41 Travails of a Day Scholar at DTU

Srishti Mittal, 1st Year, PCT prepares a near-exhaustive list of the traits of an abundant species: DTU’s Day Scholar.

Illustration by Deepanshu Galyan, 3rd Year, IT.

Are you the quintessential DTU day scholar? Test yourself of the following and share your score to find out! Check off everything in the list you’ve done-

  1. Had a very particular hatred for the new timings.
  2. Had to wake up at 5 for an 8 AM class.
  3. Had to miss events because they take place at 6 and your class ended at 1.
  4. Made one single register for all the subjects so that you don’t have to carry 3-4 registers.
  5. Been sleep deprived.
  6. Been so sleep deprived that you fell asleep in the metro.
  7. Been so sleep deprived that you fell asleep in the metro and missed your stop.
  8. Come to college only for a lab, because your class decided to bunk the rest of the day.
  9. Come to college and realised that the entire day is a mass bunk.
  10. Spent more time commuting than you do in class.
  11. Spent half your money on travel.
  12. Had an entire meal in the metro.
  13. Completed your practical file in the metro.
  14. Completed half your exam syllabus in the metro.
  15. Cried in the metro because you don’t have time to cry at home.
  16. Heard of the mythical bus that ferries people from the metro station to college.
  17. Had to make the very difficult choice between an auto and an e-rickshaw.
  18. Learnt to distinguish between the shouts of “callige callige” and “Rohini sector 17”.
  19. Bonded with random people in the e-rickshaw by complaining about the location of the college.
  20. Made your hair properly, only to have it destroyed by a single e-rickshaw trip.
  21. Rode up front with the e-rickshaw driver.
  22. Taken an e-rickshaw inside campus and been glared at by the guard.
  23. Considered dropping out of college to drive an e-rickshaw.
  24. Divided your day scholar friends into two categories: ‘Samaypur Badli wale’ and ‘Rithala wale’.
  25. Been jealous of your hostel/PG/Rohini friends.
  26. Considered moving to Rohini.
  27. Asked your mom to pack extra food for the hostellers.
  28. Snuck into the mess when there’s kadhi chawal.
  29. Joined a very limited number of societies.
  30. Never been able to visit the legendary Maggi Baba.
  31. Wished you could just roll out of bed and come to college in pajamas.
  32. Counted the number of hours you’d save if you didn’t have to commute every day.
  33. Compared your travel time to that of other day scholars.
  34. Felt a strange, fleeting sense of pride when your travel time is the longest.
  35. Heard the hostellers whining about the mess food…
  36. …and been grateful for your “ghar ka khaana”.
  37. Wondered how hostellers carry textbooks back and forth.
  38. Wondered how hostellers manage to be late to class despite living on campus…
  39. …until you spent a night in the hostel and skipped all morning classes.
  40. Thanked your lucky stars that you don’t have to wash your own clothes.
  41. Said “I’m definitely moving into the hostel next year.”

Author: Vishesh Kashyap

Student of all I survey

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