Gangs of TV-Pur


-Anjali Bhavan, 1st year, MCE
-Siddhant Patra, 2nd year, CE

This is War. WAR.

All our lives and days have been leading up to this, and I, Dipsy, the one with the dipstick antenna, want you to listen. Since there would be a chance of me not returning from the battleground, I want you to hear my story. I want it to be heard before I..before I…

Damn, I can’t even get myself to say it. So here goes. You’re listening, yeah?

Once upon a time, all was not well in Tubbytronic Superdome.

We weren’t happy anymore, somehow; Po wasn’t blowing bubbles anymore, Laa-Laa was singing sad lullabies, and Tinky Winky was moody, morose, quiet. Even Noo-noo wasn’t up with his antics anymore; all of a sudden, a pall of gloom had descended on our world, and we were in its grip.

‘What has happened?’ I asked Laa-Laa one day.

‘Hey hey hey,’ she sang in her high-pitched voice, ‘Hey hey, look there, our TRPs down so low, what are we gonna gonna doooo….’


I tuned her out and walked away, worried. Low TRPs for our show meant our world would be taken away from us soon, and we would have nowhere to run to. It had been a happy roller coaster for us all these years. I thought that our gibberish was evergreen and the four of us were going to dominate prime time forever.

‘They are going shut us down in thirty thirty thirty days…’
I suddenly looked up. Wait. Closing down in a month? Who would have thought?

I ran to Tinky Winky; he was the most intelligent one amongst us all. ‘Hey listen up,’ I said. ‘Get out of your mood now; we need to do something.’

‘Do what?’ Tinky Winky said with a sigh. ‘We’re shutting down. There is nothing that the four of us can do.’

‘Naww….’ I trailed away. ‘Please. Let’s break bad. Let’s show them we can still entice kids. Let’s show them we’re da hood.’

‘And how do you suggest we do it?’

Happy Cookie!’ I whispered.

‘Damn,’ Tinky Winky whispered. ‘It’s…drugs.’

‘Yeah. We do it nonetheless. Kids will love it.’

For the uninitiated, Happy Cookies is our long kept secret, it is what we consume before the production of our episodes. These cookies are what cheer our spirits during that long monotonous hour. Happy Cookies are traditional home-made cookies but with a secret ingredient. The magical drop of golden sunshine from the Sun Baby which sets it apart.

And so we all got into making Happy Cookies, and needless to say, it was a resounding success. A bit too successful, I’m afraid; the drug became viral in the cookie black market. Kids were using up all their pocket money for it, and we were soon lying around in green dollar bills.

But then, has happiness ever lasted forever?


The obese blue octopus, what’s his name now, Oswald, and the weird penguin Pingu, who were nefariously snatching viewership away from us. Now they were into making Happy Cookies, too. And what was worse, they had modified it a bit, rebranded it and now were selling it as Happiest Cookies, which was eating away our consumer base.

One Lord would survive in the dark streets, after all.

This is War.
Wish me luck.


The Last Seen Romantic

About The Novel
The Last Seen Romantic is a story of a romance facilitated by social media services, which illustrates how in a world that is perpetually connected, it is still possible to feel lonelier than ever before. The novel tells the tale of Aryan, a 25 year old professional who grapples with the complexities of impassioned first-time love as his love interest, Tanvi, departs for a foreign land soon after the two meet. The Last Seen Romantic explores how devices and services, which enable Aryan to remain in touch with Tanvi, end up accentuating his anxiety, insecurity and sense of alienation, and how his virtual world impacts his real life.


“A chance meeting in the office elevator, a chance encounter on a hiking trip and a third chance encounter in the office parking lot are enough to make 25 year old Aryan fall head over heels in love with the beautiful, popular, intriguing Tanvi Kapoor. Thwarted by Raghav and Kunal, the two men who never seem to leave her side, Aryan is unable to confess his feelings for Tanvi before she and her colleagues head to the UK for a year long project. A lovestruck Aryan connects with Tanvi through social media, and discovers that the object of his affection is constantly at the centre of male attention. To make matters worse, Aryan strongly suspects that Raghav is Tanvi’s boyfriend, a notion shared by Nath, Aryan’s best friend and con dante. With the odds stacked against him and despite strong discouragement from Nath, Aryan is convinced that he must try to win Tanvi over. With social media and instant messaging services the only way for Aryan to keep in touch with Tanvi, The Last Seen Romantic explores how Aryan’s virtual world and real world merge into one and the impact of this on his real life. But more importantly, does Aryan finally get Tanvi?”
Facebook page of the novel


About The Author
Arjun Dutt works at a start-up company which straddles the worlds of finance and technology. An alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi, the writer is also a keen traveller and a sports enthusiast.

Where can you get your copy?

The novel is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm. The
ebook versions of the novel are available worldwide on Amazon Kindle
and Google Play. Here is the link to the Amazon India page.


Massive Tininess

-Satyarth Praveen, 3rd Year, COE

So you haven’t seen the movie, Fantastic Voyage? I haven’t either. You’d probably like it if you are a fan of cinema from the 60’s or 70’s. In the movie, some people shrink to the size of human blood cells to travel inside the body of dying people and save them. A heroic attempt one must say. Science doesn’t allow people to shrink. At least not yet. So, to carry out the life saving mission, we have nano-bots!

This article will tell you all about the latest on goings in this field!

Nano-tech is no longer a figment of imagination of movie directors and writers of the science fiction genre; it’s also the vision for all current scientific researchers.

There are a lot of things going on in this area and when it comes to research and innovations, the field has so much scope. A recent news inspired me to look deeper into this area and I’ve got some really interesting stuff to share. I’ll save the piece of news for the last. This fascinating invention deserves the build-up of suspense.

Till then, let me tell you about a few ideas and projects that scientists, physicists and chemists are developing together:-customDNA

  1. The Parabon NanoLab researchers have developed a new drug for combating a lethal brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme. Why is the drug so unique?

It was PRINTED, right, printed using a 3-D printer – molecule by molecule – using a DNA self assembly technique. And that’s not it, the DNA was CUSTOM DESIGNED using a drag-and-drop computer program. Amazing huh?

  1. Bradleeyey Nelson heading the Institute of Robotics and Intellegent Systems at ETH Zurich with his team, managed to design a Nanobot which can be injected inside the eye of a visually impaired person. It can then be controlled by a person to inject the exact amount of drug at only the required location inside the person’s eye. And this is supposed to cure the eye. Genius isn’t it?
  1. A team of Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have figured out how to genetically engineer viruses to convert pressure force into electrical energy.


These materials are called piezoelectric materials. Current piezoelectric materials are difficult to manufacture and typically contain toxic metals like lead and nickel. The virus engineered by the researchers, self-assembles into a film. When pressure is applied, helical proteins on the viruses’ shells twist and turn, thus generating charge. Tapping a postage stamp size swatch roughly produces 400 milli Volts of electricity or enough to power an LCD screen. I’m pretty sure you could fit at least 30 stamps under your feet!

Paint these viruses on a dance floor and you got a power source for your club! Cool right?

  1. There’s even more. How does Self-Healing Material Sound? Nanofabrication has the potential to make a material just like that. These materials are expected to bleed and heal themselves whenever they are broken or cracked. Some polymers for example already have the ability to knit back together when torn or damaged. Researchers are more intently looking into designing something that could be sprayed on or put on the existing items like a protective coating that would save the item from getting damaged permanently by healing itself even if it gets scratched. Something like magic eh?


Ok now the news that made me research all about nanotechnology:-

Latha Venkataraman, associate professor of Applied Physics at Columbia Engineering, with her researchers has designed a technique to create a Single Molecule Diode.

single molecle

This diode performs 50 times better than any of the previous designs and is the first singular-molecule design that might have real-world technological applications for nano-scale devices. It has a high (>250) rectification and a high “on” current(~0.1 micro Amps), as per the details     provided by Venkataraman herself. A single molecule capable enough to do that!

I don’t know if this research amazes you or not but I am pretty sure it does make it easier for you to visualize all the Nano-Tech knowledge I just bombarded you with!

Analysis of People

By Vishal Gayakwar, 3rd year, IT

“People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening”

These lines penned by Simon and Garfunkel couldn’t be more true.
Every one of us in our life has come across different kinds of people; some are lively, helpful and affectionate and some are stupid, sad and just irritating. But there are some quirks related to human beings which are natural to them irrespective of their intellectual ability. Here are some of the most common things people do in their lives without even knowing it.



Have you ever been with someone with whom you have endlessly tried to reason but they would never change their opinion. Yes, these are the people who will “hear” you but they will never listen to you or in other words your voice reaches their ears but never to their brain.

Ek kaan se sun ke dusre se nikalna.”

This problem is more common with parents and fanatics as the love for their children and their passion overshadows logical thinking. It may be admissible for them but any other person doing it is totally unacceptable. It is almost laughable when people do it. Observe it.


Yaar I regret what is being said to her” or “I regret not going there that day”. People use the word ‘regret’ all the time without even realizing the true nature and seriousness of the word. Regret is a feeling of pain on account of something done or experienced in the past, with a wish of a different outcome. If a person still feels sad about the event, years after it had occurred, that is regret. By using the word repeatedly for every mistake people commit, they not only degrade the word but also try to gain sympathy. *Sigh*.


So i got into the college and during the first interaction session, i got hold of one of my classmates. The moment i got over talking to him, my friend instantly said – “Abey usse kuch nhi aata. Sab pata hai mujhe”. Judging a person just minute after meeting him is one of the favorite pastimes of the people around us. Every one of us has this surprising ability to determine the true nature of any person and some of us even relish being judgmental and making fun of people. How can anyone form an opinion after their first meeting is beyond me but hey! Who are we kidding; we have judged someone in our life, haven’t we?