Cadence’18: Jayesh Kerketta, Western Solo Category Winner

DTU Times interviewed Jayesh Kerketta, Western Solo Category Winner of Cadence’18. He is a first year Bachelor of Design student who enthralled the audience with his soulful voice. 


First of all, Congratulations for winning the Western Solo Category at Cadence this year. How would you describe your experience participating in Cadence? Was it different from past experiences, and how so? How was the competition?

Overall, it was a pretty good experience. Looking at the competition, I didn’t quite expect to win. This performance, being one of my first performances as a vocalist – I’m more of a guitarist – felt really gratifying. It also came a long way to help me get over my stage fright.

Briefly describe your musical journey so far, including the changes you have undergone, and the challenges you have faced.

My musical journey started with Taylor Swift and Coldplay in the 5th grade. Those two were my jams for the longest time. Now, I don’t really listen to them as much. I’ve gone through multiple changes after that. Currently, I’m going through a very weird phase which I’ll call a “John Mayer” phase, listening to a lot of blues and jazz from that legend of an artist.

What is your strategy to prepare for a stage experience? How do you cope up with stage fright? 

I still have a lot of stage fright. But this time around, I’ve learnt to handle and not let it affect my performance. The key is not zoning out, keeping an empty head and not thinking about other people.

Where do you wish to take your musical abilities to, in the future?

I’d love to participate in college fests as a solo act, but that’s way ahead in the future. I believe I have a lot to work on, which I will over the course of these 4 years and improve myself.

How did you get started with Western vocal singing? Describe your strategy for mastering it.

Being a guitarist first, I used my ability to strum, coupled with my singing, to do my favourite songs, and that’s how I got into it. Practicing and collaborating with others are the only keys.

What is one song to describe you, and one to describe your college life?

John Mayer – No Such Thing











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