The Ageless Players

-Shaleen Jain, 2nd Year, ECE

Men’s tennis hasn’t been in such a fine health for a while. The evergreen Roger Federer is claiming trophies left, right and center, all at the ripe age of 36. He just bagged the Shanghai Masters title beating arch-rival and present world number one Rafael Nadal.

For the organisers and fans, it’s always special when the two legends come face to face on the court. For the two legends, it’s just an opportunity to emerge victoriously and add to their trophy cabinet. Federer picked up his 94th trophy while Nadal remains glued at 75. Stats certainly do speak for themselves!

Winning and dominating the Grand Slams this year, these two legends just raised the bar, with Federer recently announcing that he won’t be hanging his boots anytime soon. There is always a special motivation and emotion that keeps them pushing limits even further. The priceless reactions portrayed by Nadal and Federer on winning the French Open and Wimbledon respectively spoke tons about how deeply sport could be embedded into our systems.

000_pg8flNadal on winning a historic 10
th French Open title.

These two legends have proven time and time again that age is just a number, as they go about winning tournament to tournament, inspiring thousands of youths on their way. It is very important for any sport to have icons which can inspire the youth.

The best thing about sport is that it is very real and true. It is not choreographed, which is the reason there are upsets and no disappointments. If sport is a cake, its icons are the cream. They portray the sport and have witnessed all its phases. Even after they are gone, their legacy lives on. Coming back to the two legends, there is no doubt that they have defined an entire era by their utter dominance and ever-so-sweet rivalry. They have taken the game of tennis to new, unseen levels, thus building a phenomenal legacy.

“For me, I have come to realise that sometimes less is more.” Federer said recently. However as far as his fans are concerned, the more he plays, the better.

810814742-0Federer has shown from time to time that age is just a number.


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