Interview | Tyesha Kohli, Singer


DTU Times interviewed Tyesha Kohli, a proclaimed singer, who was at DTU for a performance in Pehli Mulaqat, an event organised by Yuvaan – The Annual Literary Fest of DTU.

How did you get into the field of music?

I started out early and had a knack for singing from a young age. I used to hear my mother sing when I was a child and thought that singing was natural for everybody. I started pursuing music seriously in school and college, participating in multiple singing events.

You were a member of the musical society of JMC. How did being of a part of that group help you in your singing career?

I did my Bachelor’s in Philosophy from JMC, DU. I was quite intrigued with philosophy as a subject and also it gave me enough time to practice my singing. I was part of the music society at JMC for three years and learned a lot during my time. I was introduced to the world of Acappella and I had the chance to meet some amazing people with whom I bonded over the next three years of my college life.

You have primarily done live shows. Why don’t you exploit the online platform by posting more videos on the internet?
I started performing in a café in front of a live audience. I enjoyed the connection I made with the people. It is hard for me to sit and shoot an entire video in a studio. I always loved doing live shows and having that chemistry with the audience. Although, if I have something substantial to post, I will definitely build on my reach and start posting videos online.

You have your song Sapne on Saavn. How did it come along?

Sapne is Akshay’s brainchild. He was very kind enough to let me enter into his safe space and to let him give another perspective to the whole thing. We started going over the song, worked a lot on the melody to keep it safe for ourselves as well as to make it relatable for other people I also think that he put in a lot of thought in the production of the song and it came out to be really well. So, I feel really lucky to be playing a part in it and helping him with it. I love collaborating with people because I get different perspectives to work with.

What do you think about having programmes for schools and universities where you could mentor students?

I just gave my first workshop on acapella while singing at Miranda House. I’m under Anirudh Verma collective, he’s a renowned musician. He had this idea about getting together every budding musician and helping them reach out to the society. In today’s workshop, we talked about a lot of stuff including how to get in sync with the choir because a lot of times we realize that people are out of sync. We discussed everything in detail from how to adjust in a group to how it’s okay if you’re not in a big group. We also touched topics ranging from work ethics to specialization.
It was a great experience and I would love to go back again.

How to manage college and singing?

I made my choice. I knew I had to wake up and I did. If I had to wake up for a class in the morning I might be late but if you asked me to wake up for practice session I will be on time. I need to find a common ground and find a balance which will not always be stable. you need to make that choice over and over again. it is worth it in the end. It is fine if you don’t feel like you are in a stable balance right now. It is going to be a little haywire for a while but if you make the choice every morning and stick to it, it will all be worthwhile.

Growing up, whose music inspired you to Pursue music?

I was a very moody kid. So growing up I listened to two very different artists Bryan Adams and Avril Lavigne.

What message would you give to budding musicians?

Honestly, be grounded. Personally speaking, one should sing because they love singing. And it is okay to have different perspectives. It is important to stop and reflect where you are going regularly. Recently I took some time off and prepared for a show that could make people think, “I want to listen to her again.”. I took three months to prepare for it and figure out everything and that came out to be successful.



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