Cadence’18: Gautam Thakur, Instrumental Category Winner

DTU Times interviewed Gautam Thakur, Instrumental Category Winner of Cadence’18. He is a second year ME student who mesmerised everyone in the B. R. Ambedkar Auditorium with his performance.


First of all, Congratulations for winning the Instrumental Category at Cadence this year. How would you describe your experience participating in Cadence? Was it different from past experiences, and how so? How was the competition?

It was my first one, so I really can’t compare it to anything from the past. However, I had interesting moments interacting with some seniors and the President. 

What is your primary instrument? Why is it your favorite?

Alto Saxophone. It is a different instrument and no one has seen or heard it.

Briefly describe your musical journey so far, including the changes you have undergone, and the challenges you have faced.

I play the saxophone – the alto saxophone to be exact. It had a lot of physical challenges, and the emotional changes I experienced are insane. The feeling is unreal when you play an emo song on it.

What was your first stage experience ever? Have you ever had stage-fright? What is your strategy to prepare for a stage experience?

To be honest, if you are well prepared, you can’t ever have stage fright. Stage fright is for those who haven’t worked hard enough.

What genre of music is your favorite? Why would you say so?

It changes everyday. The common thing about all my favorite songs or genres is that they make me feel something that I usually don’t. Maybe it’s just in my head. It can happen with any genre.

What is one song to describe you, and one to describe your college life?

It would not be one, but a thousand song medley.








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