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दीपावली का संदेश

दीपावली का संदेश

-शाश्वत किशोर, 4th year, PSCT

कई सदियों पहले राजा राम ने अधर्म का वध किया। रावण अहंकार एवं अधर्म का वो वृक्ष था जिसका मानव समाज व धर्म की रक्षा के लिए कटना आवश्यक था। सीता माँ का हरण करके ना केवल उसने उनका अपमान किया बल्कि सारे समाज की मर्यादा का अपमान किया था। लोगों ने राजा राम के अयोध्या लौटने पर दीपकों की कतारों से पूरे नगर को रौशन कर दिया। आज तक दीपावली के अवसर पर लोग प्रकाश से राजा राम का स्वागत करते हैं। मैं भी आज यह लिखते समय उनका ही इंतजार कर रहा हूँ। अपने और अपने समाज में बसे रावण के वध का इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ। भ्रष्टाचार, नारी शोषण, हिंसा, अज्ञान, लूट मार,भय आज के रावण हैं। इनका वध आवश्यक है।

मुझे एसा लगता है कि मेरे राम के आने में कई दिवालियाँ और लगेंगी। आज आपसे विनम्र अनुरोध करता हूँ कि अपने घर की चौखट के साथ साथ अपने हृदय में भी प्रकाश और धर्म का दीपक लगायें। आशा करता हूँ कि राम जल्द ही लौटेंगे और अधर्म का विनाश करेंगे। शुभ दीपावली।


रघुपति राघव राजा राम
पतित-पावन सीता राम।
ईश्वर अल्लाह तेरो नाम
सबको सन्मति दे भगवान।।


By Pratyush Jain, 1st Year, IT.

Pratyush Jain, 1st Year, IT

The rain splattered against the window pane
Falling at an incline as a steady wind blew.
A head rested against the glass,
Deep inhale resulting in a sigh.

The lady waited for one of her two loves,
Cradling the other in her arms.
She let a kiss fall down on the little boy’s cheek,
Pulling him against her bosom.

The baby was now being rocked in his mother’s arms,
Wrap of the arms around his body tightening;
Tightening like that in the lady’s throat,
For now anxiety overtook her.

Thunder shook the sky,
Fear rising in the child’s heart.
Soon, there were tears in the mother’s eyes,
As she tried comforting her younger son.

“If I’m not back, carry on,”
He had said before departing.
There was angst, there was definite dread.
Her comforting was for herself now.

Her heart began to set like the water droplets outside,
On the idea that her wait had become eternal.
Placing the baby back into his crib,
She staggered towards the door.

Her knees felt weak,
Her arms were powerless.
She forced the heavy door open,
Crumbling to the floor.

The storm outside was milder,
Than the one inside.
The weeping of the clouds
A mere fraction of the woman’s wailing.

Glass bangles broke as they were hit against the wall,
Shattering beside a shattered soul.
Screams wished for her love to come back home,
While she knew that the truth was otherwise.

Image Credit: Google Images

Career Focus: Tech Internship Outlook-2016

Career Focus: Tech Internship Outlook-2016

Name: Ranadeep Singh

Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Company Name: Samsung R&D

Location: Bangalore, India

Profile: Hardware Engineering Intern

How have the internships for your branch been this year? Please share the highlights of the internship season so far.

In the first two months, many companies visited the campus. The number of opportunities for students of ECE Department, in particular, were too many; ranging from software and hardware to non-tech internships.

Have you witnessed a certain trend in the 3rd year students this year? Are there a larger percentage of students pursuing graduate studies or internships(nontechnical internships, technical ones or research internships)?

A lot of students in my class and hostel have already started taking coaching for GRE and CAT exams as these require skilled and relentless preparation, than going for placements.

What did you give more weightage to – the profile offered or the company’s reputation?

No one can deny the brand value that a company gives to your CV, nonetheless, the work you actually do there is what matters at the end of the day to take your career forward.

Why did you select the particular profile and what parameters did you consider before making your choice?

Earlier, I was not sure about the profile I should join. At the start of the semester when companies were coming in, I felt like I could join any of the companies and perform well.

My resume is a mix of projects on iOS Development, VLSI, Embedded Systems and Competitive Programming along with Non-tech experience.  I applied for Amazon(Software), Microsoft(Sales and Marketing), Texas Instruments(Digital Electronics) and Samsung(Hardware). All of these companies offered great profiles. In the second week itself I got selected at Samsung and it was just too good to be true.

What was the cutoff for your profile?

The company was open only for ECE students having 75% and above. I barely made it with a percentage of 76%. Only 50 students were above the cutoff mark.

What was the pattern of the Selection Test?

The screening test consisted of two sections:

Section 1: Aptitude & Quant30 minutes

Section 2: Electronics (Digital and Analog) – 45 minutes

These tests were computer based and had questions based on the fundamentals. I was able to finish both the sections well before the time limit.

How did you prepare for the Selection Test?

I had practiced for the aptitude and quant tests on some websites. For the electronics section, Texas Instruments which visited the campus a day before had an extremely tough test which made me go back to my notes and brush up my knowledge.

Could you offer some tips to ace the Selection Rounds?

15 students were shortlisted after the screening test. The recruiters held only a Group Discussion round. Being confident and expressing your points clearly to the group was the key. It is also important to remember that a group discussion is not a debate and there is no reason to get nervous about it or be hostile to others. The recruiters notice every bit of how you handle yourself in a group.

How fierce was the competition this season? Any tips on how to get an edge?

The competition was tough. When the semester started, I got to know that a lot of my peers had been grinding notes, practicing Data Structures and doing everything to prepare for company interviews. What helped me was going through online posts to know about the dynamics of interview sessions, practicing screening tests and brushing up my fundamentals. I also made a very attractive CV, in case there was CV based shortlisting, but it didn’t come to that.

Clearing the screening test was the only visible obstacle as I was sure that once I’m in front of the recruiters and not just a name on a sheet of paper, I could convince them why I would be the best hire.

Any advice you would like to give to the students?

Enjoy life and work at the same time. Don’t get too upset if something doesn’t work out. Just take it as a stepping stone and try to improve those areas where you lacked.  Once you clear the selection test and are one to one with the interviewer, it is not the bookish knowledge that will help you, for the most part.


The Qualms of Being a Hindi-Speaker

By Vishesh Kashyap, 1st Year, Mechanical Engineering.

Vishesh Kashyap, 1st Year, Mechanical Engineering 

It’s your first day in the new school. A couple of months ago, you decided to pursue further education in one of the country’s finest schools, away from home. When you were finally selected, you were ecstatic!

With stars in your eyes, you enter the class and take your favourite seat – second bench of the rightmost row. Since, nobody seems to have noticed you, you walk up to a group of boys and introduce yourself – but to the sound of giggles, even outright laughs!

What happened? Did you miss a joke?

Every year, scores of students migrate to metropolitan cities in search of better education and career prospects. Goals firmly etched in their minds, they enter the well-furnished classrooms of the cities’ elite schools, perhaps, at times, overawed by the stark contrast these classrooms present to their own former classes.

A number of students in these classes, though, find pleasure conversing in English (not necessarily the Queen’s English – one can often make out errors through the very anglicised accent). Conversing in (often flawed) English seems to provide to them an unexplainable sense of superiority. For those who choose not to – language was never an issue back home – there was a general consensus that English (perhaps much like those who made the language) was cold and mechanical, while Hindi did not need formulation-it appealed straight to the heart.

Through a series of incidents, teasing grows to bullying and bullying to discrimination. Attempts are made to approach classmates in their own language, but one’s accent comes in the way – the sight of a person discussing GoT in his local accent seems to provide them with inexplicable amusement. While there is no dearth of information, interest or intent, the inability of one to be able to conform, renders one ineligible to socialise.


And this helps nobody. Students talented in various respects, lose out on exposure and are often subdued and restrained, their ‘elite’ education being of no use. This language – based discrimination lies at the root of all other kinds. Ridding ourselves of it not only leads to a more closely-knit community but initiates the process for considerably reducing prejudice in the society’s collective mindset.

Image Credit-Google Images

Career Focus: Non-Tech Internship Outlook-2016

Career Focus: Non-Tech Internship Outlook-2016

Name: Dhruv Dua

Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Company Name: Airtel

Location: Gurgaon

Profile: Supply Chain Management

How have internships for your branch been this year? Please share the highlights of the internship season so far.

The internship season happens to be pretty decent for ECE students as they are eligible for internships in software as well as hardware profiles, along with non-technical internships.  As of now, most of the students with internship offers have technical profiles.

Have you witnessed a certain trend in the 3rd year students this year? Are there a larger percentage of students pursuing graduate studies or placements (nontechnical internships, technical ones or research internships)?

I don’t think that we can really define a trend when it comes to a decision where students have to choose between further education and internships. As for internships being compulsory for 3rd year students, there is a smaller percentage of students opting for research internships. Few people are probably just trying to grab any opportunity that comes their way. As for internship trends, a slightly less number of Non-technical profiles are being offered as compared to the technical ones, so every shortlisted student is pretty much trying their best to bag it.

What did you give more weightage to – the profile offered or the company’s reputation?

I was more interested in the profile offered and Airtel happened to be the first company that offered the Supply Chain Management profile. A definite added bonus of Airtel being one of the most reputed and sought after company can’t also be ignored though. I believe that the SCM profile would provide me with a perfect opportunity to enhance my Technical as well as Non-technical skills. Ultimately, it is the kind of work one does and the skills one develops that enhance one’s professional calibre.

Why did you select the particular profile and what parameters did you consider before making your choice?

I did my research before choosing this profile, and figured out the kind of work that would result in my maximum development. Supply Chain Management being a perfect blend of both Technical and Non-technical skills was my motivation for this profile.

What was the cutoff for your profile?

There was no specific cutoff.

Was CV Shortlisting – an eligibility criterion for the Test?

Around 70 students were shortlisted on the basis of CV to appear for the online test. The CV was a very important factor in the Personal Interview Round. The interviewers go through every point mentioned on your resume and cross-question you on the same.

What was the pattern of the Selection Test?

1. Online Test

There were 30 Multiple Choice Questions that were supposed to be answered in 25 minutes.

The main topics asked in Test were Antenna and Wave Propagation, Digital Communication and Analog Communication.

2. Group Discussion

After shortlisting students from the online test, they were divided in groups of 10 students each, and were given a topic to have a GD in front of the panel.

3. Personal Interview

13 students were shortlisted for this round.

How did you prepare for the selection test?

Brushing up the basic concepts and formulas of the above mentioned topics was sufficient enough to prepare for the online selection test.

Could you offer some tips to ace the interview round?

Be Confident. That’s the golden rule to ace any interview. Be thorough with every point written in your CV and don’t lie, you’ll never get away with it. The interviewers have been doing their jobs for a really long time. Also, take a couple of seconds to understand every question, comprehend it completely and then answer it. Don’t be in a hurry to give answers, and if you don’t know any question, politely tell them. Don’t try too much and avoid giving vague answers.

I was asked the meaning and the story behind my name, so, just google it if you haven’t yet. Make sure that this single piece of paper defines you completely, and that you can justify all the point written on it. Do prepare well for any past internships or projects.

How fierce was the competition this season? Any tips on how to get an edge?

The competition has been fierce throughout, there are many talented students competing for the same profile. My advice would be to expand your horizon and look beyond classroom learning. Join any society or do volunteer work and never leave an opportunity of public speaking; interact and participate in as many activities as you can. These would surely help you to develop your soft skills which are very important, and definitely play a pivotal role in any selection process.

Any advice you would like to give to the students?

Participate and indulge in activities and competitions of varied nature. Search for fields of your interest. Build your CV to be as crisp and precise as possible; highlight the key words in any point and try to limit your CV to a single page.



By Shubhi Sareen, 2nd Year, COE

Shubhi Sareen, 2nd Year, COE

Best chronicled as a woven string of transient images,

Her journey has been a concoction of ecstasy and grimace.

But that moment could not be confined to the realms of fleeting picture,

Embellished with passion, adorned by dance and ornamented with lustre

She moon – walked like a dazzling swan,

Glistening with glitters and sparkling amongst stars, she ran

jubilantly and exuberantly, covering the entire stage.

The awe-struck audience continued to wondrously gaze.

She was the most elegant and poised ballerina.

The dance floor buzzed with action, like a sports arena.

Her perfectly pointed toes, her graceful adagio left the jury open-mouthed,

The appreciative voices of “Wows” and “Bravos” were unceasingly aroused.

Content with her unparalleled moves and triumphant performance,

Her unquenchable thirst satiated with her remarkable presence.

All she could hear was a string of clapping,

Along with the frequency of “Once More” escalating

Alas! It was a mere fragment of the reflection,

which she yearned for, gazing in the mirror with contention.

Like Snow White’s stepmom, she chanted, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall!

Who is the most graceful? Who is the flawless dancer of all?”

You and exclusively you, the mirror shouted,

Still her inner self persistently doubted.

The Passé, the Pirouette slowly faded away,

Her dance, her joy gradually went astray.

The slight line between reflection and illusion,

For a seven year old, was beyond imagination.

The mirror could perfectly reflect her spirit,

Portraying a physical reflection was the mirror’s lack of merit.

Thus, the mirror was her favorite commodity.

It took her away from sadness, away from pity.

After spending an extravagant time in front of the mirror,

“Mum” she exclaimed with quiver,

“Pull my wheelchair, will you?”

The mirror truly showcased everything she be-LIE-ved to be true.

Image Credit: Google Images