First Semester Gone

The first semester of University life concluded so soon. Everyone was still adjusting to this new life, and it got over too soon. Read on as Parangat ponders upon the mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly.
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-Karan Singh Bora, 1st Year, EE

The long walk has come to an end,
successful at last.
But with many turns, many a bends,
like a ship in a storm, that’s cast.

The sun has set,
the world seems to diminish;
with the soul gone,
the body appears to perish.

Many things he taught,
a whole nation to peace he brought.
In the darkest hour,
when his land was overcome by selfish desire for power,
he banished the difference between blacks and whites,
discarding the long-standing disputes, conflicts, and fights.

For all his people who wept,
His promises to them he kept,
those who were oppressed by the whites
hungry in their land, denied of their rights,
for them, he stood firm and tall
to uphold their rights, he took the fall.

He was the face of the struggle,
the answer to the prayer,
the glimmering hope
for the people in absolute despair.

He was the champion of justice,
the ultimate keeper of peace,
the best man that ever was; or ever will be,
remembered for doing the impossible,
may he always rest in peace.

Locke – An Epic Thriller

-Shaleen Jain, 2nd Year, ECE

Tom Hardy, a car, and too many problems. That, ladies and gentlemen, sums up our movie in review. Locke is a wonderful movie, especially in terms of acting and story-telling. Stephen Knight and Tom Hardy have produced an absolute thriller. The movie is about Ivan Locke (Hardy) and how some of his decisions come crashing down at him one fine night.

The movie begins with Locke getting in his car and indulging in a few phone calls which introduce us to what the problems are. Once the issues have been revealed, the movie surges to a whole new level of nail-biting. The entire film takes place in a car with Hardy being the only actor. As monotonous as that sounds, its anything but that.

Having a camera pushed at your face for over 90 minutes can be highly demanding for any actor. Tom Hardy excels in this challenge. His performance is no less than a masterclass. Every minute detail of his face speaks an emotion. He is the one who keeps the movie going and keeps us glued to the screens. For a film with a setting such as Locke, it is easy to lose your concentration and just walk off. Hardy made sure that was not the case.


The movie shows Ivan Locke’s life going from calm and peaceful to absolute chaos in the 90-minute drive due to his one decision. His one mistake which saw his whole world come crashing down on him. Watching this progression is nothing less than mesmerising. He seems emotionally impotent and physically powerless to alter the consequences of his decision but being a man of honour, he does what he believes is right.

Another focal point of the film is about how real it is. Not just the acting, but the cinematography and script play an important role in it. The very fact that the movie is shot in real time and has a continuous timeline plays an important part. Some might argue that the ending didn’t suit the intensity of the plot. I believe that for the movie it was trying to be, it was the best possible way to end. It stuck to its objective of being real.

Overall, it is a bold and thought-provoking movie. It could have used the claustrophobic setting of the car to its benefit, but otherwise, it did a great job. It is a movie you must watch as it restores your faith in great acting and a good script.



Pratyush Jain, 2nd Year, IT


Bruises all healed with time,
Wounds all tended to prudently.
After all these years,
The scar remains.

A deep, reddened cut,
Marked by the swift slice of a sword,
Has long faded, but
The scar remains.

Sleepless nights,
Days of anxiety,
Accompany the trembles, for,
The scar remains.

Middle of the night,
Risen heartbeat.
Sweaty arms and legs.
The scar remains.

Appalling apparitions
Of a war long lost.
A burning across the face entails that,
The scar remains.

Day by day,
He relives the memory,
Of burning men and bloodied streets and
The scar remains.

There is pain, there is fear.
Whether it be the one visible,
Or the one engraved deep within,
The scar remains.