Jigsaw Pieces Of The Freshmen Year

-Anjali Bhavan, 2nd Year, MCE
-Shashank Shekhar Jha, 2nd Year, ECE
-Zara Khan, 2nd Year, PSCT

One fine boring day, when you’re done with your last exam and striding briskly out of the hall, you look around at the nerds discussing the answer of the second part of question three, and your friends discussing plans for Mussoorie, and yet some others grabbing a guy for a GPL – and you realize that hey, first-year is over. One year of your life, simply over.

Calls for a photograph with all the urchins and bulky heroes and random human beings you’ve pulled through an entire year with, doesn’t it?

There you all huddle, some rushing to the lawns for the front-most place, some sauntering in with iced teas, chattering and standing in circles while the CR and the photographer try to get everyone in place.

And a couple of days later, you get a beautiful picture on your Facebook wall and WhatsApp DP – the final nail in the unofficial first year coffin.

Who all constitute that picture, though?

There are the ghissus, sitting on the left, and the NRIs, sitting besides them, sedate and self-assured. The nerds – simply wanting to go home and make study plans for the summers, and the NRIs – dreaming of a less fatal summer than the one in Delhi …and Toblerones and Bvlgari perfumes!

Move a little to the center, right in front, smiling wholeheartedly are the chatterboxes, the group which basically gossips and grins throughout the day. Brownie points for guessing who rules the roost on the class groups!

At the back is the group of rich kids, who are always upto something or the other. They might spend hours sitting in MechC, or suddenly go out for shopping in South Delhi. Always ready to escape classes, they stick together through thick and thin.

And of course, what photograph is ever complete without some urchins to bomb them? You’ll veritably find someone from another batch in every class photograph – because there’s no fun to have a non-bombed photo, is there?

And all these strange, different, unique pieces come together and complete a beautiful puzzle that is called the first-year of college life. Sitting in the OAT, you look at all  your peers and suddenly it strikes you that one year has already passed with this eccentric bunch of people.

Your first-year of college will never come back again. And a picture? It’s the perfect way to cherish it forever!


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