Why You Should Binge-Watch ‘This Is Us’

-Shruti Kumar, 3rd Year, EE

In a life full of quandaries, at one point, you begin searching for meaning. This becomes the foundation of your judgement, decisions and actions. Mere coincidences seem like the ultimate intervention of the universe, guiding you through the high and lows of life. Coincidences may or may not be the universe’s method of communication but our interpretations of the same could be a reflection of what we want subconsciously. ‘This Is Us’ strengthens your belief in the good, in the power of the universe and in the weight of your actions.

Don’t mistake the show for a typical family drama because that’s truly the last thing it is. If you don’t fall head over heals for the plot, you certainly will for the characters. Either way, it’s worth a shot. Whether you’ve recently been questioning the profundity of your misery or have simply felt like it’s all for nothing — now is when you need the positivity that the show could bring to your life. It won’t teach you new lessons. No scripted, fictional show could. The show will remind you of what got you through so far, what you’ve deciphered about life so far. It will persuade you to challenge yourself, to believe that the only thing that limits you is you — not your circumstances.


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