Fear of failure

fearThe fear of failure. The fear which brings along with it anxiety , stress and nervousness. The thing which holds one back from showcasing their true potential. The fear of something going wrong. The fear of not getting what you think you deserve.
Starting out like a small seed in the brain originating as “what If this doesn’t happen” to growing its branches out in every direction. This fear, like a seasoned movie director, crafts out subplots, characters and situations one after and another, taking the person into a deep hole and blinding his vision. As we know that our consciousness jumps from imagining one crisis situation to another in a matter of seconds.
So, What gives rise to this fear? Hopes? Expectations ? For most people it rises from the self imposed high standards and taking oneself too seriously than what life wishes you to take. The thought of facing the public ire if one is not able to fulfill the “self imposed” high expectations instills a fear in us.
This fear not only messes with one’s vision, it also blurres his consciousness with useless thoughts taking him further and further away from his goal. “What if I fail”? This is the question one tries to find an answer to. This question has held many talented and deserving people from achieving glory and success, where something is pulling them back from going out there and showing what they can really do. It’s like running a race with your feet chained the people who successfully unlock these chains are the one’s who win. The key to these chains lies within us but will only appear if we let go of the fear that surrounds us.
What you need to understand is that it is okay to fail, It’s alright if somethings don’t go according to “the plan.” Life dosen’t work on perfect plans, it works on going out there and snatching your opportunity away. To not get but take what you deserve. You might fail once, twice or multiple times but everytime you learn something, your armor becomes stronger and stronger for the battle ahead and finally when you will succeed, all these thoughts and fears will feel so feckless that you will laugh at your stupidity.
Some people just don’t try if they are unsure of their success. Really? You will let all your hardwork go waste? All the hours you put in become worthless because of the fear of not meeting some of the “lofty benchmarks” you have set for yourself.
As life goes on, we entangle ourselves in chains made up of expectations, responsibilities and hope, burdening ourselves to deal with the commotion surrounding us. It’s time we start finding a way round these webs and for a change KEEP IT SIMPLE!!



Fanaticism. You’ve seen it. You probably have it. And life is incomplete without it.images (1)

Fanaticism is one of the most miraculous things I’ve ever come across. What else can make a guy wait for hours in the sweltering heat just to get the copy of the latest novel from his favorite author? What else can make a person drive down for miles in the dead of the night just to get the snack he so badly desires? And to a much more familiar example, what else can make a child finish his homework at lightning-fast speed, just so he doesn’t miss even a minute of his favorite cartoon show!

Personally speaking, I’m not someone with an extreme zeal for anything. Sure, a good book, movie or song will stay on my mind for a few days, but I know I am not a fanatic. And I had never really had the opportunity of meeting many fanatics either, but that was before college.

Maybe I never paid attention to others in school, or maybe I just didn’t meet those people, but I never saw many fanatics (or fervent fans) in school. However, having spent some months in college, I think that the reason is much more likely to be the latter than the former. Fanaticism, if present, will come out in front of others, and you won’t even notice the outburst.

People have crazy obsessions. Some are common – the most common being football (or any other sport). In this college, I have seen Manchester United supporters, I have seen Arsenal supporters, and I have even come across the occasional Liverpool fan (the world is an amazing place, right?). Now, I don’t judge people based on the choice of their clubs, but it’s amazing to see the arguments they have and the trolls they post on each other’s Facebook walls. If I sometimes feel like debating, I just say something bad about their club, and voila! I have suddenly found an adversary, however prejudiced he might be.

While society might frown upon having an obsession for anything or anybody, I feel that if you give some direction to your fixation, and try to use your obsession as a means for self-improvement rather than letting it consume you, you can achieve heights that no one else can. Musicians who practice for hours at a stretch, trying to get that note right; Sportsmen who just go on and on, perfecting their technique; even the regular banker or a lawyer, who turned out to be exceptional just because he worked hours unknown to the rest of us; they all are part of the niche of people who have found their passion.

So when somebody says that don’t obsess, they might not necessarily be right. No one is luckier than someone who has found something he truly loves, something he can do for the rest of his life, something where he wants to be better than everybody. And if somebody says, “if you truly like something, you wouldn’t care how good you are it”, just turn around and walk away from that person, because he doesn’t know jack about obsession. If you truly love doing something, there is no way you want to see yourself as anything other than the best. Why else would you give in those other hours?

So yeah, you just think about what I say, while I try to find my calling. And also, I feel like in the mood for some debating, so let me just dig up some dirt on Manchester United (winks!). See ya!

Dream On!

Prateek Singhal

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are just not big enough.”

– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


I can’t speak for others, but I personally feel that this man is bang on the buck. Dreams should be larger than life, they should be outrageous in their own regard, they should be of the type that people laugh at, because otherwise, they are just not big enough!

I’ve been in this college for nearly two semesters now, and during my time here, I’ve seen people ranging from absolutely brilliant to comically dumb. And while the people here have a higher IQ than the average homo sapien,  (well, at least most of them) there is still one thing about them that is similar to their less intellectual counterparts- even they are afraid to dream.

Even the most hardworking of students that I’ve met is afraid of having a pipedream, or at least, having one that makes you exclaim at its absurdity. People are content dreaming about a nice sedan, a nice house, and a nice job. Anything more is off-limits for them, even in the confines of their own mind. Why, I ask you? Is it because our parents have always snubbed us off for dreams that were “just too big”? Or because ever since we could remember, we have been fed a steady diet of examples of just how difficult it is to even provide for the simplest of luxuries, and we should just aspire to achieve them, before thinking about anything else?

I love kids for the cavalier manner in which they take life. A child can be an astronaut, an academician, a rockstar, or just about anything else he pleases. And as we grow up, we never really discover what we can do, we just realize all the stuff that we can’t do! Give it a thought!

Why should I not dream about having a mansion? A fleet of the latest sports cars? My own private jet? Hasn’t somebody already done that before me? And if even nobody hasn’t, why can’t I be the first one? Because I would feel sad if my dreams didn’t come true? Death is the only certainty in life my friends, and that certainly doesn’t mean that we should stop living. So I can’t really understand what is the point of having dreams that are ‘realistic’; dreams are preposterous!

And if people laugh at your dreams, let them. You have shown the courage to dream, and that already separates you from those around you, from all those who live in fear all their lives, chasing their ‘realistic’ goals.

And if you really are obsessed about your dream, you won’t really care about people. So yeah, go out, and dare to be different! Who knows, your dream just might make you an inspiration for the rest of us!

A Window To India


There is probably no land more mystical than India. In recent times our accomplishments and breath taking development have made India a force to reckon with. Sprawling shopping complexes, 8-lane flyovers, towering skyscrapers and state-of-the-art architecture are now talk of the town. Our glorious past has enthralled people from world over since time immemorial. Beautiful sculptures, prolific texts, scientific innovations; our ancestors have left a mark in every field. Indeed, it is “Incredible India”.

But, behind this canvas of prosperity lies the stark and bitter reality.

In remote villages, baby girls continue to being buried alive. People often resorting to medical expertise to wash their hands off a baby girl. There is nothing more heinous that can occur to one’s mind.
But, in India girls are the avatars of the Goddess! Whom are we kidding?

Crores have been spent on making India a hot-spot tourist destination. Thousands flock to our country and exclaim in wonder at the nuances of the native people. The Indian spices, Indian way of dressing, even the painfully slow moving jams amuses them so! However, it takes one case of crime to drive them to their senses. The recent rape of the Swiss national has sent shock waves through the country and once again the ugly face of India has been exposed to the world.
But No! In India- Atithi Devo Bhava…

Indian economy thrives on agriculture, with most of the rural population deriving their incomes from farming or by working as daily wage laborers on farms. In such a scenario what can be more shameful than dealing with a string of farmer suicides reported from all parts of the country?

The RTI Act was an impressive step by the government to increase transparency and bring more authenticity to governance. However, what started on a positive note underwent a role reversal with RTI activists being murdered in cold blood for exposing scams and nefarious activities of those occupying coveted positions in administration.
But of course, in India Justice is blind-folded.

As if this was not enough our Prime Minister gets labeled as the “Underachiever” by Times magazine. It indeed is Mayday for India now. With the highest echelon of governance being internationally ridiculed, how can Indians expect to hold their heads high?

There is a world of difference between what India actually is and what is projected.
I ask, Who Are We Really?

India- On way to become a superpower by 2050 or India- Scarred by controversies?

GENERATION –Y: Too Fast To Catch


Swiftly move the winds of time inconspicuously touching lives and altering them as they move by. What’s gold today loses shine by tomorrow. A befitting symbol of this is the world of difference between yesteryears and contemporary times. Not only have the lifestyle, objectives and preferences changed by multitudes; dispositions have adorned entirely different roles.

Generation Y as we call the youth of today are a highly independent lot. Brazenly calling out “Sadda Haq, Aithe Rakh”, they believe in taking their own decisions without any influence from others. Often labeled as aggressive and impatient, Gen-Y can go to great lengths to prove their point and do not lose stand easily.

Gen-Y does not shy away from exploring untapped horizons. Following the footsteps of “Sindbad the Sailor” they leave no stone unturned in making their dreams a reality. So, while a decade before bizarre occupations such as chocolate and ice-cream engineers, island care-takers, tea tasters and the like were unfamiliar, they are now ruling the roost. Of course conventional courses continue to be favourites, yet a break from monotony thrills Generation-Next.

It is unfair to call Gen-Y materialistic; it is only their passion for technology that surfaces when they longingly gaze at the just launched gizmo. From dappling with water resistant phones to 3D tablets, every new invention leaves them besotted!

Once determined to a cause, Gen-Y pours its heart and soul into it. However mammoth the task may be, one can count on Gen-Y not stepping backwards. Noteworthy is the contribution of Malala Yousafzai, a teenager who despite of taking a bullet in her head continues to fight against the oppressive system prevalent in Pakistan. Also, uprisings such as protests and candlelight marches can be successful only by the active involvement of the youth. The force of Gen-Y is one to reckon with.

They say that the only thing constant is change. It remains to be seen what the future generations hold for us!

Any Other Night

dvShe crouched behind the door, shaking, putting all her weight against it. His laboured breathing and incoherent muttering could still be heard from the other side. As unsteady footsteps neared the door, she curled up tighter, covering her head with her arms. He muttered something that sounded vaguely like her name. She uncovered her ears but did not stop shaking. He called her name, louder this time, and with a sense of urgency. A few minutes of silence ensued, followed by a fervent banging on wood as he screamed out to her, repeatedly. She shook violently with the door as sobs rattled her body from within. The banging did not stop, neither did the crying. With every blow, she dissolved in silent tears. Suddenly, it stopped. The door shook no more; the fearsome screams tormented her no more. Between sobs giving way to hiccups, she gingerly got to her feet, wondering if he had passed out already. She slowly turned the handle and opened the door to a crack. All she saw before hurriedly snapping it shut again was a bottle hurled towards her at full force. It landed on the wood and shattered into small, jagged pieces, as did she. Pieces and all, she fell to the cold bathroom floor once more, sobbing herself to sleep, just like any other night.

The Christmas Story


I heard the Christmas story countless times standing in the school assembly on chilly December mornings with the school decked up in red white and green, a Christmas tree in the foir as the hushed voice of our Principal transported us to the ancient time in Bethlehem where a baby who was to change the course of history was born in a manger.

The story starts some 2000 years ago when an angel Gabriel visited Mary, a young virgin Jewish girl and told her that she would be blessed with a child who will be the son of God and she was to name him “Emannuel” which meant “God with us”. Mary was engaged to Joseph of Nazareth, a Jewish carpenter who initially felt that Mary had betrayed him as the child was certainly not his. But then, an angel appeared before him at night and told him to have faith in God whi will make this miracle happen. So Joseph married Mary.

At about the same time, the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus had ordered a census and Joseph and Mary had to travel to Jerusalem to register their family. After travelling for several days, they reached Jerusalem but couldn’t find any place to stay but the innkeeper let them stay at the stables with the other animals. That night, baby Jesus was birn and they laid him in a manger, a trough from which animals eat their food. This is depicted in the carol “Away in a manger :


“Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,

The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.

 The stars in the sky looked down where he lay,

The little Lord Jesus asleep in the hay”

Nearby, some shepherds were keeping watch over the sheep and angel appeared to them and said that the Messiah was born in Bethlehem in a manger. Suddenly, a whole choir of angels appeared and sang “Glory to the god in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill towards men”. Another carol goes on like this:


” While shepherds watched their flocks by night, they saw a bright new shining star,

And heard a choir from heaven sing, the music came from afar.

Hark now hear the angels sing, a new king’s born today,

And man will live forever more, because of Christmas day.”

  Sometime later,3 wise men from eastern countries saw a star in the night to signal the      birth of Jesus,the new king and they went to King Herod of Judea with the news who told them to find the new king so that he could worship him too. Thus, the 3 men followed the star and worshiped baby Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.


“We three kings of Orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar.

Field and fountain, moor and mountain, following yonder star.

O star of wonder star of night, star with royal beauty bright.

Westward leading still proceeding, guide us to the perfect light”

An angel appeared to the wise men to warn them not to go to Herod. Actually, Herod wanted to kill Jesus as he thought he would overthrow him as king. Furious that the wise man hadn’t returned, he ordered every child under 2 years of age in Bethlehem to be killed. However, Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath, returning only when Herod had died.

So, while most of us think of Christmas as Santa Claus and snow, it’s always good to know the real story behind Christmas, the story behind why no Christmas is complete without stars and angels. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!