We, Confused Souls

Zara Khan, 2nd Year, PCT ponders over a lifelong dilemma of ‘confused souls’.

“Should I, or should I not?”

“Will I succeed or fail terribly?”

“Am I good enough or am I not?”

“What will the world say?”

Aren’t these some of the questions we ‘confused souls’ ask ourselves before making any important decision?

Our brain is a complex entity – or maybe we’ve made it one. It seems to excel at indecisiveness, over-thinking and fearing.

We think of executing Plan A. Plan it, analyse it – but wait –  is it right? No, suddenly, our gut tells us to go with Plan B. Not very well planned and totally impulsive, but Plan B it is. In the process, we will probably think of a Plan C and a Plan D as well. Our mind is like tangled hair, constantly struggling and weak yet strong at the roots.

We seek approval from the world and disorient our lives on not getting it. We are infamous for making rash decisions and consider ourselves lucky since we always survive the train-wreck we bring.

Some people call us frivolous, some call us naive, some call us indifferent and rude but all that we are is conflicted and confused. One may not like what we do, we hurt a lot of friends and family due to our actions but there are two sides of every coin, aren’t there?

Our version of the tale is mostly unknown. We’ve chosen silence and numbness; we choose not to explain ourselves to the world which judges us for everything we’ve done. What use is our explanation when our stories fall on deaf ears? Will it create another tornado of self-destruction or will it lead to a peaceful moonlit night?

We, the ‘confused souls’ have a story to tell, but should we or should we not?





Author: Vishesh Kashyap

Student of all I survey

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