Is Percentage a Reflection of Intelligence?


• Exams or IQ tests allow the entire population to be judged on a level ground. Everyone has equal opportunity to succeed in standardized tests like CBSE etc but ultimately its people with superior intelligence that get better grades.

• While refuting the importance of good grades, we often quote people like Bill Gates who didn’t get good grades in school and now is one of the richest men in the world. What people don’t realize is that he is also one-in-a-million and the rest of those millions find it difficult to bridge the gap between bad grades and successful careers.

• Though coaching centres have diminished the need of pure intelligence to crack entrance exams and students with sincerity, hard work and a good work ethic can score a good rank, still it is restricted to a point. People with really good ranks in JEE are naturally a class apart from the others and in that case, yes marks do reflect intelligence.

• If we consider the case of college, for Jobs and MNC’s percentage matter. It is much easier for a recruiter to hire someone with a good academic record throughout as it shows dedication and sincerity. Maybe the candidate is not intelligent but he/she will always get the benefit of doubt.

• In the end, it is always easier to call a person who gets a good percentage a nerd, geek, ghissu whatever and assume that he/she isn’t ‘really’ intelligent, just good with books. But the point is that person knows how to prioritize, he wants a good percentage so he works and gets it. Others want a good percentage and can’t get it. So for an intelligent person, marks tend to come a little easier.

• Specifically in DTU: “In your first year your seniors will tell you that percentage doesn’t really matter. As you reach your 2nd and 3rd year you will realize its best not to listen to seniors when you will be rejected for internships because you didn’t have a good percentage, or that you don’t have a hope for a call from top IIMs without close to 80% aggregate. So if you are a topper without being pure intelligent, you will pretty much get a good job. But then there will always be people who say “a good job is not an indication of intelligence”. But that’s an entirely different topic of debate now, isn’t it!”

quote3idiots AGAINST:

• There are different types of intelligence (musically gifted, artistically gifted,  academically gifted, street smarts). I do believe that marks can reflect intelligence to a  certain degree. Marks, however, aren’t the only marker for intelligence.

• A good percentage also depends on the type of teachers you get, the support you get  from your family or the facilities at your disposal. Students who do not have these  obviously find it more difficult to score good marks compared to their counterparts.

• Our education system might try to standardize tests and marking but in subjective tests every teacher has his own way of marking. So people with equal level of intelligence might still not get the same percentage.

• With coaching centres for every possible entrance test under the sun, the need for intelligence for a good rank has reduced even further. Now, you just need to be a good student to “get trained” to get good marks.

• Especially relating to college, most of the stuff we are taught in lectures doesn’t directly apply practically. Most of the times we have to gain experience outside college whether it be in programming, internships etc. Also, there might be people who are in a certain stream and yet they have more practical knowledge of some other stream whether technical or non-tech. So if that person isn’t the topper doesn’t mean he will not be more successful than the person who gets more percentage than him.

• It has always been unclear how to define intelligence. Does it depend on the IQ or the performance? However it is seen that in India focus is more on acquiring intelligence and then using that to score marks. Anyone with proper motivation can do that. So, no. Marks don’t reflect intelligence.

• Specifically in DTU: “In your time here you will find people who know more than you do even though you get a better percentage. You might get the best marks in COE and still Google every program while another person just gets it, you might know all about the theory of how a motor works but be afraid to turn ON the switch, you might be getting brilliant marks in mechanical yet there will be a guy in the Car team getting his hands dirty in grease. Its not that they cannot get good marks, it’s just that they know it’s not the most important thing in the world. They know they are intelligent.”

Life Without Whatsapp

images (1) You are having a conversation with someone. Make that trying to.  Why? Because that person isn’t looking at you, or listening to you.  They keep looking at their phone, smiling, typing, and then looking  back at you; so you start again but before you can utter a single  word, the phone is buzzing away again. You want to throttle that  person. To death.


You don’t have whatsapp. Your friends complain that they have to buy a message card only for you as you still live in the dark ages. If you ever miss an important group update, it’s your fault, we posted it on whatsapp. You might have the best screen resolution, RAM, video/audio, they are all useless if you can’t install whatsapp. Just imagine what would happen if the “last seen at” feature was replaced by “last seen with”. RIP world.

So, if you are deserted on a remote island and not having a net card isn’t your top worry, congratulations! You might be one of the last few sane people on earth.

A Game of Chess


Once, God was playing a game of chess with his old nemesis, Satan. Satan made a shrewd move and forced God’s King into a corner. He laughed maliciously and said with a smirk, “You see what I’ve done, old man, don’t you?”

God acknowledged, “Yes, you’ve used my name to turn people to your side.”

Satan laughed again, “Hah. God! They are so blinded by you and your aura, they fail to see that it really is my bidding. My agents incite riots in your name. People kill one another to prove their God is superior. Men who claim to be your messengers are busy spreading the message of greed and lust across the world. While on the one hand, people bow down and pray to your idols, they turn to the allures the Devil has to offer the very next moment. You are done now. Check.”

God smiled, leaned forward, looked Satan in the eye and asked, “What does light have that darkness does not?”

Satan remained silent.

“An identity. An ounce of light can overpower an entire room of darkness. That is the power of light.”

Satan frowned, “You and your useless metaphors.”

God smiled again, “Let me explain it to you in your language then. Yes, you have turned my children upon one another in my name. But, in doing so, you are inadvertently leading them to the ultimate realization. As they understand that whatever is being done in the name of God has no bearing with God himself, what do you think the message really will be?”


God moved a piece on the chessboard, struck down Satan’s piece and positioned it in line with the Satan’s King. “That God does not speak his words through voice of men who claim to be his messengers. That God does not have an agenda,that he does not need to be served in order to receive his love. That God is not an institution, it’s an ideology. Checkmate, dear friend.”

Vamos Rafa!!

Among some of the happenings in the sports scene this summer, one of the most talked about was Rafael Nasal’s record 8th French Open win. One couldn’t actually make out that this is the guy who was sidelined due to an injury and was playing his first grand slam in 7 months!

With a virtual final already fought in the semifinal stage of the open with Novak Djokovic, the odds were always in favor of Rafa to win his record 8th French Open. Playing against his compatriot David Ferrer, who was an underdog in the match playing his first major final at the age of 31 and some distractions from some sections of the crowd, Nadal maintained his cool and beat Ferrer.

Nadal is now the first man to win eight singles titles at the same Grand Slam tournament. He’s also won more matches than any other player at the French Open, with 59 wins losing only 1.

How to: Spend One’s Holidays Without Getting Bored


  1. Get Out: Its holiday time. No deadlines, just go out of the house and take in the freshness around you. Go for a walk or a jog. Or better hit the gym. Not only will this lighten you but will also be beneficial for your health.
  2. Do something new: Always wanted to do something new but never found the time for it? Well this is the right time for that. Stop wasting time in front of a screen. DO SOMETHING.
  3. Learn and innovate: Learn a foreign language, or a programming language. You never know you may come up with something revolutionary.
  4. Outings: We know bunking is fun but it affects your classes, so go and hangout with friends this time will never comeback.
  5. Be creative: Write a poem, compose new music, or better start your own blog.
  6. Read: Expand your horizon, reading not only gets you occoupied but also helps your vocabulary abilities.

7.Research: Read about the things that interest you. Interested about outer space, read about it. You might publish a research paper on it.

  1. Be adventerous: Go hiking, or rock climbing or like the beach, scuba diving or paragliding is the thing for you.
  2. Learn new skills like dancing or singing, or a new musical instrument.
  3. Help around: Tired of hearing your mother shout at you? Go help her
  4. Want to remember the old days? Sit with your grandparents, talk about your past, it maybe be a enriching experiencs
  5. Pets: Have a pet? If yes play with it, If not get one. A pet can become like your younger sibling
  6. Socialize: Meet new people, make new contacts. (PS NO STALKING)