Interview With Sanghpriya Singh, AIR 655, UPSC 2016

DTU Times interviewed Sanghpriya Singh, AIR 655, UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2016 and an alumnus of DTU.

DT: Congratulations on your amazing result! How was your journey after you graduated from college in 2014? What made you appear for the Civil Services Examination?

SS: My time at DTU taught me a lot and I’m grateful for it. I started studying for the Civil Services Exam around 6 months after graduating from college due to its diverse work profile and a chance to give back to the society.

DT: Ideally, how much time is required for the Preparation for the Civil Services Examination?

SS: Before starting the preparation, reading the syllabus and scheme of examination thoroughly is very important. There is no time limit as such, one can do it with and without a job. Sincerity and perseverance are must. Coaching is a personal choice, I relied on self study but coaching sure can provide a certain direction and clarity of basic concepts for various General Studies topics.

DT: The UPSC Examination consists of three rounds, namely, the Preliminary Exam, the Mains Exam and the Interview. What is the difference in preparation styles for each of these rounds?

SS: All the three stages have a certain portion of syllabus common, with the addition of more during mains and PT stage, and require basic understanding and repetitive revision. Only slight tweaking in method is needed.

DT: We have to choose a particular subject for the Mains Examination. Which subject do you think engineers should choose to get an optimum score in the Mains Examination?

SS: Graduation subjects are usually preferred but it is a matter of one’s interest. I took Political Science and International Relations as I could integrate it with my General Studies preparation and most of its syllabus is dynamic.

DT: Which service are you choosing out of all the Services allotted to the selected candidates in the Civil Services Exam?

SS: My service preference order is IAS>IRS>IPS.



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