Interview With Anand Vardhan, AIR 7, UPSC 2016

DTU Times interviewed Anand Vardhan, AIR 7, UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2016 and an alumnus of DTU. 

DT: Congratulations on your amazing result! How was your journey after you graduated from college in 2013? What made you appear for the Civil Services Examination?
AV: It has been a great learning experience. I decided to go for Civil Services in my final year, and continued my preparation through my job. It was a well thought out and clear decision, and I stuck to it. It took some time, but in the end it has all been worth it.

DT: Ideally, how much time is required for the Preparation for the Civil Services Examination?
AV: I think at least one year of studying is required to understand the requirements of the exam and prepare oneself for it. It took me four attempts to do the same.

DT: Does Coaching play a crucial role in preparation for the CSE?
AV: Coaching has to be a strictly personal decision. It is not mandatory. In my case it helped introduce me to the preparation and showed me the direction in which I should move. For interview programs and such, mocks are helpful.

DT: The UPSC Examination consists of three rounds, namely, the Preliminary Exam, the Mains Exam and the Interview. What is the difference in preparation styles for each of these rounds?
AV: All three stages require a slightly different conditioning. I suggest that anyone wanting to appear for the exam should first understand what these stages are about and what is being tested where. However, the basic course work remains the same, it is only slight adjustments one needs to effect.

DT: We have to choose a particular subject for the Mains Examination. Which subject do you think engineers should choose to get an optimum score in the Mains Examination?
AV: Again, a strictly personal choice based on one’s interest. I chose Political Science because of considerable overlap with General Studies and a genuine interest in it. All sorts of optionals have a potential to fetch good marks. To give you an example, the top 20 ranks this time had optionals as diverse as Telugu Literature, Public Administration, Geography, Psychology, Political Science, Mathematics, etc.

DT: Which service are you choosing out of all the Services allotted to the selected candidates in the Civil Services Exam?
AV: I will be opting for the IAS.

DT: What is your best memory from your time at DTU?
AV: DTU Times was always a special part of my college life. My tenure as the Associate Editor was extremely memorable, and I was able to induct some brilliant talent into the team. The farewell that the team offered me was a very special and emotional one.



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