned. Grasping at straws to show for, for the time spent (or the lack of it), at college I entered a Zen-like stage of deep thought to come up with life hacks that I’ve put into good use in college-

Keep looking for free stuff
Become a member of a lot of clubs. Attend their orientations for free food. Also, be on the lookout for free samplers (Red Bull in particular). At the end of the year, seniors leave behind a lot of good stuff in the hostels like posters, racks et al. Scavenge!

The Mech C short cut
Despite all the criticism, the MechC food still remains the staple for a good majority. This also translates into large queues at the delivery counter. To circumvent this, use the entry door that is used for bringing in the supplies. This almost always ensures one getting their order on a priority!

Clean rest rooms
In serious short supply, clean rest rooms are prized in the college. The goal here is to find the bathroom that’s used most infrequently and cleaned regularly. The ones near the mechanical block fire escape come closest to fitting the bill.

Admin block work
Tired of the ‘baad me aana’ attitude of the admin staff at the tiniest bit of work? Grab hold of a friend that speaks the same dialect as the staffer and be amazed at how your work enters the top of the admin block’s to-do list!

Preparing for tests
The phrase ‘studying at the last minute’ holds good value in college. But the catch here is that the phrase itself is open to interpretation and changes in meaning as the college progresses. It’s best to have an additional ‘contingency time’ of a few hours over and above the usual ‘last minute’.


(The third year value is undefined, meaning a lot of effort, as gathered from seniors)

Keep in touch with teachers
Even if the subject bores one to sleep, feign interest. Ask doubts outside of the class. Ensure that teachers know you by name. This would ensure a good internal cumulative and even a recommendation, should need arise.


A Month Gone, A Month Left.

Shreya Shankar, MC, 3rd year

A month gone, a month left. Yes, looking at the calendar right now might remind us of the endless lists made and activities jotted down at the start of the summer break. Regular gym visits, completing a subject or two in advance, following the online courses, or waking up early every day (sleeping early for some) – the list is diverse. However, after one month and two days into the summer break, one common story would fit all; the carefully prepared to-do list would by now be lost (probably recouping in the dustbin), while the mental note of the points is deliberately pushed down the metaphorical memory stack. In spite of best intentions, sleep, TV series, and FIFA reign supreme; the rest are put off until tomorrow. With engineers, the dictum goes in a slightly different manner: “Why do today, what can be postponed till tomorrow?” Procrastination is indeed an art we all have mastered (except probably the ghissus).


We must accept the fact that it is only during the examinations that our creativity reaches new heights. It is only under the stress of exams that our mind ventures into that land of imaginative prowess. New subjects and topics, in fact anything apart from our course seem worth researching on! And thus was made the list of To-Do’s. We all would have made a pledge to ourselves of utilising the summer break to the fullest. In fact, every exam shows us the mirror, and this is how another list of “To-Do After Exams” is prepared and forgotten in locked shelves, neatly folded inside a book. Alas, we but accept too late! Lists are made to not be followed.

However, here is a list of points which could help bring your derailed train back on track.

  • Make another list. Start with a fresh one. A month left in the hand of an engineer is so much productive time.
  • Rewind your memory and remind yourself of the resolutions you made after scraping through every exam.
  • Ask your parents to reprimand you regularly(if you aren’t already getting some already). Believe me, it’s a medicine!
  • Talk to a ‘ghissu’ and ask what he/she has done or completed in the last month. It will terrify and, hopefully, inspire you to take heart and actually MAKE AN EFFORT.

If none of the above points work in your favour, sit back and enjoy your daily dose of football madness and wait until the finals. The Word Cup couldn’t have happened at a better time. After all, laziness is an attribute of only the disaster-ready folks. For if monsoon can be a procrastinator, why can’t we?