Interview | Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Borutzsky

DTU Times interviewed Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Borutzsky, who was in DTU as a keynote speaker in NFEST 2018.

Dr. Borutzky is a professor of modelling and simulation of engineering systems at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. He is a member of ASIM, the simulation society of Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and has contributed refereed papers to international conferences; notably the International Conference on Bond Graph Modelling and Simulation.

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Career Focus: Tech Placement Outlook 2018

Name: Ayush Aggarwal

Branch: IT

Company Name: Amazon

Profile: Software Development Engineer

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“As a journalist, I have my opinion. But as an employee, I may not.”

DTU Times interviewed G Next Media producers Balwinder Singh and Arshadeep Kaur, who were at Yuvaan to talk about the media and journalism.

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“Spoken word poetry is supposed to empower people who are oppressed.”

DTU Times interviewed Slam Poetess Diksha Bijlani, who was in DTU for Yuvaan 2018.

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JEE Advanced Results – The Making of Engineers

On the 18th day of June this year, a mad rush will commence. As the results of JEE advanced are ready to be released tomorrow (unless “technical difficulties” occur), it is natural for all the aspiring engineers to feel the pressure. As a senior I can say that I’ve been in your place too and I felt the same anxiety as I was waiting for my result to come out. My peers were too!

Such has been the anxiety this year, that we at DTU Times have been getting frequent enquiries about the JEE Advanced result and admissions procedure. While you read this article, some families are sitting in a “puja”  and praying to Goddess Saraswati, hoping for the best for their children. Some are busy donating things to those in need. Meanwhile, in some households sit children fuming at their relatives for pestering them about results on a daily basis. Long story short – IT’S HARD TO KEEP CALM!

By this time tomorrow, students would have mentally decided on the college of their choice.

By this time tomorrow, families will unite and celebrate. Celebrate because you did a fantastic job coping with the pressure of working hard these two years of your life. These two years make or break a student’s future – they say. They will celebrate because you’re taking a leap forward – a giant leap towards shaping your career. Celebrate because you deserve to bask in the glory of having lived through those two years. It doesn’t matter whether you end up getting a good rank or not. You already are one of the few top scorers who were eligible to sit for this exam. Most of you, going by the marks obtained in JEE Mains, already know you’re going to a good institute with certainty. Rest assured, DTU is all set to recruit the new batch of 2015-16 and once you step into the college grounds, there is no turning back. Life will begin in true means so good luck!

Massive Tininess

-Satyarth Praveen, 3rd Year, COE

So you haven’t seen the movie, Fantastic Voyage? I haven’t either. You’d probably like it if you are a fan of cinema from the 60’s or 70’s. In the movie, some people shrink to the size of human blood cells to travel inside the body of dying people and save them. A heroic attempt one must say. Science doesn’t allow people to shrink. At least not yet. So, to carry out the life saving mission, we have nano-bots!

This article will tell you all about the latest on goings in this field!

Nano-tech is no longer a figment of imagination of movie directors and writers of the science fiction genre; it’s also the vision for all current scientific researchers.

There are a lot of things going on in this area and when it comes to research and innovations, the field has so much scope. A recent news inspired me to look deeper into this area and I’ve got some really interesting stuff to share. I’ll save the piece of news for the last. This fascinating invention deserves the build-up of suspense.

Till then, let me tell you about a few ideas and projects that scientists, physicists and chemists are developing together:-customDNA

  1. The Parabon NanoLab researchers have developed a new drug for combating a lethal brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme. Why is the drug so unique?

It was PRINTED, right, printed using a 3-D printer – molecule by molecule – using a DNA self assembly technique. And that’s not it, the DNA was CUSTOM DESIGNED using a drag-and-drop computer program. Amazing huh?

  1. Bradleeyey Nelson heading the Institute of Robotics and Intellegent Systems at ETH Zurich with his team, managed to design a Nanobot which can be injected inside the eye of a visually impaired person. It can then be controlled by a person to inject the exact amount of drug at only the required location inside the person’s eye. And this is supposed to cure the eye. Genius isn’t it?
  1. A team of Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have figured out how to genetically engineer viruses to convert pressure force into electrical energy.


These materials are called piezoelectric materials. Current piezoelectric materials are difficult to manufacture and typically contain toxic metals like lead and nickel. The virus engineered by the researchers, self-assembles into a film. When pressure is applied, helical proteins on the viruses’ shells twist and turn, thus generating charge. Tapping a postage stamp size swatch roughly produces 400 milli Volts of electricity or enough to power an LCD screen. I’m pretty sure you could fit at least 30 stamps under your feet!

Paint these viruses on a dance floor and you got a power source for your club! Cool right?

  1. There’s even more. How does Self-Healing Material Sound? Nanofabrication has the potential to make a material just like that. These materials are expected to bleed and heal themselves whenever they are broken or cracked. Some polymers for example already have the ability to knit back together when torn or damaged. Researchers are more intently looking into designing something that could be sprayed on or put on the existing items like a protective coating that would save the item from getting damaged permanently by healing itself even if it gets scratched. Something like magic eh?


Ok now the news that made me research all about nanotechnology:-

Latha Venkataraman, associate professor of Applied Physics at Columbia Engineering, with her researchers has designed a technique to create a Single Molecule Diode.

single molecle

This diode performs 50 times better than any of the previous designs and is the first singular-molecule design that might have real-world technological applications for nano-scale devices. It has a high (>250) rectification and a high “on” current(~0.1 micro Amps), as per the details     provided by Venkataraman herself. A single molecule capable enough to do that!

I don’t know if this research amazes you or not but I am pretty sure it does make it easier for you to visualize all the Nano-Tech knowledge I just bombarded you with!

COLLEGE FEST: A Fever with Adrenaline rush

Nisha Yadav talks about the craziness that any college fest brings with it.

– Nisha Yadav, 2nd  Year, MCE

It’s that time of year again when you start pondering over why the “Cute Puppy Picture” you uploaded yesterday on Facebook isn’t grabbing much likes. Well, take a deep breath because you are not the only one facing this sad torture.  Here begins the Era of Survival of the Fittest, bringing in cut-throat-competition, where everyone critically analyzes the parallel universes possible after liking a post of the newsfeed and performs malicious acts such as spamming for publicity.

1.4The energy, the noise, the competition, the cheerfulness, the Dramapanti, the fight, the shouting, the beauty, the grace, the absurdity, the adrenaline, the ultimate fever, ranging from cultural extravaganza to technical wizardry- there aren’t enough words to completely describe the College Fest.

It’s a time when the student population gets sky rocketed and you bump into people you never saw before. Some of them might even claim to be your classmate. From this strange crowd any random person you choose, will fit in one of the following categories:-

  1. THE Organizers


These are the people who can never just sit back and relax. In few cases the irresistible temptation of free food and attendance is the culprit. While most of them probably got to hear in their freshman year that organizing an event will hone their “saaft skeels”.


They stay back after 5 pm, overload themselves on the weekends, push their limit by managing time like crazy. They are like the pre-professionals who experience what it’s like to be working in a democratic hierarchy and meeting deadlines.  They are not scared by the last moment major changes as they believe in the ideology- “Toofano mei nauka paar karaane kaa mazza hi kuch aur hai!”


Beep beep. Whatsapp. Trrrrrr. Call. Ping ping. Mail. For Voldemort it was his horcrux, for them it is the smartphone. Another excuse to convince yourself of the necessity to graduate from a sad dabba phone to a brand new smartphone.

NOTE: – Don’t ring the emergency helpline if you see them staring at their laptop or a piece of paper continuously for hours in the same pose.


  1. The Non-Organisers


They are the one who exploit every opportunity. Getting free attendance and free food is not a Herculean task for them.  “Eror 404: Exam not found” reads their Whatsapp Status. They are mostly spotted doing some kind of “Backchodi”. “Abhi toh Party shuru hui hai” tops their playlist.


Don’t be dragged by the illusion that this crowd is “bholi bhaali” as some of them are very good critics dragging your audience away while few of them might be from across the border(the enemy society territory) trying to ruin your event.

  1. The Nerds

These One dimensional people are strongly committed in their relationship with textbooks. Whenever you ask them “Why are you studying now?  It’s a long semester we’ll get plenty of time.” They reply in a Sheldon Cooperish tone, “Study has been claimed to improve grades.”


Their whole life revolves around the binary number system theory. They assign the digit 0 to Organizing fests and digit 1 to the academics. There’s no point in adding 0s unless there is a one at the beginning and during their whole college life they are working on fixing the 1 in its proper place.

last free adviceFree Advice: – Which ever category you’re in, remember – It’s your fest, make sure you enjoy it!