-Namya Bajaj, 3rd Year, ENE

We generally prefer a place which serves us with delectable food, offers a nice ambience and is reasonably priced but people are content shelling out a few thousand rupees to celebrate some special occasions at an upmarket restaurant.

So, if it is your father’s birthday and just to make him feel a little more special and loved, you decide to take him and of course your mom and your siblings to a five star restaurant or maybe a seven star for that matter. * Wink*.

Sit back in amused relatability as I begin to share the kind of reactions we have when we’re presented the menu.

Not to forget, a check-in is a must. As soon as you make yourself comfortable amidst the live music in the background and elaborate live counters for food like grill and kebabs, a waiter very nicely dressed up comes up to you and offers you the menu which in itself is a puzzle to solve if it is a multi-cuisine restaurant. No doubt, the menu would acquaint you with some of the most acclaimed local and international specialities found in Delhi and across the world.

The first look at the menu and the column on the right, in particular, makes you just flip the pages for the first minute.  There is always one member in the family whose heart might skip a beat if you stay at the Soup, Salads and the Appetizers page for more than two minutes. Although there was some space in the belly for a paneer tikka but 1400 rupees filled it up. Trying the main course directly is what is preferred because we’re not that hungry, right?

Just after you order the paneer (with a fancy name) or dal, the reaction on the breads is worth noting. A 200 Rs naan, roti or ‘the’ parantha makes me wonder, do they sprinkle gold flakes on the tava? *skeptic grin*.

Let’s order a dessert? Shall we? The meal is incomplete without a dessert but would this saying be applicable to a five star cuisine too? Why not eat a Cadbury five star, eh? I would hesitate paying 475 Rs for a gulab jamun when I can have a 1 kg chocolate ice cream for Rs 150 at a nearby mother dairy.

Anyhow, they would easily manage to orchestrate a fantastic meal for you. The best part. Fancy (read: expensive) though!

Money can’t buy everything but can surely let you have best signature dining experiences.


Recalling Maggi: Our 2-min Little Liar

Here’s saying goodbye to ‘Meri Maggi’

-Nisha Yadav, 3rd Year, MC

Waiting for the clock to strike twelve, a bunch of girls lurking around the hostel gate waiting for their mid-night snack to arrive. After studying furiously for their upcoming exam for hours when pangs of hunger hit, who doesn’t want a good tasty mouth – watering break. Maggi – our midnight “breakfast” cum all-nighter – not just served as a stress buster but also as a mean of energizing the students one last time prior to exam, saying “Abhi toh puri raat bachhi hai……(aur syllabus bhi!)”

When studying turns into merely staring at the same two lines for the past half-an-hour or so, students or rather boys- the luckier half of the college- share a look of understanding. It’s time for a break, it’s time to visit MAGGI BABA!

2. maggi

Whatever your age-group is, we all have fond memories of living on Maggi and loving the instant noodle, until now! The recent news of excessive Lead and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in Maggi noodles has caused a crisis in thousands of lives. Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, New Delhi and Assam have banned its sales and several other cities await test results to confirm or deny the sale of the popular snack.

4. maggi

Though we all know the violation of safety standards in various sectors isn’t new in India, the real leaden feeling is that of betrayal! Recollecting the Coca Cola instance, a company which only marketed itself as “Life Tastes Good” not as “Life Tastes Healthy”, Maggi on the other hand claimed “Taste bhi health bhi. Its false 2-min claim made us laugh and  because of the main ingredient being maida and the tastemaker containing high salt and calorie content, we knew it was too good to be true, but causing serious health hazards was only  a nightmare.

The weak implementation of law and regulations in India resulting in too many culprits than the handcuffs is the issue which has been raised yet again and again. Despite being aware of such violations, the government allows domestic and foreign food manufacturing companies to have a free reign? To ensure product approval and the quality label, proper testing and regular inspections of the major brands should be done. As of now the FSSAI officials and the state governments are simply pointing fingers at each other for this blunder. The brand ambassadors Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta who endorsed the product are also liable for action for the misleading advertisement.

3. maggi

With Live larvae found in Nestle’s milk powder the following may also face the heat :-

  • Smith and Jones Chicken Masala Noodles , Reliance Select Instant Noodles and Wai Wai Xpress Noodles
  • Complan Pista Badam
  • Heinz’s baked beans
  • Kellogg’s Oats and Honey
  • Kurkure and Lays
  • Pastas, sauces, soft drinks

On the other hand, talking about the filthy street food, which is not even tested for matching the standards and is probably unhygienic and harmful for our health, it is neither banned nor discouraged by us. The Most Probable Number (MPN) of coliform bacteria has been found as high as 2,400, whereas the permissible limit is only 50.

Only time will tell whether this issue is going to be a serious curtain raiser OR just another breaking news headline. Will we have to suffer with the hostel mess food? Or will Maggi Baba turn into Yippee Baba? Though there is hope that the summer vacations might heal things, who knows what’s more to come!

Good Bye Meri Maggi!

Stats Courtesy – Times of India, Indian express and Business-Standard

Why I Couldn’t Last A Week As A Vegan

By: Ankit Kumar, 3rd year, SE


So I was driving the other day when I happened to notice a new stall of kebabs at this place. All of a sudden I started pondering over all the innocent animals that are slaughtered each day to keep the meat industry going. Then I started thinking about PETA (actually Dia Mirza) and vowed to turn into a vegetarian. It seemed as if I was a man on a mission.
As it is “forbidden” to have non-veg on Saturdays and Tuesdays, I reckoned that it won’t be that big of an issue. All I had to do was to say NO. But there was one thing which I forgot and don’t blame me for that. I am a PUNJABI. Okay to be honest half Punjabi, but you can literally smell Punjab from my kitchen, especially on Sundays.
So I started my mission. Coincidently, the first day happened to be a Saturday. So it went quite smooth and I was happy that finally I could do it. But the next day was my real test.
I walked out of my room and could smell omelet. I considered the moral implications of eating that. I could practically hear the sad baby chicks squeaking. So eventually I ended up having bread with jam as my breakfast and my mom couldn’t help but give me an astonishing look. Alas!
Lunch. Normal dal and rice. A sober meal. Who said it is going to difficult?
I continued with my work (read time-pass) and it was dinner time.


On the table was fish curry. I refrained from having that. Sundays, I tell you!
It was such a difficult task. I ended up having some fried rice and a glass of orange juice. Oh and obviously some strange looks; only this time by the whole family.
The next day I came to college, attended classes (oh who am I kidding) and then went to see my friends who were waiting for me at the Nescafe booth. With all the hello’s and hi’s done I finally sat down only to see 3 chicken sandwiches on the table. Until then I had almost forgotten about my “vow”. I resisted and didn’t take a single bite, much to the amazement of my friends. One of them even went on to say,”Tu beemar to nahi hai na?”
The day got over. I took out my car, picked a friend and with some good music, started my journey back home.
8pm. And I was already starving. I was so hungry that I could hardly stand it. I wanted some good taste. I wanted my taste buds to feel and savor the taste which they had been longing for. Just give me anything mom!
Kadhai chicken. Cooked by my mom. And Chicken Shawarma. By that new stall I told you about. I could have cried just from the smell of it all. The bread bowl beckoned me from the corner. After 15 minutes I literally and practically gave in to the smell of the delicacies, ending up totally guilt-ridden but totally satisfied.
I couldn’t even stand for half a week being a pure vegetarian. In the end, it was my stomach who won out over my conscience. Being a vegetarian is probably the hardest task that I had ever come across! But in my defense – I did try. I did try not to smell it. I did try not to look at it. I did try not to eat it. I did everything I was supposed to do.  Only to have failed miserably.


Be a gourmand, eat for pleasure!

By: Abhishek Dhyani, 3rd Year, PSCT.


Peach Melba – the dessert shown here was first made by French chef Auguste Escoffier in the honor of Australian singer Nellie Melba in 1892 (amazingly).
Food has come a long way from being a necessity to quench hunger to an art portrayed as a delicacy. The moment your taste buds get activated due to the burst of the vibrant flavor, you are sure to have an everlasting effect. According to nutritional psychologists, “Half of the nutrition is what you eat, but the other half is how you eat.” (which just justifies my point)
Food isn’t always bland. Nor is it cheap. What makes it beautiful is the fusion of individual elements like texture, taste, flavor, crisp and aroma. Raw food containing a particular type of flavor may taste completely different in combination. It is an art and rather a tiring job to recognize these discrete elements but it definitely isn’t a daunting task to enjoy them. And sometimes even though you are finished eating, your taste buds/mind/heart crave for more!
Scientifically speaking, the part of the brain that turns on relaxation is which turns on digestion, while the part of the brain that activates stress and anxiety (elements suppressing taste), turns off digestion. So when you’re munching on your favorite dessert, full of fear or guilt, you are less likely to witness the satisfaction at the end. Also, the faster you consume the dish, the more time the brain and the digestive system need to know what’s going on with your food.
So live life like a gourmand. Slow down and cherish every bite which can actually help you escape your tiredness after a long day at work or college. Get used to experience mouth watering  flavors once here and there; if it’s simple, no one can stop you from adding an extra zest. After all, you are what you eat.  

A Resolution

Shreya Shankar, 3rd year, MC


For all the folks with some extra pounds!

Clothes do not fit

And sometimes, they even rip

Let’s not talk of food,

As apprehensions always loom

And as always, we are swayed in a tide of gloom.

Calories we count

And the lost days of fitness, we recount;

Butter, oil and sugar

Were friends ofyesteryears;

Chocolate, a long lost lover.

Hope keeps us alive!

That one day, pounds we shall shed

And we swear it on our bread!

That whatever it takes

We’ll break up with cakes

And pastries (truffles!) at dusk

To fit in that old red dress,

We’ll give up on the entire glutton

For days of sorrow

Shall end, one fine day….

But let us finish this cup of ice-cream,

We shall start our diet tomorrow!


Delhi Delights

Aradhana Gahlaut, 3rd Year, ENE

Chances are if you’ve been to Ambience Vasant Kunj in the past month or so, you’ve noticed a fancy place with a large crowd at what used to be Zambar.  This new kid on the block is Indigo Delicatessen.


Well known in Mumbai for their sumptuous sandwiches and burgers as well as deserts, this elegant Deli has finally made it’s way to the capital. The food and cooking items displayed tastefully in the glass shelves outside the window make it quite easy on the eyes, with shelves inside the restaurant containing bread and other items for retail.

A tad on the higher side, this lovely Deli is definitely quaint enough to go for a date or with an old friend and it’s varied menu has the ability to impress.

How to get there: Take the yellow line till Chhatarpur metro station and then an auto rickshaw till Ambience. The Deli is located on the 3rd floor, opposite Chili’s.

How to make your pocket-money last the entire month

Saurabh Siddharth, 2nd year, ENE.

You don’t want your wallet to look like this at the end of a month!
You don’t want your wallet to look like this at the end of a month!

Ever wondered how you run out of cash by the 20th of every month. Despite many of your attempts and resolutions to save money or keeping a mental tab of your expenditures, you always end up short of funds. Here are a few ways to save some money until the end of the month without a lot of effort!

  • Start lending money to your friends. It may seem absurd at first, but when you run out of cash, simply ask them to return the favour! Just make sure you are lending to someone who doesn’t have a habit of being a perpetual offender as far as ‘returning the favour’ is concerned.

  • Choose multiple locations to store your money in and try to forget them (for the time being, not completely!). Having less cash in front of your eyes will make you spend less. When one of your locations has been exploited completely, just move on to the next location and voila! It is your personal hidden treasure!

  • Do you remember the last time you went out to buy a snack and just couldn’t because the shopkeeper asked for change and you didn’t have any? Yes, that works! Keep larger denominations. They simply last longer!

  • Running short of balance on your cell phone? No problem. Make a call to your parents, tell them something about the server being down in the ‘only-shop’ nearby and how urgently you need the top-up (speaking quickly and fast-breaths can help!). There you go, free top-up! And you thought the world wasn’t fair.

  • Never pull out the big-note from your wallet in places like Mech-C. They attract a group of people, commonly known as ‘treat-extractors’. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself surrounded by this group who will remind you of every treat you owe them. You’ll panic and give in to the pressure, and end up paying for everyone!

  • While it may sound a little childish but having a piggy-bank is not a bad idea. Keep some cash stashed away for a rainy day. You simply won’t spend the money you don’t have!