Non-Verbal Form of Communication & Art of Detecting Lies

-Alok Ranjan Kesari, 2nd Year, EEE

I shall look at you out of the corner of my eye, and you will say nothing. Words are the source of misunderstandings.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Since the day we were born, our intellects develop and mind specializes in the ability to pretend characters by reading the faces. Communication on an average has 7% verbal interaction and about 93% non-verbal interaction. Isn’t a large portion of our communication non-verbal? Yes it is!

Stimulation of neurons while communicating releases energy and this energy needs to be eradicated from the body. A major part of it is used in verbal expression of the feelings and the rest is utilized in non-verbal form of communication.

Talking about body languages, activities like grabbing hands while hand shake signifies the power of holder, moving out of a door at last signifies a winner, a fighter ,giving way to ladies highlights chivalrous conduct and self-touch gestures like both hands behind the back and interlocked flaunts the comfort of the speaker.


Talking about facial expressions, they generally express one’s conscious or unconscious feelings.

Some use it to detect lies of the speaker. Now, I must tell you people that the knowledge of detecting lies is what attracts me the most. I have been practicing it for a long time now and believe me I feel like I have become a good face reader.

Strains on forehead, Adam’s apple moving up and down ,mismatching common phrases etc. All show up a great deal of story which I am going to tell you people.

  1. Starting from eyes, a right handed person when sees to his right in a conversation he is trying to remember something which has actually happened in the past, while the same person if sees to his left in a conversation is a warning for you that the person is trying to frame a story of his own, for the situation. Beware of such people. Vice versa for a left handed person.


  1. The skin under the eyes of a liar get stretched when he lies. (This symptom can’t be detected by all and needs utter practice)

  1. An honest person can make a strong eye contact with you but a liar cannot do so.



  1. When a person speaks lies, the adrenaline pump produces an effect of thirstiness and hence Adam’s apple moving up and down can be easily seen.

  1. Rubbing of hands on eyes and nose while talking is a clear sign of lying as it is due to stimulation energy release which is being eradicated in this form.


  1. Some very smart and suave people do try to hide their expressions while lying by easing and sitting leg crossed. But due to stimulation energy release they twitch their toe portion up and down –> A clear sign of a liar.


  1. While communicating if a person hides his legs and hands, he is trying to control his stimulation energy release and hence can be a liar. To open up the body language of such a person present them a cup of coffee that would open up his body language and hence judgement about him can be made.


A liar might be very smart but a good listener and observer can outwit his wittiness by catching up his expressions, changes in verb tenses, Liar’s habit of answering with a question and the habit of deriving answers from the questions itself.

Howbeit, I must tell that all these symptoms are conspicuous in common people, when they are lying. I must add that a person who has mastered his senses can still hide his identity and lie truthfully.


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