Lawn Bowls Interview


Apurv Ashutosh Sharma, 3rd Year, CE, and Anant Ashutosh Sharma, 2nd Year, COE were selected in the Indian National Lawn Bowls Team.

Anant represented India in the International Open Triples, 2016, held at Royal Bangkok Sports Club, Bangkok, Thailand from 29th August to 5th September, 2016.

Apurv represented India in the Mahsuri Cup, 2016 held at Langkawi Islands, Malaysia from 18th to 23rd October, 2016.


DTU Times interviewed these dynamic brothers; the rising Lawn Bowls Stars from DTU.

Q1. When and how were you introduced to Lawn Bowls?

We had started playing Lawn Bowls from DPS RK Puram in the year 2010. We met our school Lawn Bowl coach Ms. Pinki, during our P.E. Period. She is a national gold medalist and has represented India in Commonwealth Games twice and encouraged us to start playing lawn bowl.

Q2. What is unique about Lawn Bowls?

A unique thing about lawn bowls is how it amalgamates billiards, carom, and bowling. The structure of the lawn bowling bowls is another unique aspect of this game. The Bowls are designed to travel a curved path because of a weight bias on one side of the bowl. The game might seem very simple to a newbie person, but it involves a lot of strategy building.

Q3. What motivated you to pursue Lawn Bowls?

Our Coach was encouraging and played a pivotal role in transforming our game from a School Level Leisure activity to an International scale.


Q4. How do you balance Sports and Engineering?

Well, it is definitely not easy – Being day scholars, attending morning practices, coming to college, snailing through Delhi’s traffic and surviving assignment deadlines and examinations demands a lot of energy and time management.

Q5. How does it feel to represent India at an International level?

The feeling of wearing the INDIAN National Team’s Jersey is definitely special and memorable.

Q6. What was your best memory during the tournaments?

Anant : My best memory from the tournament is our match with one of the best teams of the Tournament – Philippines and having given them a tough competition. Although we lost the match by a single point, we received high commendation and praise from everyone for giving them a tough fight and having played equally well


We wish the Lawn Bowls Stars the very best in their future endeavors. May they bring glory to our University, and to our Nation!



Say – Waaahhh Sehwag!

-Ankit Kumar, 4th Year, SE

When a 21 year old lad walks into the Indian Cricket Team, a lot of things are said about him. People question his talent, temperament and skill. Add to that the pressure of playing and sharing the dressing room with some of the biggest names of Indian Cricket. And that’s exactly what happened.

April 1999. Debut against Pakistan.

Runs scored – 1. Bowling Stats – 3 overs. 35 runs. No wickets.

No doubt he was dropped and didn’t get a chance to play until December 2000. A middle order batsman at that time, he scored half a century and grabbed 3 wickets to defeat Zimbabwe. But that was it. It was only when he was promoted to open the innings did he let the world know of his destructive capabilities. He replaced his idol, Sachin Tendulkar (whose batting style he tried to imitate in every way possible), who was injured. A 69 ball century was enough for him to mark his authority and announce to the world that he is here to stay! Then started a flurry of boundaries, sixes, quick starts and he redefined the concept of aggressive batting. His partners kept changing, but he was the constant. Starting the innings with a boundary became a regular affair. No one hits 3 sixes in the first over itself unless he is Virender Sehwag. No one scores triple centuries as fluently as him. As someone once said,”He played Tests like ODI’s, ODI’s like T-20’s and T-20’s like Cricket 2007 EA Sports!”

As a cricket lover and a player myself, I have to admit that growing up whilst watching a legend like Virender Sehwag play Cricket, was one of the high points of my childhood. I still remember how we always switched off our TV sets when he got out. His six to reach the 300 mark at Multan still gives me goosebumps. His innocent smile as he grabbed a catch each time without fail, is still etched in our memories. And the way he ripped apart bowling attacks is something we Indians definitely used to take pride in. After all, no other player would have the privilege of being the recipient of the saying,”Sachin gaya to kya hua. Viru abhi bhi hai!”


As I write this, I go down the memory lane to a time when he endorsed Britannia and had a bat with it’s sticker on it. I kept bugging my dad to get me that “Britannia wala bat”. And with his retirement, my friends, my childhood is officially over now. Thank you Viru paaji.

I Am The Game

-Yatharth Rana, 2nd year, ECE

I get out of the bus, with reporters lined for a word and crowds for a gesture; I scamper with a quick wave. Ahead of me stands the stadium of dreams, a history and a monument in itself, almost a home to me now. I hasten through the long, narrow passage with wooden floors, almost ignoring the glorious history that the walls around depict. Faint sounds slowly transition into loud chorus with each step. The prospect of already knowing what the chorus is about makes me move even faster, not with a sense of haste or urgency, but out of a mixed feeling of excitement, tension, humility and greatness.

The passage easily moves into a large room where the chorus is finally loud and clear. Over 50,000 enthusiasts chant my name in a smooth tandem, one that has been sounding more musical to me with each passing day. The same rush gets me into my uniform within seconds and I’m ready to take on the showdown. I slowly move up the platform and chorus rises exponentially. Now I can clearly see the horde; 50,000 strong. Some men, some women, some kids, some old, but with one, same excitement and one common happiness.

The prospect that each of my actions would be judged, each reaction watched by millions and each move analyzed by thousands gives me goose bumps. Each individual sitting here is ready to look up to me for their happiness and blame me for their sorrows over next two hours. Adventure? Fun? That is my business. This has been my job since I left my homeland a decade ago.

With a million emotions and few men, each best in the business, I walk out into the light. The crowd erupts and soon, the whistle blows. They accuse me of not putting my all initially, but my experience has taught me to go and analyze the opponent’s moves before showing mine. A move here, a move there, all the limelight makes it difficult to focus, but it’s my failure that would definitely be awaited more than all others’ success and I continue the phase of dense passing and chance creation. And suddenly the moment occurs, the opponent is lazy and out of possession, and I decide to change the game. I receive the ball on the right, nutmeg the full back, sprint towards the centre, beat those three who were bound to mark me with my trademark dribble, look up, look right, inches of space towards the centre for a couple of seconds, and BAMMM. Back of the net! The crowd’s in a frenzy. With hands pointing Him, who, in Brazil showed that he was German, and a million behind me, I carry on.

Making headlines and history? A dream for everyone, a routine for me.

I am Lionel Messi, the best player ever born.

We Won’t Give it Back!

– Vaisakh Nair 2nd Year E.P.

2nd April 2011 has to be one of the most important days in the life of every Indian. No one has  forgotten the image of Mahendra Singh Dhoni cleanly hitting a Kulasekara ball out of the park and Sri Lanka out of the match followed by ecstatic eruption in the Indian dressing room. It all seems as if it happened just yesterday.

Friends, with hardly two weeks to go, get ready for the sporting extravaganza that’s going to rock the southern continent. But the thought in the mind of every Indian is-  ‘WE WON’T GIVE IT BACK’. And to top it all, the first encounter to safeguard our crown is against our arch rival, PAKISTAN. So, some sparks are sure to fly.
So how does DTU plan to watch the show? Which better place to watch the show unfolding other than our own Mech-C! TechFest and Mid Sems are sure to play the role of spoilsports in this extravganza. Ha-ha, but who cares when our country (or for that matter any country) requires our support.


So, which country appears to be strong enough to pose a challenge to India’s Defense? Taking an advantage of the home conditions and local support, Australia seems to be everyone’s favorite.  But one should never underestimate the power of the runners up Sri Lanka, with Jaya and Sanga guiding their team. With the heroics of De Villiers to boast for along with the steadiness of Amla, South Africans would be looking to remove the tag of ‘Chokers’ labelled on them. Though, without their best players Sunil Narine and Saeed Ajmal, both Windies and Pakistanis would be facing the heat, but one can’t neglect the capabilities of Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi. England too would be looking forward to clinch the title for the first time.


The task before India is not menial. Though there seem to be quite a few flaws and cracks in the armory of Indian Batting Lineup, our Men in Blue seem to be prepared for rising up to the challenge of emerging as true champions once again. As this world cup might also be the last one for one of the finest captains in the history of Indian Cricket, Dhoni’s boys would give it their all to win this for him and the country.
So, with this hope, let us all wish them because this time-

2014: in Sports

 By: Ankur Shukla, 3rd Year, ME 

2014 was good year for a sports enthusiast. However, if you’ve missed some (or most) of the happenings of the past year, here’s a quick recap of 2014- in sports- for you.

Double Blasters Rule the Roost

The ‘Borivali Bomber’ Rohit Sharma’s volcanic knock (264 runs, 173 balls, 33 Fours, 9 Sixes) helped him set the world record for the highest ODI score, against Sri Lanka at Eden gardens. Interestingly, this was a second double ton for Rohit. That’s not all; all four double tons in ODIs have been made by Indian batsmen, and on home soil!


The Two Tonners

Rohit Sharma- 264 against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens, 2014

Rohit Sharma- 209 against Australia at Bangalore, 2013

Virender Sehwag- 219 against West Indies at Indore, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar- 200 not out against South Africa at Gwalior, 2010

Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi

Kabaddi is a sport given by India to the world. The Indian kabaddi team has been known for being the most successful kabaddi team in the world. But 2014 brought these homegrown heroes into our daily life. Over the five weeks it was held, the Pro Kabaddi League gathered 435 million viewers in India, making it the second-most viewed tournament in the country after the IPL. So much so, that one out of every four television viewers in the country was watching the Pro Kabaddi final-day coverage on August 31!


The Incheon journey of Hope and Disappointment
When the men’s kabaddi team beat Iran in the final, India’s Asian Games contingent in Incheon, South Korea, completed an impressive display. India finished their Asian Games 2014 campaign with a medal haul of 57 medals – 11 gold, 10 silver and 36 bronzes. But Incheon games will always be remembered for the headlines made by some of our women athletes, for reasons good and bad.

MC Mary Kom punched her way to strike gold at the age of 31, inspiring a Bollywood biopic featuring Priyanka Chopra along the way.

Middle distance runner Tintu Luka, the daughter of a mason from Kerala, left her poverty-stricken childhood behind when she found a mentor in Olympic legend PT Usha and silenced her critics by winning the 800 meters silver.

With the world watching, boxer Laishram Sarita Devi refused to receive her bronze at the medals ceremony to protest against ‘biased umpiring.’ The boxing administrators punched back, by handing her a one-year ban.


Desi ‘Kick’ in Hero ISL

The inaugural Indian Super League (ISL) has thrown up interesting statistics to give a clear indication that India has come to be recognized as an emerging footballing nation. More than a million fans visited stadia across the country to watch the inaugural league. Fans took the names of many Indian footballers in the same breath as those of their high-profile European counterparts. In the final on December 20, Atletico de Kolkata beat Kerala Blasters, thanks to a goal by Mohammad Rafique in the dying minutes.

World Cup 2014

Even if you disregard Luis Suarez’s vampire-like exploits, there were quite a few other eye-popping moments in the World Cup Football tournament held in Brazil this year. Read on:
James Rodriguez’s masterpiece of a strike against Uruguay at the Maracana stunned the opposition and created a stir at the World Cup.
Robin van Persie’s spectacular diving header against Spain drew comparisons with Superman.
Brazil’s 1-7 mauling in the semi-final by Germany
Neymar’s unforeseen injury, causing the game to lose some of its luster at its highest stage.


A Sad Moment for Cricket
On November 25, during a domestic match between New South Wales and South Australia, a bouncer by Sean Abbott hit Phillip Hughes on the back of his head. Tragically, Hughes never regained consciousness.

Ace Ventura
The tennis off-season may be shorter than that of most sports, but that does not mean that it cannot be turned into a valuable marketing tool to help the game grow.  That is what Mahesh Bhupathi set out to prove with the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL), and after a relatively successful inaugural run, it is an exhibition competition that deserves another chance next year. The International Premier Tennis League boasted of tennis legend Roger Federer amongst 20 other Grand Slam champions in its ranks.

Birth of a Footballing Nation

By Aditya Tripathi, 3rd Year, CE


“Birth of A Footballing Nation”- This is the new catch phrase being promoted for the sports enthusiast all over India. With Indian Super League embarking on a journey to rejuvenate football in this cricket-crazy nation, calling this a birth of a new footballing nation would not be an exaggeration. After the remarkable success of Indian Premier League in T20 Cricket, India suddenly became a ‘Nation of Leagues’. With professional leagues coming up in Hockey, Badminton, Kabaddi, Tennis and Golf, Football was not left behind.
The idea of ISL popped up in the minds of Mukesh Ambani led Reliance & All India Football Federation (AIFF) along with their US partners IMG. With less popular I-League in India as the lone football league, there was an urgent need to revitalize the popularity of football in India at grassroots level. With 8 teams based in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Goa, North East, Kochi and Kolkata and their owners being famous Bollywood and Cricket personalities, a step towards football invigoration was taken. Sachin Tendulkar (Kochi), Saurav Ganguly (Kolkata), Ranbir Kapoor (Mumbai), Abhishek Bachhan (Chennai), Virat Kohli (Goa), John Abraham (North East), Salman Khan (Pune) and others attached themselves to one or the other franchises to crop up the craze of football.


ISL is based on IPL (cricket) and Major League Soccer of USA. The league will be played from Oct-Dec in 8 different stadiums in India. While deciding the format of the league, crucial steps were taken to make the league competitive yet interesting. Each team will sign a marquee player with 7 foreign and 14 Indian players. Marquee player being a former international player of world cup playing countries or a Champions league player at least. The concept of marquee player was taken to target those watchers who already follow Barclays Premier League, La LIga, Seria A, etc, in India. It would be a privilege to watch players like David Trezeguet, David James, Del Piero and Capdevilla playing on Indian stadiums with locally based teams. These players, as of now, have confirmed to be a part of this super exciting project. Also, teams like Atletico de Madrid(the current Spanish champions), Feyenoord, Fiorentina have collaborated with Kolkata, Delhi and Pune franchises respectively, providing them with youth players, expertise, coaches and technical assistance. Atletico Madrid is a partial owner of Kolkata franchise and has lent its name, logo and jersey colors to the club, with the team’s name being Atletico De Kolkata.


Firstly, the motive of ISL is to promote football. Secondly, it would be a lifetime opportunity for domestic players to play in front of huge crowds (which ISL promises to garner). ISL is not a money-making project according to the owners. Nita Ambani, Owner of ISL, emphasizes on the prospect of utilizing the potential of 120 Crores Indian. India is brimming with talent, the need is to exploit it. “A country like India can easily produce 11 top class football players for the world” says Manuel Friedrich, ex Borussia Dortmund star, who plies his trade with Mumbai City FC. According to David James, ex Liverpool and England goalkeeper, “All the marquee players are coming, not for making money, but to help India become the next powerhouse of football. The endeavor of the owners will surely sow the seeds of this sport which will bear fruitful results later.”
With India set to host FIFA Under-17 World Cup later in 2017, ISL appears to be an exciting prospect for Indian youngsters to indulge themselves in the most popular sport of the universe.

The World Cup that wasn’t

By: Prateek Singhal, 3rd year, EEE


There can be debates over whether this was the best world cup of all times or not. Since I have not been a devoted fan for years (my conversion to becoming an avid follower came after world cup 2010 and being introduced to FIFA 10), I don’t think I have the authority to debate over that. However, this world cup had its shares of ups and downs; the excitements and disappointments, and we take a look at 6 things, which made this world cup memorable (for reasons good or bad)-


  1. Spain gets dismantled and destroyed:


The excitement building up till the kick off of this one was unbearable; a reenactment of last WC finale, the invincible tiki taka versus the deadly trio of Persie, Robben, and Sneijder. Spain took the lead initially, and looked very dangerous right up until half time, when one of the most absurd goals ever, scored by Persie, brought Netherlands an equalizer. After that, came the destruction of the Spanish team, and they endured a merciless 5-1 drubbing from Netherlands. Any hope for redemption was lost after a further defeat to a passionate Chilean team, and the world got prepared for new champions this time around.




  1. Ronaldo fails to shine…


Maybe he was still not fully recovered from injury, maybe he could not garner support from his lackluster teammates, or maybe it was just not his day, but whatever be the reason, CR7 failed to make a mark this time around. Football is not a one-man show after all.


  1. While underdogs do. Big time:


Columbia, Algeria, Costa Rica, Mexico… The underdogs surely had their day in this World Cup, and managed to shock the football world more than once. Special mention must be made of Costa Rica, a nation with a population of less than half that of Delhi, who not only managed to survive the so-called ‘group of death’ featuring Uruguay, Italy and England, but actually emerged as group winners, before further progressing on to the quarter finals, and narrowly missing out on a semi final spot by a loss to Netherlands in penalty-shoot out. Another surprise came in the form of Columbia, who were probably the only side in the World Cup never to show any sort of weakness throughout their journey, and won countless hearts with their enchanting goals and the celebration that followed.


  1. A star is born in James Rodriguez


When Columbia lost their only star player Falcao to injury, everybody had expected Columbia to bow out in the group stage. But James Rodriguez filled in shoes, and how! Golden boot winner with 6 goals, scored in every match he played in, lead his team to quarterfinals, and scored THE most outrageous and sensational goal of the tournament in the match against Uruguay. He’s got the looks, the talent, and the class to be the next CR7 or Messi.




  1. Brazil goes from being ‘BRAZEEEL’ to well, just any other football team


Brazilians have always been the most passionate about this sport. So naturally, when the biggest event in Football is being held in your own country, the expectations from your team are high. This Brazilian team never really stood out, but still managed to inch its way to the semi-finals, where they faced their biggest challenge: The ruthless Germans.

Being without their captain Thiago Silva and their star striker Neymar was always going to make it a tough challenge, but nobody expected the shock 7-1 defeat they received at their own home soil. Their play seemed childish compared to Germans, and even the fans were so fed up with their own team that they were lauding the opposition by the time the match came near completion. A further humiliation came from a 3-0 defeat to Netherlands at the third-place playoff match. Seemed hard to believe that this nation has lifted the trophy 5 times!


FIFA World Cup final - Germany v. Argentina


  1. The Germans become the champions. Finally!


Say what you will about the Germans; but you can’t deny that they have been the most consistent team over the years now. This was the fourth consecutive time they’ve reached the semi finals, and even probabilistically speaking, they were bound to win it this year. And they sure did! After totaling Brazil in the semis, they went on to grasp an emphatic World Cup final win against a prolific Argentinian side featuring arguably the best player of all times, Lionel Messi. But the single man could not sway the collective will of the whole team and the Germans depart as winners, for the fourth time, just one less than Brazil. The wait for World Cup 2018 (to be held in Russia) has begun!