Illuminati-DTU Chapter?

-Shrey Padhi, 1st Year, PIE

Illuminati was a secret group originally created in the 18th century by a man named Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria, who merely wanted to limit the interference the church had on the lives of the common people. He based his secret group on the similar hierarchy of Freemasons. They allegedly followed mysterious rituals and later named themselves the Order of the Illuminati. In the 1780s, the government launched a successful expedition to draw out and get rid of such secret organizations, however, the rumours that the organization survived has crept into the minds of modern day thinkers and conspiracy theorists.

There is a website called “” which is a very detailed website on what this “secret organization” believes. According to the website: Illuminati has been entrusted with the protection of the entire human race. They believe that money is the way to freedom, if used wisely and that every person on this planet has a purpose and when they truly discover it, they must work towards it. To show the support towards Illuminati its members often display symbols like triangles, pentagrams and an “all watching eye.”

But these few symbols are there all over the campus of DTU! The massive triangles which are there on the OAT, the triangle on the wall in between SPS 13 and SPS 14, the symbols at the civil block, all of these are only supposed to be shown by the members of the Illuminati, then why in the world would our university be showing these bizarre symbols off?

In fact, the ideas and the basic belief of the Illuminati also aligns with the interest of our own university. DTU wishes its students to be the best versions of themselves and that our actions have the power to alter the future of this world. That’s the reason we have n number of societies run in our University who are guided by an experienced lot of educators. Does this mean that DTU = Illuminati Confirmed?

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Clearly not.

Mr. David Bramwell, a man who has dedicated his life to tracing the origins of myths, claims that the modern-day Illuminati was not influenced by the man Adam Weishaupt but rather was influenced by the popular drug, LSD, the 1960s cultural clashes and texts of the book Principia Discordia which is a book stating that order and disorder are nothing but man-made concepts and are mere illusions.

Conspiracy theorists, who now are basically the people on the “dark side” of the internet or rather, to put it simply, on LSD, have a wonderful time in making up things like agendas of the Illuminati: The New World Order etc. which claims the world’s leaders are actually super-intelligent lizards in human guise who control our reality from the Moon.

These “conspiracy theorists” obsessively analyse public events for “evidence” of Illuminati influence. The symbols most associated with the Illuminati such as triangles, pentagrams, goats, the all-seeing eye – such as the one that appears on US bank notes – and the number 666. They go as far as saying that the entire entertainment industry is run by the Illuminati just because they have a couple of triangles showcased in the background.

At the end of the day, no one needs to be a part of a secret organization to be a better person. You just need to understand by being a good person and doing what you love you are already doing a massive favour to the world; you yourselves are being happy. If you are happy the people around you are happy and in the end, that’s what matters the most.

As for “to pave the road for a better future of mankind” is concerned, let’s just first pave our own roads to our better future, that way we at least become a person with some ambition. Masses always follow people with an ambition. Think about everyone’s betterment you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the ocean trying to swim out.

We must understand that our decisions may upset a few, but they may uplift a huge number of other people and that’s the way a better future for mankind too will be seen.


Author: shivamjha

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