DTU CC 2017-18

DTU Times interviewed the recently-appointed Cultural Council 2017-18.

Cultural Secretary: Parteek Singhal
Joint Cultural Secretary (Female): Jahnvi Singh
Joint Cultural Secretary (Male): Shivam Arora, Uttkarsh Arora
Treasurer: Nikhil Arora
Joint Treasurer: Anurag Aswal

DT: How different will be the working of this year’s Cultural Council than previous year’s council?
CC: We can say without doubt that our seniors did a fabulous job last year by not only taking Engifest to a new level, but also maintaining an amicable cultural atmosphere in the University. But at the same time, we know that their tenure wasn’t free of mistakes, and nor will be ours. This year, we want to improve upon the existing, and introduce new cultural festivities in the college.

DT: What was your motivation behind joining the DTU Cultural Council?
CC: Most of us have been associated with the Cultural Council for the last two years. We have seen our seniors spend sleepless nights ensuring the proper execution of each and every event. For as long as we were associated with the Council, all we wanted to do was to contribute to the dream of taking Engifest to a new level. And with the bonding we have amongst us, we know we will not give up until we make Engifest bigger than ever.

DT: What is your plan on introducing new events and improving the existing ones?
CC: Many of our events are famous nation-wide and receive participation from across India. This year, we plan to focus on improving participation in the lesser known events.

DT: Any previous fest experience you would like to share?
CC: At the end of the day, it is the unfortunate experiences that help you learn and grow, and it is these which remain with you for a lifetime. Prior to the previous year, we did not have any experience of conducting an event with a star as famous as Nucleya. For a moment, it became difficult for our team to handle a crowd of over 30,000 people. We were fortunate enough to have managed the event well. It was one of the teaching lessons for our future events.

Author: Vishesh Kashyap

Student of all I survey

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