Nadar Bien

-Shivam Jha, 2nd Year ME

Broad clouds obstruct a forgettable sunset and gray ocean slushes along the vile wall on the coast. The water moves rather calmly but frequently gets agitated and during these moments, splashes aggressively into the barrier.

That’s a pretty big trunk on my vintage Chevrolet, isn’t it?
There’s one more mile till the road runs out. I’d been driving endlessly for hours, seeking a shore and it has been like chasing a monochrome rainbow, running through an amber nightfall, for I have no locus to speak, and nothing to feel.

There’s a pretty good 808 CD playing somewhere close, right?
The faint sound amplifies decibel by decibel as I try to focus harder on the melody, as if nearing resonance. It really sets the tone for hearts to bleed.

It’s getting colder by the second, while I walk my way down to the edge of oblivion. The numbness of sleep slowly faded away from my limbs as I felt dead grass poking into my feet, like tiny needles.

The sporadic splashing sends a cool mist into the air, and my body hair stands up for a formal greeting as it makes contact with my exposed skin.

A shiver originating at my tailbone crawls along my spine until it reaches my neck. Apparently uncomfortable there, it burrows itself inward and down, taking shelter in my chest cavity.

The reason death sticks so closely to life isn’t biological necessity — it’s envy.
But life leaps over oblivion lightly, losing only a thing or two of no importance, and gloom is nothing but the passing shadow of a cloud.
But I hear you every time, your voice like wind sifting through the fields, like the silence between the waves. “Even our shadows leave us in the end.”

I tried to open my eyes and gasp in a breath, but nothing helped as I choked on my dry tongue. The urgency for air was more conspicuous than ever, it felt like there was no air in this menacing world. The lack of oxygen descended on my mind frantically and in desperation I sucked in another breath, burning my lungs with a ferocity that consumed me.

Through the misty veil that descended on my eyes, I could barely make out dead white trees like bony fingers stretching in the dark sunless sky. There weren’t red blotches in my field of vision anymore. It was all black.

I couldn’t feel anything, for there was no heart to beat in my skeletal chest or tears to well in my black sockets, reminding me that I brought myself down this scythe, to cleave my soul from the flesh that bounds.

The last of my body heat scoots over to make room for the shiver, but it is too immense, so regretfully the body heat moves away and the last of my remaining patience follows.

I end.

Author: shivamjha

Soy el fuego que arde tu piel. Soy el agua que mata tu sed.

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