Interview | Raman Besil, YouTuber


DTU Times interviewed Raman Besil, Youtuber and founder, Langda Aam Productions, who was at DTU for a performance in Pehli Mulaqat, an event organised by Yuvaan – The Annual Literary Fest of DTU.

You have an electrical engineering background, after working at Accenture for two years you moved on to have such a successful channel on YouTube. How did that transition occur?

I always loved writing, I used to write songs and I had also written several advertisements at that point. However, that was all on the side because then I was caught up in the corporate world. However, I had no passion for that life, working for someone sitting in a chair across the world. So I left it all to chase my passion instead, and that is how my YouTube channel came to life.

There is so much redundant content on the YouTube today. Do you see a creativity crunch going on?

I know many famous YouTubers, who pick up your story, convert it to something else, and make a youtube video out of it. This is because people demand content every week. The Youtubers come in a lot of pressure as they are pressed upon to deliver. Because of this a lot of them create wonders in the beginning but get redundant after a while.

How does Langda Aam associate with the viewers? For someone who’s planning to make a career through YouTube, what do you recommend?

We make sure to bring three or at least two videos per month. We do not give in to the pressure of a video per week, because quality matters a lot to us. We are also quite popular among parents since our content is relatable to them as well. For each view on our videos, we consider 4 people to have watched the video since the whole family watches the video. I would like to tell the enthusiasts to do whatever they like to, without any reservations. Don’t follow others or think too hard about what should be done. It will definitely become a hit; everything gets famous. Think of creativity but do not force it.

What equipment did you start with?

We had a good camera, though I still don’t know how to use it. Luckily, I’m on the front side of the camera. But we never had a mic. People used to ask us to use one, but we used to think that the camera would suffice. It was not until later that we realized its importance. We still are deprived of high tech equipment used in Mumbai and outside. These days, people are very advanced. It has become quite easier as well, with the advanced technology in phones and cameras. But, technically sound or not, creativity should take the front seat. Do not hesitate on the grounds that you aren’t technically sound.

Is there any underlying message you try to put across through your videos?

I have always followed Jaspal Bhatti. He used to resort to sarcasm and humorous commentary on common issues. These days, people are quite aware of the problems. What I would like to serve them, would be laughter. I’d like to not make them think of their problems, but make them laugh.

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