Career Focus: Tech Placement Outlook 2018 #6

Name: Prabhakar Nawale

Branch: ECE

Company Name: Qualcomm

Profile: Hardware Engineer

Location: Bangalore


How have the placements for your branch been this year? Please share the highlights of the placements season so far.

It has been really good so far. Major electronics giants like Qualcomm, Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Western Digital and Airtel have already visited the campus. Students from ECE are  getting placed in major Software and Non-Technical firms.

What did you give more weightage to – The Profile Offered or the Company Reputation?

I gave equal weightage to both, because if you want to be a successful Digital Engineer you will try to make it to the big names in the Semiconductor Industry.

Why did you select the particular profile and what parameters did you consider before making your choice?

I developed a deep interest in Digital Electronics during my course, so I wanted to make my career in this profile. I saw that this field is quite dynamic with new technologies emerging every other day. You can never stop learning.

What were the type of Selection Tests (Rounds)?

The selection test consisted of a written round, followed by two Technical Interviews and an HR Interview.

How did you prepare for the selection test?

I got a lot of help from my seniors on what topics to mainly focus on more and how to prepare for a specific company. The classes conducted by DCEPF were really helpful because some questions in my interview were taught in the classes. 
During the summer vacations, I followed a strict timetable to cover all the important topics. Also, I did some really good projects during my third year.

Could you offer some tips to ace the interview round?

Just relax and be happy.

They have come to select you, so don’t be afraid and answer all the questions confidently. Don’t get overexcited just because you have cleared the written round, be calm. Don’t study or revise anything on the day of interview, it will make you feel tired before the interview and will restrict your thinking capability.
Have a good meal before the process commences, the interview procedure will make you wait for hours, so have something to re-energize yourself to avoid exhaustion.

Any advice you would like to give to the junior students?

Just follow your passion and don’t panic if you are not placed initially. One company will definitely be there for you. Continue your hard work until you make it to your dream company.

All the Best!

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