Tale of the Lost

A tale of two best friends from Anushka Sharma, 2nd Year, MAM who had to part ways as a result of an impasse.

Adorable, Notorious, Amiable, Noble, Youthful and Affable is what describes her as a whole.

Our friendship goes back to the sixth standard, wherein we would sit in the open field and talk about our lives, then too big for us, problems. She was always more of a speaker than a listener and I never minded that. She was someone who always made me feel like, ah, thank God someone here is happy about her life. Our days at school would start off with us chit chatting and disturbing the decorum of the class. Everyone used to take our names together, always, because our moods were synced too, too happy in the morning, slowly getting grumpy as the day passed us by. She was into, studies, sports and dramatics. No perfect adjective could describe that happy child that used to bounce around the school when everyone else’s life was monotonous.

I miss her in more ways than one, and on occasions more rare than many. I can’t explain the agony that her beloved feel in each moment of their lives when they wake up and don’t find her around.

Happy Birthday my friend, I’m hoping you’re at a better place, looking upon me and wondering about the stupid life decisions I’m making.

We think of you constantly, and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again, Ananya.

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