Recalling Maggi: Our 2-min Little Liar

Here’s saying goodbye to ‘Meri Maggi’


-Nisha Yadav, 3rd Year, MC

Waiting for the clock to strike twelve, a bunch of girls lurking around the hostel gate waiting for their mid-night snack to arrive. After studying furiously for their upcoming exam for hours when pangs of hunger hit, who doesn’t want a good tasty mouth – watering break. Maggi – our midnight “breakfast” cum all-nighter – not just served as a stress buster but also as a mean of energizing the students one last time prior to exam, saying “Abhi toh puri raat bachhi hai……(aur syllabus bhi!)”

When studying turns into merely staring at the same two lines for the past half-an-hour or so, students or rather boys- the luckier half of the college- share a look of understanding. It’s time for a break, it’s time to visit MAGGI BABA!

2. maggi

Whatever your age-group is, we all have fond memories of living on Maggi and loving the instant noodle, until now! The recent news of excessive Lead and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in Maggi noodles has caused a crisis in thousands of lives. Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, New Delhi and Assam have banned its sales and several other cities await test results to confirm or deny the sale of the popular snack.

4. maggi

Though we all know the violation of safety standards in various sectors isn’t new in India, the real leaden feeling is that of betrayal! Recollecting the Coca Cola instance, a company which only marketed itself as “Life Tastes Good” not as “Life Tastes Healthy”, Maggi on the other hand claimed “Taste bhi health bhi. Its false 2-min claim made us laugh and  because of the main ingredient being maida and the tastemaker containing high salt and calorie content, we knew it was too good to be true, but causing serious health hazards was only  a nightmare.

The weak implementation of law and regulations in India resulting in too many culprits than the handcuffs is the issue which has been raised yet again and again. Despite being aware of such violations, the government allows domestic and foreign food manufacturing companies to have a free reign? To ensure product approval and the quality label, proper testing and regular inspections of the major brands should be done. As of now the FSSAI officials and the state governments are simply pointing fingers at each other for this blunder. The brand ambassadors Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta who endorsed the product are also liable for action for the misleading advertisement.

3. maggi

With Live larvae found in Nestle’s milk powder the following may also face the heat :-

  • Smith and Jones Chicken Masala Noodles , Reliance Select Instant Noodles and Wai Wai Xpress Noodles
  • Complan Pista Badam
  • Heinz’s baked beans
  • Kellogg’s Oats and Honey
  • Kurkure and Lays
  • Pastas, sauces, soft drinks

On the other hand, talking about the filthy street food, which is not even tested for matching the standards and is probably unhygienic and harmful for our health, it is neither banned nor discouraged by us. The Most Probable Number (MPN) of coliform bacteria has been found as high as 2,400, whereas the permissible limit is only 50.

Only time will tell whether this issue is going to be a serious curtain raiser OR just another breaking news headline. Will we have to suffer with the hostel mess food? Or will Maggi Baba turn into Yippee Baba? Though there is hope that the summer vacations might heal things, who knows what’s more to come!

Good Bye Meri Maggi!

Stats Courtesy – Times of India, Indian express and Business-Standard

Resolutions and the Reality Check

Ankit Kumar, 3rd year, Software Engineering

So it’s that time of the year again with all you highly motivated people making resolutions and believing that you’ll keep them and at the end of the year will be a totally different person altogether. I say – BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF AT LEAST!
PEOPLE! Make a resolution that you’ll start accepting your limitations and accept the fact that “bhaiya humse na ho payega”.


Here are some of the highly popular and, at the same time, common resolutions which people make and what happens to them –

1) Resolution – I’ll reduce my weight and own a 6-pack ab. Come what may I’ll exercise every day for at least half an hour.

Reality – By the end of the third week of January itself, you’ll realize that you were way too carried away. How can one exercise every day and control their diet when the world is full of food, food and some more food!


2) Resolution – This year I am going to be punctual.

Reality – This year I would like to believe and be in an illusion that I am being punctual.


3) Resolution – This year I am going to cut short my expenses, save money and buy that amazing gadget which I always wanted.

Reality – Don’t worry. Blame it on the winter shopping sales. Or that once long lost friend who all of a sudden came from *enter some foreign place* and you had to be the perfect host and thus had to shell out some money.


4) Resolution – I’ll keep my room clean.

Reality – Mommy’s dream. Our imagination. Hellooo!! Wake up. The first day of the year this resolutions get broken. Remember where you threw your clothes after coming back from the new year party late night? Oh you don’t. I don’t blame you.


5) Resolution – This year I’ll stop sending candy crush requests.

Reality – “Bhai candy crush request accept kar le na. Please bhai. Dost ni hai?”


6) Resolution – This year I’ll reduce/stop drinking/smoking.

Reality – Error 404.

Drinking Problem Jamie Presley

So what is your resolution?

Let’s Find an Internship.

Ankit Kumar, 3rd year, Software Engineering

Come December and the first thing that comes to our minds is the winter season. But not for the third years. All they think about is the Winter Internship/Training. Being able to get a winter intern is in itself an achievement. Oh, I forgot the saying,”Abey yaar all that matters at the end is the certificate.”

Let’s take a look at the kind of interns and the kind of “work” they do – at least what they think they do.

  • Unpaid Interns –

Needs no explanation. They do the work of a full time employee and their “expenses are covered”. Mind your words and never ask them for a party.


  • Jugaad Interns –

Enter ShinChan smile. Thank your Dad or that once “door ka relative” who is now your favorite uncle. After all, contacts do matter.


  • Farji Interns –

Check the About section in Facebook and there you’ll find this guy working in a *enter a PSU here*. Again contacts come handy. All you need to do is to go twice a week……for an hour or so.


  • Paid Interns –

The lucky ones. Firstly, they end up having an internship with a nice exposure. Secondly, they get paid. What else can you ask for? Suit up and feel like a boss! And you never know, a PPO might be just round the corner.


  • Startup Interns –

Get to know how to build things from the scratch. Long term associations will benefit them. These interns work like horses and get paid very less and sometimes they don’t even get paid. But the exposure and the work experience is something which they always cherish.


  • Certificate wale Interns –

So these are the wicked people. They enjoy the holidays, prepare for their entrance exams, watch movies- the list is a never-ending one. And yes. The Certificate. And the first day of the new semester, they’ll be flaunting this very certificate and will brag about it. And you all just accept the fact that “Sab Moh Maaya hai.”


Aaannddd! Don’t forget to fill in your training diaries people. Mind the word. FILL.


Disclaimer : This article is meant for fun purpose only and is not meant to hurt the feelings of those people who are working in a big firm without any jugaad and earning loads of money also. They have our respect and admiration. But here I taken into account the other students who form the crowd.

10 Reasons to Explore the enchanting Rann Utsav

– Nisha Yadav, 2nd Year, MC

“Winter is coming” is the slogan past by as we’ve officially entered the hard months. If you are not a home-sit person and are tired of cursing these months; guess what? Its time to pack your bags and head to the white land of Gujarat as the Rann Utsav (1st Dec to 7th March) awaits your presence. I got some lifelong memories during my trip and following are 10 reasons why you should not miss it either:-

1. Best time to visit Gujarat

This is the best time to embark the long-planned journey to catch a glimpse of the state in its microcosm. The great Runn Mahaotsav is a favourite haunt of overseas tourists as there is so much to see and do that people find it hard to pick and choose from the plenty of options at hand.


2. The Unending Expanse of Moist Salt

It is reputed to be the largest salt desert in the world. The breathtaking landscape of the Great Rann of Kutch- The White Dessert, shimmering in the moonlight- will leave you enchanted. So, be ready for some goosebumps. Also keep your camera ready, it’ll be a time for some heavy clicking!


3. The irresistible Gujarati Thali

The aroma of delicious Kutch food will surely drag you.


4. The dance, music and drama

The impulsiveness with which people, wearing traditional Rajasthani attire, joyously break into folk songs and folk dances is the underlying beauty of this fest. So, unless you want your ears to get immune to anything but Honey Singh tracks, its high time that you lend your ears to the melodious instruments like Surando, Bhorr & Bhorrinbo, Khanjari and more!


5. The Patang Baazi

With great enthusiasts and competitors around to make you play real hard, this is the right place to raise your colorful patang up higher in the blue sky, over the expanse of the heavenly white dessert.


6. Jewellery, clothes and handicrafts

Embroidery, Suf, Khaarek, Paako, Wooden Carving, Mud Painting, Sea Shell toys; all waiting for you around the corner. Need I say more?


7. Hospitality like none other

Gujarat is living upto the famous proverb “Atithi Devo Bhava”. There’s a reason why Gujarati community is well known for its hospitality.

8. Magical Tents to relax yourself

Grand Tent City of 400 tents, consisting of both air- conditioned and non-air-conditioned tents has been set up which looks no less beautiful then the restroom of Alladin’s Gini. So, say no to worries of finding the correct place to stay and choose the package that best suits your needs.


9. Time for some Adventure

Camel ride, Bike ride, tandem bicycle, para motoring, valecro wall climbing, Hot air balloons will surely give you unbounded happiness along with a tight night sleep.

10. Special Activities on special days

If all the above wasn’t enough, It’s time to give you even something more. The following days await your presence –

31st December – New Year Celebration

14th January 2015 – Kite festival

26th January 2015 – Special arrangements for Republic day

14th February 2015 – Gala Dinner on White Rann for Valentine’s day

For further details, do check out the website –


Recipe of Success

By: Nisha Yadav, 2nd year, MCE

From our childhood days we have been repeatedly told the key to success: discover what you’re best at, dedicatedly work hard at it, and one day you’ll swim in an ocean of riches and happiness. But here’s the reality check: This idea works only if you are born brilliantly talented, and for everyone else, it’s kind of heart-crushing. On the other hand, we expect a highly intelligent person to outshine others because of his ability to learn things faster and being able to comprehend more complex concepts than his counterpart – “an average IQued human being”. Although we admire it, being highly intelligent is nothing but genetic lottery. Now the natural question arises- is it possible to succeed otherwise i.e. when you don’t possess a very high IQ or any world-class skills? What if you are just a jack-of-all-trades, master of none? The truth is, nearly everybody is like this, including the ultra-successful megastars. Neither supernormal intelligence nor being super-talented is a prerequisite for success.

success2   What matters more is the skill of acting intelligently – i.e. “becoming smart“. While a particular task might cost an intelligent person a small amount of time, an average person can complete the same as well, simply by putting some more effort. So, the key lies in developing a more valuable skill: how to recognize and consistently do the smart things. This is not a trivial habit, but it can be learned by anyone. Talking about not being super-talented, let me remind you friends that very few successful people are actually the best at what they do. Most of them are usually a really effective mix of the qualities that matter, because even though individual skills are common, the combinations are much less so. Talking about Bill Gates, for this matter, he is not someone who is the best programmer in the world, nor is he the world’s greatest salesperson, speaker, visionary or accountant. But he’s good enough at these things, and has learnt to weld his skills together into something far more valuable, making his whole far greater than his parts. The people who work for him, now they might be masters of their respective trades, but they lack other skills, so they can’t survive on their own. Thus, if you want to raise your value, take a step back from focusing solely on your strengths, and consider building a broader, well blended -combination of your mediocre skills. Food for thought!   success1

Summer Foods

By: Mohd Fahad, 3rd year, AE

So long it has been, and still no respite from summer. The rains come and go at intervals, giving us hope, rather than assurance, than monsoon might be coming soon. In the meantime, to survive this heat, we give you a list of the items that you can consume (eat/drink) to get some relief and much needed coolness to your body. Some of these are your run of the mill items that everyone knows about, but a few of these are not known to most, and the benefits of these are generally ignored. So here goes:-

1. Fruits and fruit juices:

For the summer season, regular consumption of fruits like water melon and musk melon is a must, as they fulfill the water requirement of the body and at the same time, provide us with sugar for instant energy.

Another seasonal fruit, the favorite fruit of us all, the king of fruits, the almighty mango is a very useful fruit for the body- for in addition to its yummy taste, Mango provides us with sugar and glucose to revive us after a very exhausting session of outdoor activity.

Fresh fruit juices are all very healthy and good to cool down the body. But stay away from packaged juices!



2. Vegetables and their derivatives:

One vegetable, which must be consumed regularly, is cucumber. With more than 90% of a cucumber comprising of only water, there’s nothing better than a cucumber to have as a quick snack. Add a dash of lime and salt and you have one of the tastiest ‘salads’ ever.

My grandma, as part of her ‘Dadimaa ke gharelu nuskhe’ classes for me, told me that if I have green vegetables like the various kinds of gourds, I am supposed to have an increased body stamina to work for longer in this weather.

Another idea that she gave me was that seeds of fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, melons, cucumber etc., dried and soaked overnight, and taken in the morning are very healthy as they rejuvenate us by providing the necessary minerals to fight the heat.

A few sprigs of fresh mint, added to ANYTHING that you’re having, make for a very refreshing taste.

3. Sugarcane Juice:

Now the reason we did not add sugarcane juice under ‘Fruits and fruit juices’ is that this juice has an identity of its own. It’s unlike all other fresh fruit juices in the fact that the only real health benefit it provides is replenishing our body glucose, as it has pure unrefined sugar in it, and in humungous amounts! One sip of a glass of freshly prepared sugarcane juice and you feel the difference. It quenches your thirst and provides you with instant energy. Add a dash of lime, some mint sprigs and some black salt, and you have one lip-smacking cold drink.

4. Fresh lemonade:

‘The humble lemonade’ as I call it, has been a summer special drink for many generations now. A chilled glass of water, a lemon squeezed in it, along with some sugar or honey, and you have a sure shot winner of a drink. Instant energy, thirst quenching, vitamin C, requisite sugar and a soothing effect on the body, this drink surely is a brilliant weapon to beat the heat.




5. Yoghurt and its derivatives:

Yoghurt and its derivatives (like Lassi etc) offer a good soothing effect. Along with the sugar that you add, they also provide us with instant carbohydrates and fat for the energy needs of our body. And for the milk lovers, you’ll love the taste too!

6. Sharbat Rooh Afza:

Well I know some people who almost loathe the RoohAfza, and frankly speaking, I have no idea why. The weird fragrance apart, RoohAfza is THE most refreshing drink ever produced. A chilled glass of RoohAfza revitalizes you like no other drink can. And then there’s loads of other ayurvedic ‘tatva’ and ‘jadi bootiyan’ which are very healthy supposedly.

7. Chuski

Some like ‘kala khatta’, some like mango, some like ‘tiranga’, and I like ‘khus’. Everyone has their own choices, but I doubt you’ll find anyone who does NOT like ‘chuski’. Now c’mon, a glass full of crushed ice with lip smacking flavors to beat the scorching heat, what else can you want?

8. Aam Panna

Aam panna is a tangy syrupy drink made from raw mangoes. Consisting of sugar and spices apart from mango, it is an effective remedy for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It also quenches thirst and prevents excessive loss of salt and iron due to sweating. Those of you who have never had it, I strongly recommend you to try it at least once.

9. Wood Apple Juice (Bel Ka Sharbat):

Now this is one drink that many of you Delhi-NCR folks must have seen, but very few may have consumed. Also called Elephant Apple or Monkey Fruit, this is indeed a very healthy fruit. Apart from being good for digestion and kidney health, it also helps to maintain a clear respiratory system and provide us with Vitamin C. For the summer season, wood apple juice provides us with much needed energy and leaves us refreshed on a whole. It also helps the body to fight the heat and increase body fluids. Do give it a taste.




This is a very small list and you can add many cold drinks, juices, ‘banta’, milk shakes etc. to this list. But we have tried to keep this list simple and healthy. As you may have noticed, barring ‘Chuski’, none of the aforementioned items contain any kind of artificial flavors (yes, RoohAfza is completely natural!). I hope you’ll try these food items/drinks and will realize that they do indeed help you to fight the scorching summers. And the taste! Trust us, you won’t regret trying these out. Bon apetit!

The Dilli Metro Feel

By: Chirag Arora, 2nd Year, ECE

197_Para_Delhi Metro - Exterior

The pride of Delhi. The lifeline of Delhi. The only project other than AC buses, that earned the overturned government consolatory “Atleast Ye To Sahi” votes. In a city that lives in a hurry, it flows like a calm river. All kinds of devotees come to take a plunge. All of them are of course, going from point A to B. But for most of them , the frequency or the length of the journey is such, that it’s hard to keep the eye of observation shut. The metro journey becomes an experience. It’s always there, when you need it or atleast 0-8 minutes from when you need it, and the familiarity with the whole experience is somewhat endearing. Somewhat.

From an assorted collection of idiosyncrasies, that sprinkle a little annoying and ridiculous into the endearing mix, I’ll start where all Indians love to start.

  • Over-Population: – An exhibition of perfumes and body odours is in place. The metro also prepares you to be a fabric salesman, giving you firsthand knowledge of what’s soft and what’s irritating. Remedy? Act like you’re calling a friend to ask for the best medicine for skin and hair infection. Voila ! You now have the most space in the whole coach.Enjoy.Delhi-Metro-Rajiv-Chowk-Station

  • Rush Hour 4: – India may not do particularly well in Athletics, but the speeds with which Delhites run to grab their seats is encouraging. Then there’s the sheer madness at the junctions, with Rajiv Chowk worth a mention. Now this station is the only instance other than the climax of Main Hoon Na, where the opening of gates unites large masses of people on both sides, who hug each other in brotherly love before crossing over. Also if the all too familiar metro pre-door closing chime is heard, the two parties immediately shift to a Sunny Deol flick. Now this the moment when the ungainly baggage you had been dragging along your journey is the greatest weapon. Hold it at an awkward height and push through, your opponents are done for.

  • Packing Efficiency : -At peak hours, the way we considerately rearrange for the extra passenger who wants to get on can put the FCP and HCPs of 12th class to shame. Distribution isn’t uniform though. There is a neck to neck competition between the entire ladies coach and the male counterparts in the tiny coach intersection next to it. It is only at this intersection, in the 6 or 8 coach train there are zero awkward stares as you approach your position, for eyeballs are busy gazing elsewhere, and no one cares what you are wearing. After all, there isn’t much scope left for being judgemental

  • For the rest of the train, it’s all about Judgement: – Smartphone bearing youngsters are well equipped to kill time, but for the aunties and uncles, you’re their only fun apps. Your head banging to music, bad fashion teamed with chappals, to whether your perpendicular distance from the centre of mass of your opposite gender friend has voyaged past the cape of good culture, they are all good gossip starters. Cold stares ensue. And if you think that being lost in your own world is fool-proof, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder while cheesy-texting. Remedy? Type in something ridiculous, criminal, or simply some Delhi expletives while referring to your reader’s presence and wait for the priceless expression. The reader would probably walk off to a corner in embarrassment or fear.

  • Etiquette: – What’s that? Being skinny maybe the “in” thing, but there’s always that one future model who tries to fit in the non-existent gap between two seats. And then there is that one crying baby with delusional parents who consider the awkward smiles as a token of appreciation for their child’s cuteness. While the IT crowd is busy with their professional tablets and blackberry, the Delhi Traders make their presence felt. The words of the John Green novel in your palms get overwritten by the knowledge of number of cartons getting unloaded at Chandni Chowk.15_1399629523

  • Whose Seat is it Anyway: Do the women seats actually belong to women? What about the coach? The battle continues. Your tired expressions v/s their steady gaze right at you. If eyes could speak the most popular phrases would be “Get the hell up!” and “Oh c’mon!”. The “Please give your seat” yellow stickers happen to be a colossal wastage of money. They are as ignored as the warnings in a C++ code. For exactly the same reason. And then we have the typical Delhi Uncle , the embodiment of chivalry , not only willing to give up his own seat but would also embarrass any living male younger than him to give up his, too. The white knight will get off at the next station with a sly smile, while you are left with 10 stations and silent curses.


  • The Veer Zara moment: This is my personal favorite of all Metro moments. It happens all the time and the confusion is hilarious. 2 people try to get in, and the door closes just at the right moment, subjecting the two to sudden separation. The solution is universally obvious, the one who got in is to get down at the next stop. But for some reason there is always a frantic discussion in multiple attempts at sign language, and the look on the faces is that of a final goodbye.

The list could go on, after all cribbing happens to be the national pastime .Especially during the journey. When we do reach our destination, the whole experience just melts away and we get on with our daily schedule. But no matter how much we crib, any mention of this oddball train service is a ticket to a big smile. In Delhi Metro, we believe.