Most Anticipated Gadgets – Coming Soon!

– Nisha Yadav, 3rd Year, MC

Want to try out trending clothes and accessories virtually, before buying them?


Wait no more! Samsung has launched the industry’s first Mirror and Transparent OLED panels at the Retail Asia Expo 2015 in Hong Kong on 9th June 2015. When compared to the other mirror LCDs, it has self-luminance (doesn’t require back-lighting), is clearer, sharper, has vibrant colours, higher contrast and faster response time. To include gestures and voice control, it contains Intel developed Real Sense 3D-rotatable viewing systems.

starting ..

If reading about this huge step taken by Samsung towards the advancement in technology interests you, read further to know about more such news.

  1. The Dash

Earphones like never before!1 dash

Features: Wireless earbuds for listening to songs plus an embedded 4GB/1000-song music player, microphone and a fitness tracker (bio sensing).

Release: Shipping from July 2015

Estimated Price: $299

  1. Project Ara

Afraid of getting the one-slip-away mosaic-wallpaper on your smart phone’s screen? Or ever wished if you could somehow make the camera in your existing phone better, without having to buy a whole new set?2 project-ara

Features: Allows Modular upgradation – users will be able to replace the phone parts they want.

Release: August 2015

Product company: Google, Motorola

Estimated Price: The basic piece or ‘Gray phone’ will cost $50.

  1. Smart Rear-view Mirrors

Features: LCD Screen enhances the visibility in even different weather conditions, allows toggling of view (as per the driver’s preference).3 nissan's rear view

Product Company: Cadillac, Nissan

Release:  August 2015

4.Zwipe MasterCard4 zwipe

Say no to the worries of periodically changing your ATM-Pin and then memorising it, to prevent unauthorised excess.

Features: World’s first contactless card with a fingerprint sensor, stores securely, the users’ biometric data, allows safe payments with a quick fingerprint scan.

Product Company: MasterCard

  1. iPhone 7

Well who is not excited about the latest iPhone?

5 iphone

Features: Side-mounted wrap-around display, Sapphire glass for the display and Liquidmetal for the chassis, Force Touch screen technology, with metal alloy dubbed Liquidmetal.

Release: September 2015

Product Company: Apple

Estimated Price: between $649 to $849

  1. Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

    An attendee wears an Oculus VR Inc. Rift Development Kit 2 headset to play a video game during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. E3, a trade show for computer and video games, draws professionals to experience the future of interactive entertainment as well as to see new technologies and never-before-seen products. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images
    An attendee wears an Oculus VR Inc. Rift Development Kit 2 headset to play a video game during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. E3, a trade show for computer and video games, draws professionals to experience the future of interactive entertainment as well as to see new technologies and never-before-seen products. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Want to control gaming movements with a tilt of your head? Be it gaming, tourism or the entertainment world, Virtual reality is creating a market of its own.

Features: head-mounted virtual-reality display which will give the user a full 360-degree view of the virtual world they inhabit, allows interaction with objects in the game by simple hand and body movements, lightweight in terms of power and physical size.

Release: Early 2016

Owned by: Facebook

Estimated Price: $1000(approx.)

Massive Tininess

-Satyarth Praveen, 3rd Year, COE

So you haven’t seen the movie, Fantastic Voyage? I haven’t either. You’d probably like it if you are a fan of cinema from the 60’s or 70’s. In the movie, some people shrink to the size of human blood cells to travel inside the body of dying people and save them. A heroic attempt one must say. Science doesn’t allow people to shrink. At least not yet. So, to carry out the life saving mission, we have nano-bots!

This article will tell you all about the latest on goings in this field!

Nano-tech is no longer a figment of imagination of movie directors and writers of the science fiction genre; it’s also the vision for all current scientific researchers.

There are a lot of things going on in this area and when it comes to research and innovations, the field has so much scope. A recent news inspired me to look deeper into this area and I’ve got some really interesting stuff to share. I’ll save the piece of news for the last. This fascinating invention deserves the build-up of suspense.

Till then, let me tell you about a few ideas and projects that scientists, physicists and chemists are developing together:-customDNA

  1. The Parabon NanoLab researchers have developed a new drug for combating a lethal brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme. Why is the drug so unique?

It was PRINTED, right, printed using a 3-D printer – molecule by molecule – using a DNA self assembly technique. And that’s not it, the DNA was CUSTOM DESIGNED using a drag-and-drop computer program. Amazing huh?

  1. Bradleeyey Nelson heading the Institute of Robotics and Intellegent Systems at ETH Zurich with his team, managed to design a Nanobot which can be injected inside the eye of a visually impaired person. It can then be controlled by a person to inject the exact amount of drug at only the required location inside the person’s eye. And this is supposed to cure the eye. Genius isn’t it?
  1. A team of Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have figured out how to genetically engineer viruses to convert pressure force into electrical energy.


These materials are called piezoelectric materials. Current piezoelectric materials are difficult to manufacture and typically contain toxic metals like lead and nickel. The virus engineered by the researchers, self-assembles into a film. When pressure is applied, helical proteins on the viruses’ shells twist and turn, thus generating charge. Tapping a postage stamp size swatch roughly produces 400 milli Volts of electricity or enough to power an LCD screen. I’m pretty sure you could fit at least 30 stamps under your feet!

Paint these viruses on a dance floor and you got a power source for your club! Cool right?

  1. There’s even more. How does Self-Healing Material Sound? Nanofabrication has the potential to make a material just like that. These materials are expected to bleed and heal themselves whenever they are broken or cracked. Some polymers for example already have the ability to knit back together when torn or damaged. Researchers are more intently looking into designing something that could be sprayed on or put on the existing items like a protective coating that would save the item from getting damaged permanently by healing itself even if it gets scratched. Something like magic eh?


Ok now the news that made me research all about nanotechnology:-

Latha Venkataraman, associate professor of Applied Physics at Columbia Engineering, with her researchers has designed a technique to create a Single Molecule Diode.

single molecle

This diode performs 50 times better than any of the previous designs and is the first singular-molecule design that might have real-world technological applications for nano-scale devices. It has a high (>250) rectification and a high “on” current(~0.1 micro Amps), as per the details     provided by Venkataraman herself. A single molecule capable enough to do that!

I don’t know if this research amazes you or not but I am pretty sure it does make it easier for you to visualize all the Nano-Tech knowledge I just bombarded you with!


chrishastag By: Akanksha Bindal, Third year, COE Hash tags were initially conceived to amass followers for like minded people in similar organizations on twitter. What started as a marketing strategy has now become our generation’s lingo. Well, little did we know, Tamara’s #PerfectPancakes with her #SultryPout and a #AGirlHasGotToEnjoy tag, and the breezy teenager with his #LifeIsSwell, #RolexRomance attitude, is what major networking sites would eventually become centered round. Granted, Tamara could as well meet her pancake loving, Barbie adoring, coterie of companions over the internet after this picture. Granted, the Official Timekeeper of the Wimbledon might have had a break down if not for this acknowledgment. Granted, I am probably reading too much into this and should loosen up and let people have their fun. Though I am not questioning the validity of their accomplishments, it’s not far from possible, those pancakes could as well been burnt and that Rolex a fake. Well, a Saturday brunch with friends or a carefree (read: pretentious) bloke is not the prime target of my piece. It’s the sheer extent to which people put up a false identity on the internet as long as they are counted amongst the socially active and the economically well off in their clique. Facebookfeels-640x640 Hey, you. My life is amazing. I mean, I have it all. And while I hardly know you, I have this burning desire to overload your feed with the smallest (and largest) accomplishments in my life (read: unabashed bragging) which mostly need to be spruced up on social media to give me a false sense of security. But hey, my life you know – it’s just amazing!! So what brings about this need to constantly update the world about how my life is so perfect that you should be aware of every proceeding? If it was just networking, I’d understand. If it was purely to share my happiness, I’d understand. But usually it serves no other purpose than making people jealous of you. Often a post about an over accomplishment of a friend, be it at work, related to family or any trending topic triggers self-reflection and social comparison. We roll our eyes at them because we know it can’t possibly be that perfect. But it triggers comparison at the same time. And while I’m all in for the motivating aspect of such posts, overly embellished ones often lead to self-doubt, especially on the bad days. Technology has put us at a vicious ease. In the primitive times, we needed to buy film, develop the subsequently clicked pic, put it in our wallets and show it off person to person. It took time, a reasonable effort, and frankly a decent amount of confidence to walk up to someone and say,”Hey, want to take a look at this person/place/thing I am so fond of?” But now, in a fraction of a second, we are merchandising our goods over social platforms without so much as a thought as to how it might be affecting (and potentially offending) those around us. I’m not ranting here in hopes that people will lessen the presence of their online doppelgangers. I’m all in for the casual timely updates doled out to the community. Even the ones with every two minute updates on how Federer’s set piece with his skilled stroke sent Djokovic scrimmaging for a comeback. But there is just a fine line between ‘Guess who is the newly appointed brand manager @Houston’ and ‘Hey! Just an “add on” to my brimming mug of accomplishments #HoustonBrandManager #ForeverFortunate’. Sometimes the line is hard to navigate. Even without intending to cause harm, we leave others feeling disparaged and beneath the rest. Humility, thoughtfulness and social consciousness, these values aren’t just to be adopted in ‘real’ lives. They need to be followed on our social media pages too. So what does one do when one is bursting at the seams to let out good news? Send an intimate message to your loved ones. Jeez, have a party. Let your actual friends know. Seems like a novel idea, no? Words are powerful. And there are more words floating around now more than ever. So choose them wisely. For if you’d not say them out loud in public, why say them out on online media? Just a final shootout to all of you on my list, ‘Hey! I am important too.’ #DayOutWithMyBff at the #JWMarriot#ItsJustAnotherDay in our #PerfectPalstrylives Oh, who am I kidding. #ForeverAlone #NeedToBuyACat  

Google I/O – As It Happened

Aditya Tripathi, 3rd Year, CE


Google I/O 2014 – a grand spectacle in the world of Technology – a gathering of over 6000 developers from all over the world and Google’s biggest conference of the year, took place in San Francisco last week. Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Android and Chrome started the proceedings with an overtly ambitious project named ‘Android One’. Aimed at increasing the Android database to over 2 billion active users and bringing smartphones to the developing countries, Android One provides consumers with Stock Android phones at a meagre cost of 100$. It will start from India with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice manufacturing these low cost phones.


  • Android L – This was the most Android-centric keynote ever. The Senior VP announced the most awaited Android L – the next version of Android after KitKat. Google unveiled this fall’s update, emphasizing on Material design – a new-age skeuomorphism which uses layers, lightning shadows and fluid animations to bring Android and Chrome closer to reality. This incorporates Ripple effects, enhanced notifications, floating windows and more to enrich the user experience. Google has added tweaks to improve battery life with Project Volta. The ART runtime is now default while developers get over 5000 APIs. Also Android officially moves to 64 Bit support after Apple. Google calls it the most revolutionary update for Android with major overhauls in graphics and performance.


  • Android Wear – Finally, Google lifted curtains from over its highly speculated Wearable project, Android Wear. LG, Samsung and Motorola are launching the Smart Gears together with Google. It offers Google Now, app mirroring, contextual awareness with voice inputs, attending calls, setting reminders, counting steps and much more. Android Wear will be launched with round and square shaped dials offering more smart watch fashion prospects for the techno freak consumers.


  • Android Auto – Google and Apple both are building services for an array of devices. Similar to Apple’s CarPlay, Google officially launched Android Auto, its operating system for Cars. It connects your smartphone to the car’s touchscreen through screen mirroring which enables the user to attend calls, control music, start navigations and much more without using the smart phone. It gives relevant information through Google Now. Google also formed an Open Automotive Alliance with 28 auto makers like Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo to compete with Apple’s CarPlay.


  • Android TV – We are officially in the era of platforms. With Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Smart Watches and Smart Cars, we are slowly descending into geekitude. Android TV, launching with Sony & Sharp, provides users access to live or streamed content, Google Search, Google Now and Google Play Games. It turns your living room experience into a Smart Android powered one.


  • Other Services – Google Play Services get updates for profiles, progress saves and quests. Chromebooks now run Android apps, Chromecast gets Google+ galleries and Screen mirroring. Apple’s HealthKit rival Google Fit was presented and Google Cloud storage now gives unlimited storage for $10/month. Much to everyone’s surprise, Google’s next generation virtual reality device Google Cardboard was also unveiled.

Android Consoles- is this the future?

By: Deepak, 3rd Year, EEE

The gaming industry has come a long way, from car sized arcade games to handheld and now is on the verge of becoming even smaller.

In a similar way the Android boom has taken over our TV sets, computers, cell phones etc. There is one field of electronics where android has just made an entry, the gaming industry.

Just like everything else in Silicon Valley the story of an anroid gaming device begins from an incubator to a big gaming company.


The OUYA is the first big Android gaming console. It features a small console with HDMI, micro USB and USB ports, and comes with one controller. They raised $8.6 million from kickstarter.

It costs 99$ and additonal controllers cost $49.99

The biggest titles on OUYA right now are a mix of games developed exclusively for the console and ports of older games. Some of the original titles include Towerfall, a multiplayer fighting game very similar in style to Super Smash Bros. and Bombsquad, a chaotic mutliplayer title about blowing your friends up. Older games ported to the OUYA include Final Fantasy III and You Don’t Know Jack. The store features more than 200 games.


2. GameStick

The GameStick is an Android-based console that connects to your TV’s HDMI port. It comes with a Bluetooth game controller (and will support four players) and includes 802.11n wireless, 8GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM.Expandable to 32GB of storage via microSD, and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Similar to Ouya it also featured on Kickstarter and raised 600% of their funding goals.

It costs $79.99 including the cost of controller and the console additional controllers and media dock are priced at $39

GameStick was designed to be small and unobtrusive — as well as portable. The stick itself works with HDMI or MHL TVs, and the optional media dock can add more storage, extra peripherals and wirelessly charge the Bluetooth controller.

GameStick will offer some of the larger Android and iOS games, including Shadowgun, Riptide GP and Ski Safari.


3. GamePop

GamePop is an Android-based game console that uses a subscription service, rather than charging for individual downloads, to provide users with a catalog of several hundred games.

It was developed by the company behind blue stacks the anroid emulator for computers.

There are two versions of the console. The original, more powerful GamePop costs $129, with a $6.99 monthly content subscription. The GamePop Mini is smaller, much smaller than the size of an average wallet, and is totally free with the $6.99 monthly subscription

Games have to be tweaked to work on the gamepop but the most striking feature is that it also suppoerts IOS games, making it stand out from the crowd.


4. Green Throttle Games

Green Throttle is actually a controller that pairs with your Android phone or tablet, but it comes with hardware to hook your device to the TV, turning it into the console. The Green Throttle ecosystem includes its own game store and the controller called Atlas by the developers of the product.

Green Throttle was founded by Charles Huang, Matt Crowley, and Karl Townsend. Huang previously co-founded RedOctane, which helped produce Guitar Hero.

It costs $49.99 for a single player setup and $89.99 for 2 player combo.

As of now it only supports a few games but more are in development.


5. Nvidia Shield

Nvidia’s Shield is a handheld gaming console built on Android that allows gamers to play titles from Google Play and Nvidia’s own TegraZone store, plus stream from Steam and a PC, with the right video card. The Shield consists of a five-inch LCD screen and a controller similar to the PSP or nintendo Dock.

It costs depend upon the seller, Amazon presently lists the item at $199

The Shield can play Android games but also stream high-end PC titles onto its five-inch screen, making it a very high-end portable gaming system. It can run Android Jelly Bean normally, so users can download any other Android apps.

Any Android title should work on the Shield, though it’s not clear if any will work with the included controller. PC titles like Borderlands 2, Dishonored and Skyrim should work through PC streaming.



Things To Look Out For This World Cup 2014

By: Himanshu Gupta, 1st year



Love it or hate it, the soccer World Cup is with us again, for eight weeks, with the first group match between Brazil and Croatia on the 12th June and the final on 12th July.

Next to the Olympics, it’s probably the second largest international sports event in the world and 31 national teams will battle it out in a total of sixty four matches to be played across twelve different cities in Brazil to win the coveted World Cup trophy. The FIFA World cup in Brazil will be watched by millions of people around the globe as they cheer for their home team. But before the tournament kicks off, here are some facts about the World Cup 2014 which makes this edition different from the others.

1. This will be the first ever World Cup to use Goal-Line Technology

                                       goal line

Many controversial goals have been awarded and many been cancelled or nor given. And if anything then it was the human error as it was the vigilance and keen eyesight of the referee and the officials that decided if to award it as a goal or not. Unlike the viewers, referees don’t have action replays and can’t change their decisions. So to make this WC error free at least in this department Goal Line Technology has been installed. 14 cameras and a mainframe computer will help the refereeIf a goal is scored, the referee will feel a vibration through a special watch that he will be wearing and it will also display a message of ‘Goal’.

2. Drones and Robots will be protecting the soccer fans in Rio


Security is obviously a big concern at any major sporting event so the FIFA world cup 2014 has called upon modern technology to assist. Unmanned Israeli drones will be monitoring the matches and the crowds for the safety and the security of the soccer fans. There will also be ‘PackBot 510’ robots on hand to assist the security services, supplied by ‘iRobot’ (Honestly, that’s the name) which, according to them are designed for “multiple missions for troops and public safety professionals, enhancing situational awareness, reducing risk and increasing mission success“. Where’s Will Smith when you need him?

3. This will be the most expensive FIFA World Cup ever


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be the most expensive FIFA World Cup ever and that is not just down to inflation. Brazil is investing heavily in this prestigious sporting event and are upgrading infrastructure as well as building new stadiums and working hard to decrease crime and protect the visiting soccer fans. The 2014 World Cup in Rio is set to be one of the most spectacular ever and is costing an estimated 14-16 billion dollars. This is nearly more than the last three world cups cost, out together.

4. There will be no World Cup speeches by FIFA officials


At the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, FIFA officials were booed by Brazilian soccer fans who were trying to make speeches at the opening of the tournament. Many Brazilians, angry about the cost of the Rio World Cup as well as the corruption in the country, demonstrated on the streets before the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and made their voices heard at the opening ceremony so planned speeches at the World Cup by the Brazilian President, DilmaRousseff, and the FIFA president, SeppBlatter, have been scrapped.

Note to FIFA officials: no one used to listen to the speeches anyway!

5. The referees will be able to use a vanishing spray to mark free kicks.


Another technological innovation, making its first World Cup appearance in Brazil, will be a can of vanishing spray paint. The idea is that the referee will be able to mark the spot from which a free kick is to be taken and also to draw a ‘ten yard line’ which is the closest that the defending team can get to the ball when they are defending against a free kick. The spray paint will last or just one minute before it disappears

6. Referees will be able to stop play if the weather gets too hot


Owing to the hot weather in some parts of Brazil where 2014 World Cup matches will be played, FIFA have agreed that the referee may call a halt to play two to three times per match to allow the players time to re-hydrate. The Secretary General of FIFA has not been specific about the circumstances that this can occur and he has stated that the decision will be taken by the referees on the day.

7. The first kick of the tournament will be taken by a paraplegic teenager


The first kick of the ball in the Soccer World Cup 2014 will not be made by a celebrity or well-known football player, but by a paraplegic teenager. The teenager to make the kick is paralysed from the waist down and he will be wearing a revolutionary, mind controlled exoskeleton. He will stand up from his wheelchair and walk over to the pitch and take the very first kick of the tournament to demonstrate the how far this technology has come on. It is said that he will also be able to feel the kick, through the exoskeleton, and that one day, these suites will eliminate the need for wheelchairs altogether.

8. Special Hotel demands made by the teams


Some teams have made some very special and weird demands. Some of these demands make some sense, but some are really out there. Here is what some of the teams will be demanding for the 2014 Rio World Cup.


9. There’s money in that there World Cup!


The winning team of the FIFA 2014 World Cup will win a total of 35 Million Dollars and the runners up will win 25 million. Every participating club also receives substantial sums for being there and making their payer’s available to play in the tournament. Add to that the money that will be earned from players kit replicas, merchandising, etc. And each country’s own football governing body does pretty well out of the whole thing.

10. 2014 World Cup Will be Watched on Multiple Devices


According to a survey by on behalf of YuMe (a provider of digital video brand advertising solutions), the World Cup will be “The Ultimate Multi-Screen Event.” According to the results, watching World Cup matches on multiple devices is important to 46% of respondents. Live-streaming of the matches will also be popular during the tournament.

11. No Scandinavian Country Will Participate In World Cup Brazil

None of Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden or Iceland has succeeded in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. The last time no Scandinavian country succeeded in qualifying was in the 1982 World Cup.

Norway and Finland were eliminated after Round 1 of the UEFA qualifications and Denmark, even after being the runner-up of group B failed to .

Sweden and Iceland had a chance to qualify indirectly by winning the continental play-offs but both failed to do so. Croatia defeated Iceland and Portugal defeated Sweden

12. Bosnia And Herzegovina Have Qualified For the First Time

In the 2010 World Cup every team already participated in a World Cup before. This was the first time this has happened. In the 2014 World Cup Bosnia And Herzegovina qualified for the very first time. They qualified directly and topped group G of the UEFA qualifications.

In their first World Cup they are placed in Group F. Their opponents are Argentina, Iran and Nigeria.

13. Lionel Messi Is ‘The Most Expensive Player’ In The 2014 World Cup


According to  PluriConsultoria, Lionel Messi is the most expensive player that will participate in the upcoming World Cup. They based this again on calculating the market value. Lionel Messi has a market value of 139,6 million euros. CristianoRonaldo is the 2nd most expensive player with a market value of 104,2 million euros and Neymar completes the top 3 with 67,4 million euro market value.


14. Brazil Is ‘The Most Expensive Team’ In The 2014 World Cup


According to  PluriConsultoria, Brazil is the most expensive team that will participate in the upcoming World Cup. They based this on calculating the market value. Brazil has a market value of 507,8 million euros. Spain is the 2nd most expensive participant with a market value of 504 million euros and Argentina completes the top 3 with 475,2 million euro market value.



15. Official 2014 World Cup Song Is Called ’We Are One’

weare one

The official 2014 World Cup song will be performed by Cuban rapper Pitbull, ‘Bronx Diva’ J.Lo and Brazilian singer Claudia Leite. This is the 3rd time a World Cup song is performed by Latin artists. The first was Ricky Martin with La Copa De La Vida for the 1998 World Cup. Then came Shakira with her hit WakaWaka for the 2010 World Cup. The single We Are One has been released on April 8 2014. Listen and watch the video!

How to begin Gaming

By: Arihant Kuba, 3rd year, ME

gamer-20775-1920x1080Maybe you were never allowed to buy a console as a kid or you only recently discovered this amazing new world. Entering the world of gaming can be a tricky task. The task may lead to unrewarding results and may seem pointless. Worry not you have not failed. Here are a few tips to start your journey to accomplish the title of a “Gamer”.

 Why do you want to play?

Your intentions must be pure. Gaming is a form of entertainment, a hobby to be practiced in your free time. Even professional games started playing games as a source of enjoyment. Play games cause you have free time when you can sit back and relax. Don’t play games when you are stressed. Games are not alcohol.

 What do you want to play?

Just like music every person has his/her own unique taste in games. You need not play the first person shooters that the majority associates with gaming. Platformers, real time strategy games, multiplayer online games all have their own place. Try different games; stick with something you think feels right. A game is stressing you out? You don’t enjoy the challenge? Contrary to what your peers might say there is nothing wrong with picking up something simple. Remember games are to entertain you, not irritate you.

Which console/PC to play on?

If you are just starting off getting a PC is the safest choice. Better still use the PC you already have. You don’t need to play the latest games to be a gamer. Playing older games might help you understand what kind of games you like playing. Once you have a feel for what you want, you should look into getting a better PC or a console so you may have access to the latest library of games.

One last word of advice before you start exploring your gaming future, it is important to know when to stop. Games can adversely affect your eyes. Games that make you agitated should not be played regardless of any peer pressure. If you suffer from motion sickness, stop playing that game, regardless of how good it is. It is never worth it.

You are all set to enter the world of games. Fasten a seat-belt, lock and load and let the timer count down. Let the games begin!

TED:- Technology Entertainment Design


By: Chirag Arora, 2nd year, ECE

What started out as a one-off Silicon Valley conference in 1984, now has a massive YouTube following of millions. TED is perhaps the only YouTube Channel which is so diverse demographically, ranging from inspiration-seeking teenagers to veterans in life, who find the thoughts, the stories and the ideas they can relate to. The TED conference is held annually in Vancouver, British Columbia,(earlier Monterey,California) where a 1000 remarkable people gather to exchange something of incalculable value:- their Ideas. And when you could hear what all the Nobel laureates, Bill Clinton to Bill Gates, Pranab Mistry to Larry Page had to say at these conferences from the comfort of your living room, it’s a temptation hard to resist. And all this via a creative commons license. TED videos are no relaxed interview of these minds; they are well prepared and well structured “talks” of a maximum of 18 minutes, to an elite audience on topics central to their domains of expertise. These could be demonstrations of a new technology, first hand explanation of a groundbreaking theory, or in general, hard hitting and engaging presentations on anything in Arts, Commerce, Science and beyond. What we get as a result is an American Psychologist resolving our issues with vulnerability, the West getting hooked to Vedic Maths, and who better to understand NSA Surveillance saga from, than Edward Snowden himself. And for a generation obsessed with tabs and smart phones, TED videos on the go, make a lot more sense than any other form of procrastination. And with a summer break long enough to absorb revolutionary ideas, TED may just become the best thing to happen to you. Some of my Personal Favorites from the world of TED are here –
1) Sir Ken Robinson (2006): -Do Schools Kill Creativity?
The most watched TED video, and for a good reason. In a conference themed on the world’s future, he brought up a very pertinent question: – Is the education of today, preparation enough for tomorrow? In a talk delivered in his usual flamboyant style, laced with wit and humor and yet substantive and moving enough to bring the entire hall to its feet, he gives an account of how we get educated out of our creative capacity.
2) Susan Cain (2012): – The Power of Introverts
In a society where being social and outgoing is a life-test, and introversion is seen as a shortcoming, Susan makes a profound case for the ability of introverts, and why they should be accommodated as well as celebrated, by sharing her life experiences.
3) Cameron Russell (2013):- “Looks Aren’t Everything. Believe Me I’m a Model”
This 9 minute talk, from TEDx (TED inspired conferences held throughout the world) by a Victoria’s Secret Model took the world by surprise. Despite doubt over her credentials as a TED speaker, she manages an intuitive insight into fashion and human perception of beauty in general, and fearlessly credits winning a “genetic lottery” while talking about both the power and superficiality of image.

4) Joshua Prager (2013):-“In search of the man who broke my neck”
Exemplary to TED’s evolution from a technology conference, this one is regarded as one of the most poetic and moving talks ever delivered. A New York writer-journalist, who became a quadriplegic to a tragic accident, questions if we are existentially any different from what circumstances make us.
5) Pranav Mistry (2009): The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology
At TED India, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data — including a deep look at his Sixth Sense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper “laptop.”
The list could go on, but it serves no purpose to guide through a sea of knowledge meant to be explored.