In conversation with the team of ASCE (Encastrer ’16)

The Fest season of DTU has officially begun with American Society of Civil Engineers’ annual Techfest- Encastrer being held from 27-29 January. DTU Times interviewed ASCE regarding their Techfest.12657841_1333778136637559_3352149505319346241_o

DT:      How is your techfest different from other techfests in the college?

ASCE: Every member has a fair chance of approaching seniors, and modifying the events as per their desire. This is what sets us apart from other techfests. If anyone has an idea, we make sure that their idea supported and executed well.

DT:      What kind of crowd are you focusing upon?

ASCE: No such prohibitions on the type of crowd. But yes, surely we want the Learners!      We focus upon each type of crowd. We have events for everyone. And if not technical, we have non-tech events also for those who think tech events are boring. (Wink)


DT:      What all difficulties have you faced in finding sponsors for your fest?

ASCE: The fact that it is the fest period in almost every college, finding the right sponsors is a tough task. But our hard working corporate team was successful in bringing in not only previous sponsors but many new ones too.

DT: What is the ideal time to start preparing for the fest? When did you start preparing for yours?

ASCE: Ideal time is a myth. The preparations for the fest goes on throughout the year and takes full swing from 10th January.

DT:What is your publicity strategy? How do you make sure that people are talking about your fest only?

ASCE: We made 3 large banners and placed them at strategic locations of college such as OAT,CRP and the college gate. For our flagship quizzing extravaganza, INTELLISENSE,       we distributed flyers containing G.K. facts around classrooms. Online and offline publicity was done extensively to create just the right amount of buzz.


DT: Many People consider Techfests to be “All work and no play”. How do you plan to include the fun factor in your fest?

ASCE:  We set up a projector at Civil Raised Platform and live streamed the Indo-Australian T-20 match !

DT: Is your fest bigger than last year? If so, in what respect?

ASCE:  Yes, it is ! Because it has more working members. More working members means more fun and experience! More experience and fun means – ” The fest is bigger ! “


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